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Brickworks - Page 2



Watnall No. 1

N.C.B Watnall Brickworks used spoil from the attached colliery to make the bricks. The waste was then fed into a crushing machine were it was ground to a texture finer than talcum powder. It was then mixed with water to form a 'puddle' clay. It was then put into moulds and shaped, under pressure, into bricks. These were then put into the kilns to bake for about 14 days. Watnall Colliery was sunk in 1873 and closed in 1950; the brickworks itself ceased operations later.

Watnall No. 2

Welbeck No. 2
Welbeck Brick


Welbeck No. 3
Welbeck Brick


Welbeck No. 4
N.C.B Welbeck Brick - More Welbeck Photos