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Looking from the pit up to the remains of the castle. Another part has been added on and is now a pub and restaurant.

Blenkinsopp Castle is Haunted by Two Ghosts

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Blenkinsopp castle is haunted by two ghosts, a phantom hound which is only seen when the owner of the castle is on the point of death, and the most famous the white lady.

The story goes back to the owner of the castle Bryan de Blenkinsopp who had a real passion for riches. On one occasion he was invited to a wedding feast at the hall of another border family and during the feasting his neighbour raised his goblet and cried " to Bryan and his lady love." To the surprise of the guests the young man jumped to his feet and declared "Never shall that be till I meet a lady possessed of a chest of gold too heavy for ten men to carry into my castle !" Soon afterwards he left for foreign lands possibly the crusades. When he returned home he had with him a foreign bride who had a chest that took a dozen men to carry. However things stated to turn sour after the jokes about his boast at the wedding feast. Servants also started to gossip about the young lady as she was a non-Christian and her foreign servants caused her to be treated with suspicion.

Blenkinsopps wife overheard the talk of her husbands boast and she believed he had married her for her wealth and not her. Being hurt by this she waited till her husband was away hunting and hid the treasure in a vault at the end of a tunnel which Blenkinsopp knew nothing about. Blenkinsopp flew into a fit of rage when the treasure could not be found and as his wife refused to tell him where it was Blenkinsopp left the castle.

Once Lady de Blenkinsopp had calmed down she began to miss her husband and regretted her actions. She spent her days waiting by the castle gates waiting for his return. The years went by and no news returned of Blenkinsopp.

Finally she left along with her servants never to return least not in human form. She has been seen from time to time around the castle grounds and will continue to do so until the treasure is found and its custody passes from her spectral hands !