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squeek3. ©Joel Porter

ventilator2 ©Joel Porter

lockers ©Joel Porter lockers ©Joel Porter
Documenting the Blenkinsopp Mine and Miners

Joel Porter

Page 21

Joel has been documenting the Blenkinsopp mine and miners before it closes.

Below you will find some of the photographs.

He has also been trying to get some interest locally to exhibit the portraits, or even publish. He has had some interest recently from a small public gallery in Lancaster that is interested in around 6 of pictures.

He is continuing to pursue the documentation of coal mines in general when he can.

All Photographs on this page are Copyright ©Joel Porter

squeek-watson-seaton©Joel Porter

James. ©Joel Porter

squeek. ©Joel Porter

Shoobie. ©Joel Porter

D Wood. ©Joel Porter
Seaton. ©Joel Porter

Mine entrance©Joel Porter

Clocking in©Joel Porter


Sinks ©Joel Porter

  • The Mine Enterance
  • Clocking In
  • The sinks
  • And the lamps being recharge

Lamp-charge©Joel Porter