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Chris Sampson - I'm a self-confessed fan of mines/collieries/old mines etc.

Fionn, What a wonderful site you have!
I'm a self-confessed fan of mines/collieries/old mines etc, guess it must be the Welsh blood in me!

The family went to York last week (we live in Colchester), and on the way there and back we stopped off. On the way at the last remaining collieries in Yorks and Notts (one, Rossington, had closed the day before we went...). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have some pictures of Clipstone headgear and buildings (closed 2003, but still standing, not for long if the residents get their way...). I have more if they are suitable. The pictures are dated 1st April 2006.

Kind regards,
Chris Sampson