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Eastwood Is A Small Town In Nottinghamshire

Eastwood Nottinghamshire: times past and present

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David Page - Vol.2. Eastwood Nottinghamshire: times past and present

David Page
26 Jun 2016
Vol.2. Eastwood Nottinghamshire: times past and present

Hello all,
It's June 2016 and Brian Fretwell has now sold over 100 copies locally of Eastwood Nottinghamshire, past and present, and they are also available for worldwide distribution: in paperback and for Kindle via Amazon uk : facebook: Harry Riley Nottingham.

Spurred on by this success Brian Fretwell and I have decided to produce vol. 2: and we have many new stories from local people: businesses: churches: councillors: community groups: schools and their teachers, and Eastwood sporting stars, so many in fact that we will not get them all into vol 2: by our cut off date of 1st Sept 2016.

Those who have missed that deadline will be included in a third volume for 2017 (being dedicated to Eastwood born sporting star: 'The King' Jeff Astle.)

This is a timely reminder that if you wish your family story / business connection to be included in vol 2: could you please make sure to email me: or contact researcher: Brian Fretwell with text and photos (not postcards as those will be copyright protected)

This is not a moneymaking project as both Brian and I are retired. Copies will be sold at cost: around a fiver each. we have already notched up over 20,000 words for vol 2: with many old and exclusive photos. including one of The Tannery at Giltbrook and two of The Butterley Company's Peace and Coronation Bonfire of 1902 at Codnor Park's Monument Hill

Let's make sure our next generation of 'Eastwooders' know and understand a little more of the local history and of the people Churches,schools and businesses that have helped and inspired their towns, villages and districts to punch well above their weight in National and World affairs, I say World, because Eastwood is a world heritage town and birthplace of one of the true giants of English literature: David Herbert Lawrence.




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