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Jill Collier - Grandads Pit Check - Which Pit Did He Worked At?
Heather Wilkinson - Has anyone heard of the Fernyhough Gold Medal?
Alan Rowson - Who Would Like Manvers Main Band Photo For Archive - 1935?
Frank - Any Information About The Company Antipoys?
Pat Williams - Where can I get copies of my dads certificates?
Ian Sheldrick
- How Do I Open An Eccles Type 6 M&Q Protector Lamp?

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From: Ian Sheldrick
Sent: 17 June 2007
How Do I Open An Eccles Type 6 M&Q Protector Lamp?

I was wondering if you could help me.

I have a Protector lamp maker Eccles type 6 M&Q I need to know how to open it to light it. I can see where the oil goes but can’t get it apart.

Regards Ian

On the ones I have see (the protector type) there will be a small lever on the side of the base this prevents the base from turning. To pull the lever out of the way requires a magnet. The lever has two pins, one to pivot on and one to lock the lever in place. Place the magnet under the locking pin and slowly pull the magnet down (pulling the pin with it) and then you should be able to pull the lever out of the way and unscrew the base enabling it to be filled up.
A good tip to light the lamp is to swing the lamp with one arm and then to blow into the top holes (you exhale about 16 % oxygen so it helps). A good hard push with the lighter and it should light up. As is the case the lamp lights up ok at bank but will not underground ! I hope it helps.
James Findley


From: Pat Williams
Sent: 17 June 2007
Subject: Where can I get copies of my dads certificates?

Do you know where I can get copies of my dads certificates for deputy and shotfiring and also mines rescue as it is his 80th birthday next month and I would love to get them for him?

Pat Williams

You could try the UK's National Mining Memorabilia Association

Or your local NUM, they could well help:-

Or you could try the Nottinghamshire NUM Ex & Retired Miners Association:-


From: Frank
Sent: 11 September 2007
Subject: Any Information About The Company Antipoys?

Hi Fionn
Very nice site!

Do you have any information on the company Antipoys (history, products, origin)?

I am researching vintage diving apparatus and the part manufactures played in the development of this apparatus.

Does anyone know anything about the breathing apparatus on the attached pictures? Seems they are for fire-fighters. The grey/blue one is from Dräger, the other one may be of Polish origin.

warszawa Atemuft

Best regards

See also Fabio Bartolucci


From: Alan Rowson
Sent: 14 October 2007
Subject: Manvers Main Band Photo - 1935

I have a large photograph of Manvers Main Band 1935.

Do you know anyone who would want it for archive purposes?


Thanks for the email, in the interim, since I wrote to you some one called Gavin Holman at said he would like the photo. IBEW site is all about brass band.


From: Heather Wilkinson
Sent: 28 October 2007
Subject: Has anyone heard of the Fernyhough Gold Medal?

Hi there, what a wonderful website which I found by accident, as is usually the case!

I am helping my friend to research her family history and we know that her great grandfather, John Thomas Evans, resident of Whittington Moor, Derbyshire, and latterly of Edwinstowe, Notts. He was a coal miner and was awarded two Fernyhough Gold Medals, one of which was for rescuing a man who had been caught up in the winding gear. He climbed up the gear and cut him free. Unfortunately we do not know where this occurred.

Has anyone heard of the Fernyhough Gold Medal? We have tried to research this but with no success - it is probably a medal given locally, possibly by a mine owner.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Yours sincerely
Heather Wilkinson


From: Jill Collier
Sent: 14 December 2007
Subject: Grandads Pit Check - Which Pit Did He Worked At?

I have a pit check of my Grandads and just wondered which pit it originates from, can you help?
The check/token is oval shape and has 'F W E" stamped on with 498 and a small ‘v’ at the bottom.
Would love to know which pit he worked at.

Many thanks
Jill Collier

You could try the National Mining Memorabilia Association. It is the intent of the site to introduce those visiting it to the background and history related to the many fascinating types of mining memorabilia commonly collected and researched in the United Kingdom.
They also have a section specifically about tokens and checks:-

It also has a forum where you can put forward questions and discussion topics.

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