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From Ian Winstanley's book on the disaster 'Weep Mother Weep'
Wood Pit Explosion Haydock, 1878 - Emails
189 victims of the explosion are listed in the 1878 Report

Brenda Thomason - Trying To Trace John Millington who had two sons die in the Wood Pit Explosion 1878
Michael Harrison - Trying To Trace John Millington who had two sons die in the Wood Pit Explosion 1878

Brenda Thomason
10 Jul 2015
Pit accidents 1800 - 1817
In Memory

Can you please help me I am trying to find out what coal pit accident my relative was in.

He was William Millington and was buried at St Thomas Ashton in Makerfield on 19th May 1817.  He had Contusion of the spine in a coal pit accident.
His wife was Ann (nee Houghton) and his father John.
Later in the Wood Pit Explosion Haydock 1878, 2 of my relatives died George and Peter Millington.
Is it possible to have any information on my 4 x great grand father William and more information about the coal accident when William was injured?
Best regards,

Brenda "T" (nee Millington)

William Millington died 29 Apr 1750 aged 67. Although he was a farmer he died in an accident at Haydock, in a coal pit, when hit by a large stone resulting in a contusion of the spine (bruising or tearing of the spinal cord)

Peter Millington was 32 years old, a collier. He lived at 2 Crow Lane, Newton and left a wife, Ellen, and a daughter Mary 9 months old. He was identified by his brother Joseph, of Newton Common who was a browman at Lyme pit.

George Millington, Peter’s brother. George was 37 years old, a fireman. He lived at Newton Common and left a wife. He was identified by his wife, Elizabeth from his features and his clothes.

William Smith jnr, was 19 years, a dataller, single and lived at Earlestown, he was identified by his father, Henry, a spinner from Golborne. William lived with his three sisters, one of whom, was married to George Millington, who was lost in the disaster.

Michael Harrison, see below, was also trying to get information about John Millington, the father of George and Peter who died in the 1878 explosion.

Michael Harrison
6 Sep 2009
Trying To Trace John Millington who had two sons die in the Wood Pit Explosion 1878

I am doing a family history search and a link to your story about the Wood Pit Explosion at Haydock.

My relative is John Millington who had two sons die in the accident (George and Peter), John Was married to an Alice Winstanley who seemed (according to the 1851 censes) to have a son whose name I can't make out living in a house full of Millingtons.

Would you have any more information on the Winstanleys?