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Bernard King - When Did James Anderton Die?
Dave Shed - We Need A Memorial For The Miners Of Bradford Colliery, In Manchester - Do You Remember George Evans?
David Hughes - Any information about the Holditch disaster 1937? My grandfather ( died 1972) was involved.
David Syson
- searched the net for my Family name SYSON.
I am after info of a gold medal which says Doncaster & district mines rescue brigade j belshaw 1935
Dr Sheila Hopkinson - My Father WJB Hopkinson Worked With Ponies At Rufford Colliery When He Was 13
Elaine She - Chesterfield Miners Rescue Station
Helen Daw - William Reginald Daw injured at Sutton Manor Colliery on 23rd November, 1963
John Ford - I want to know more about my grand father,J.W Ford, Chesterfield Mines Rescue, Pre 1953
Liz Sanderson - My dad was a'Bevin Boy' during the war . . .


My Father WJB Hopkinson Worked With Ponies At Rufford Colliery When He Was 13
Dr Sheila Hopkinson
Tue 30/09/2003

I don't know if I can add to you knowledge but I am researching a paper on the life of my father WJB Hopkinson who family oral history places at Rufford Colliery when he was 13 in 1916 until 1918 when he went to Lincolnshire to work on the land. He always said he helped look after the pit ponies. Do you have information on this type of work?
Dr Sheila Hopkinson

There is a section on the site about Ponies

Dear Fionn
Many thanks for the e mail. I found the notes on pit ponies very interesting, given me useful background if I can't find anything more about Rufford Colliery. Looking at the photographs of men with the ponies in 1910 no wonder my father moved on to the land in Lincolnshire. Despite all this he went on to Ruskin College and the University College of Wales in Aberystwyth where he got a first class degree in agricultural economics and so to the fast stream of the Civil Service. Not bad for a boy who left school at 13 to go down the pit!
Kind regards

Searched the net for my Family name SYSON.
David Syson
Wed 08/01/2003


For some reason today, I, for the first time, searched the net for my Family name SYSON. I came across the site relating to Arthur SYSON who died in 1957 from Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Now I have no idea whether or not your family is a distant relation to mine, but I did however find the site interesting in the fact that my father and grandfather came from Alfreton, Derbyshire. Interestingly, my Mother and her family, on her mother’s side, owned a smaller colliery near to Denby, earlier last century.

Having spoken to my father, he only knows details of his father - Hubert Rubin Syson, who died in the 1930's in a pit (powder shed ) explosion in Alfreton. My grandfather had a shop in Alfreton, and was up at the colliery collecting bags of coal when the explosion killed him, along with others. He had one brother Eric (who had a son Godfrey - died at around 18 years of age)

My fathers name is Hubert Arthur Syson born 1932.

There is probably no connection but there you go.

Regards from the Clan

David Syson

I have the family that David is looking for on the Syson Tree
Valerie Jones

William Reginald Daw injured at Sutton Manor Colliery
on 23rd November, 1963

Helen Daw
Thu 22/05/2003

So your assistance is sought.
My fathers name: William Reginald Daw
Place of Work: Sutton Manor Colliery
Incident of Particular Interest: Cave-In, 23rd November, 1963 (slightly unsure of year)
My father was injured in this incident and I know he was taken to hospital with 5 broken ribs,
and possibly and crushed pelvis.
Any information would be much appreciated.
Hopefully you will have more success than I!
Thanks again
Helen Daw

Chesterfield Miners Rescue Station + Creswell disaster
Elaine She
Mon 24/03/2003

My father was stationed at Chesterfield Miners Rescue station for many years and was involved in particular with the Creswell disaster, he is currently writing a book about the disaster but would be more than willing to offer any information about life at Chesterfield Station.
Could you inform me what information you need.
Elaine She

We Need A Memorial For The Miners Of Bradford Colliery, In Manchester
Do You Remember George Evans?

Dave Shed
Sat 16/08/2003 20:23

A memorial for the miners who worked and died at the former Bradford Colliery, in Manchester, is being called for.
Over 200yrs of coal mining ended on Sept 7th 1968, and the site was demolished in 1970/71. Where the Colliery stood, is now occupied by the City of Manchester Stadium; Venue of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and now the home of Manchester City F.C.
I have a personal connection with the Colliery, by way of 93yrs service, between my Great Grandad (52yrs) and Grandad (41yrs).
If anyone remembers Bradford Colliery in Manchester, or the name of George Evans, please contact Dave Clark at OR and help to remember the many who sacrificed so much.

When Did James Anderton Die?
Bernard King

Mon 22/09/2003

I'm writing an account of my three years down a coal mine in the mid fifties and would like to know the year in which James Anderton Died. Can you help my please? I have an anthology of pit poems compiled by the now defunct Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. I've re-typed it and re-arranged the graphics. There are 40 pages with 19 poems.

I thank you.
Mr Bernard king, aged 74.

Any information about the Holditch disaster 1937?
David Hughes
Sat 09/11/2002

I am interested in finding out more about the Holditch disaster 1937
My grandfather ( died 1972) was involved. By my understanding what was a relatively small incident was turned into a major disaster when the mine manager insisted in going back to try and save some seams. I don't expect that was in the local press at the time!
I have an engraved watch which says: " Presented by the Directors of Holditch Mines Ltd To Edward Trevor Hughes as a token of appreciation of conspicuous services in the Holditch disaster July 2 1937"
I remember my granfather talking about it and also my father but unfortunately he died a couple of years ago.

With thanks in anticipation

John Lumsdon writes about the disaster

Dear Fionn
That is very interesting. It confirms my impression that my grandfather by his quick actions saved men from the first explosions. It was due to the senior management trying to save seams that so many lives were lost.
My grandfather Trevor Hughes was among the people who later went down to get out the bodies of those killed.
My father who died a couple of years ago remembers the day as when he came home from school for lunch his father had not returned from his night shift. Also one of those killed was the father of a boy in his class.
Its interesting that the pit was called Brymbo No 2 must be a reference to Brymbo in North Wales. My grandfather had come from near there and my grandmother was born in Brymbo.
Many thanks

J.W Ford, I want to know more about my grand father,
Chesterfield Mines Rescue, Pre 1953

John Ford.
Tue 5/11/2002

I am interested in finding out more about my grandfather, who I think worked in the Chesterfield Mines Rescue Station for quite a long time before he retired in 1953.
His name was Ford - initials probably J.W. - and he was born in Chesterfield and I think worked as a coalminer as a young man before starting work at the M.R S. Do you know any source I could look in?
Like many people, I suppose, I feel sad that I didn't question him more about these things when I had the chance.
I wonder if the Mines Rescue Service has official records somewhere which could be consulted.
At the moment I'm trying to find him on the 1901 census.
I've already found his future wife, but in 1901 she was 10 and he would have been about 12. I don't think they'd met!
If I can ever help from London, do let me know. Sometimes records are available here and not elsewhere.
Yours, John Ford.

Ernest James writes

Micheal Gummy

I am trying to find out how my great grand father died. His name was Walter maybe he
was at Brinsley pit Nottingham.

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