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Gordon Ramsay - I am trying to obtain info and photos of Backworth Mines and Village
Cathy - Painting On Canvas Of A Miner Slumped On His Bed, 1939, The Woodlands Talywain, Pontypool
Ieuan Edwards - Silverwood Image
Gill Jennison - 'A winters morning - Calverton Pit Nr Worsop' - In memory of PHILIP HEALY - Possibly by Marjorie Arnfield
Megan Broadmeadow - South Wales Miners Jazz Bands Research
Marion Henry - Looking For Documents, Which Could Refer To The Practice Of Music In Mining Communities

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Gordon Ramsay
13 Mar 2015
I am trying to obtain info and photos of Backworth Mines and Village

I lived in the village of BACKWORTH, Tyne and Wear, my father worked in the pit. I am trying to obtain info and photos of these subjects. I am building replicas of them in my garden. At present I have the Pit complete with winding wheel, shunting engines and rail lines, most copied from memory or old photos. More info would be welcome.

Once completed I could send you photos

Photos From Disused

The colliery was at the south end of Northumberland Terrace

Maude Pit - Backworth Colliery. Maude Pit closed 2 December 1960.

1919 OS Map. Backworth Colliery consisted of a number of separate pits all served by the colliery railway. This is Maude Pit which is close to the miners' houses (top right). It is likely trains would have picked up or set down passengers in this vicinity.

re Backworth Colliery (owners Backworth Collieries Ltd) Northumberland

Several shafts ..... Taken over by National Coal Board 1st January 1947

Backworth Algernon 1820 - closed Feb 1966

Backworth Eccles closed July 1980

Backworth Fenwick closed Aug 1973

Backworth Maude closed Dec 1960

Robert Bradley

Also Information At Durham Mining Museum Website:-
Algernon Colliery -

Backworth Colliery, also known as Eccles Colliery -

Blue Bell Pit (See also Backworth Colliery) -

Earsdon Colliery -

1 Sep 2014
Painting On Canvas Of A Miner Slumped On His Bed, 1939, The Woodlands Talywain, Pontypool

Dear Sir,
I have an original oil painting on canvas of a miner slumped on his bed. On the reverse is painted information of the colliers life, hours worked etc. It also has written on the reverse 1939 The Woodlands Talywain South Wales.

Unfortunately I am unable to make out the artists signature.

I would love to find out more about this painting which my grandfather bought in the 1950's.

If someone has any information that may help I would very much appreciate you getting in touch.

With kind regards

Ieuan Edwards
4 Jun 2014
Silverwood Image

Hello there. I am an artist, the grandson of a coal miner and keen on producing mining-themed artwork.

I found an image of the winding gear at Silverwood colliery some time ago and have traced it back to you and your excellent website. I'm not sure if you took the photo, but wondered if you are OK with me using it as the basis for a hand carved lino print?

I'd be more than happy to send you a finished version.

Kind regards

Ieuan Edwards

Silverwood Colliery Images:- Darren Haywood
Shane Phillips
Stuart Tomlins

I'm keen on getting mining imagery, and linocut work in general, into interesting and unusual places that capture the public imagination. I'm not sure if you've seen the piece I did of a rescue worker from the Rhondda that ended up on a dinghy sail? Really exciting stuff and important that we keep the heritage going (although I obviously don't need to tell you that!)

So thanks again, I'll keep in touch.

All the best

Gill Jennison
24 March 2013
'A winters morning - Calverton Pit Nr Worsop' - In memory of PHILIP HEALY - Possibly by Marjorie Arnfield

I have been doing some research on a painting I bought at Johnson’s auction in Nottingham. I have had it for a couple of years.   My dad was a miner in the 50's early 60's on the Nottinghamshire coalfield and I bought it in memory of him.   On the back is written in capitals  ' A winters morning -  Calverton Pit Nr Worsop and the number 147300 which could be a catalogue or exhibition number. I think it may be by Marjorie Arnfield although it is not signed. Then there is a label stuck on the back that reads:

 In memory of PHILIP HEALY - mines rescue-1954-1971. 

The painting is of the colliery in the snow. I am interested in who painted it and when and would like to know more about its history.  I wonder if you might be able to help. I would be happy to send you a photo.

Gill Jennison

Megan Broadmeadow
14 March 2013
South Wales Miners Jazz Bands Research


My name is Megan and I'm an artist from Wales, currently studying for an MFA in fine art in London.

I saw a Miners Jazz band costume from the 1926 miners parades in the Aberdare museum a couple of years back, and its since set me off into undertaking a period of intensive research with the aim to create a series of artworks inspired by the Jazz bands. ( I've attached a photograph of the miners bands with this message)

I've just received an Arts Council of Wales grant to do this research, and so I'm looking to find people and find out more about the Jazz bands.

I'm looking for photographs, costumes, articles, sound/ film recordings, the names of those miners who participated, or local people who might have a memory of the parades,  and to learn more about that 1926 strike period in the Aberdare/ Cwmneol area.

I wondered if you might be able to help me - or put me in touch with someone who knows something about this.

Any help would be happily received!

Diolch/ Thank you

Marion Henry
24 December 2012
Looking for documents, which could refer to the practice of music in mining communities

I am a French student in History and I am working on a research project about mining in British Coalfields between 1945 and 1984.

 I am interested in all kinds of music that could permeate the miners lives (folk songs, brass bands, choirs etc.) and I am looking for documents, which could refer to the practice of music in mining communities (maybe lists of the miners who were involved in music and intended repetitions, documents of welfare funds or welfare committees who en encourages recreation activities for the miners). I was also hoping to find some documents (photographs, programs or posters) about events involving music like galas, balls, festivals, brass band competitions, concerts, carnivals and other parties.

Do you know where I could find such documents or some people who could help me?

Thank you very much for your help and care.

Marion Henry


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