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Salvaging Hydraulic Roof Supports
Peter Bridges

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Each hydraulic chock can take approx. 250 ton weight.

The last few hydraulic roof supports ready for salvage in the maingate (Timber chocks ready to replace).
Note the hydraulic roof supports fully extended and extension potts fitted to the legs due to the seam height being 9'+ high with a seam split and approx. 3' of stone banding.

It was these conditions that led to 18's shearer being the last Face to come out of Wrytree drift. This area being known as 3rd South, Lanch, 25 Access.
The Lanch and 25 Access to the bottom of 3rd South was allowed to flood in 2001.

17's shearer salvaged. To the left of the wood butts is the goaf (The area left to collapse after the coal has been removed). 10' to the right is the limit of the coal face, completed in 2000.

Hardwood butts used to replace the 6 ton hydraulic roof supports during salvage.


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