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Alan Derbyshire Coalfield-P18

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Date Name Age Colliery How Caused
11-May-1938 John Thomas Hickling 36 New Langley Fall of roof  17-Feb-1937
02-Jun-1938 Benjamin Ward 37 Creswell Haulage rope broke on manrider
02-Jun-1938 William Reginald Booth 35 Creswell Haulage rope broke on manrider
02-Jun-1938 Robert Newton 33 Creswell Haulage rope broke on manrider
13-Jun-1938 Donald Sissons 32 Bolsover Caught in machinery
24-Jun-1938 Henry North edge 50 Langwith Injured hand 20-May-38 Toxaemia
24-Jun-1938 William Charles Lane 44 Langwith Fall of roof
26-Jun-1938 William Glossop 46 Britain Fall of roof
05-Jul-1938 Ernest Mosley 45 Williamthorpe Fall of roof
12-Jul-1938 George Lawrence 54 Coppice Fall of roof
19-Jul-1938 Henry Riley 57 Mapperley Fall of roof
05-Aug-1938 Alfred Simpson 33 Markham Crushed by tubs
18-Aug-1938 James William Bird 58 Brookhill Fall of coal
18-Aug-1938 Emanuel Ball 38 Glapwell Fall of roof 17-Jul-1938
19-Aug-1938 George Strange 34 Denby Hall Fall of roof 28-Aug-1937
05-Oct-1938 Eric Bennett 39 Pentrich Fall of roof
14-Oct-1938 Wallis Platts 30 Tibshelf Crushed by tubs 17-Nov-1931
23-Oct-1938 Lewis Emmerson 20 Blackwell A Fall of roof 21-Oct-1938
31-Oct-1938 Richard Francis Sirdifield 35 Glapwell Fall of roof
03-Nov-1938 Harry Reddish 40 Markham Fall of roof  11-Sep-1938
16-Nov-1938 George Parker 51 Morton Fall of roof
16-Nov-1938 Henry Sidwell 40 Markham Fall of roof  06-Oct-37 Toxaemia
01-Dec-1938 George Short 48 Oxcroft Fall of roof
07-Dec-1938 Louis Emanuel Webster 41 Shipley Caught in machinery on surface
17-Dec-1938 Joseph Clarke 53 Ormonde Fall of roof
19-Dec-1938 Daniel Abbott 43 Britain Fall of roof
05-Jan-1939 Edward Everett 64 Park House Run over by wagons on surface
18-Jan-1939 George Henry Holmes 46 Alfreton Fall of roof
20-Jan-1939 Joseph Plant 35 Holmewood Fall of roof
24-Jan-1939 Benjamin Goodall 48 Markham Fall of roof
06-Feb-1939 George Herbert Smith 58 Whiteley Fall of roof 1934
06-Mar-1939 Albert Edward Hill 45 Stanley Shotfiring  accident 25-Feb-1939
26-Mar-1939 Bernard H Elliott 27 Langwith Fall of roof 00-Jun-1938
24-May-1939 James Thomas 55 Glapwell Fall of roof 20-May-1939
16-Jun-1939 John Green 24 Pleasley Fall of roof
24-Jun-1939 Horace Dilks 57 Stanley Fall of roof  20-Dec-1937
15-Jul-1939 Samuel Straw 47 Stanley Fall of roof 08-May-1939
02-Aug-1939 Thomas Richards 57 Birchwood Fall of roof
10-Aug-1939 Soloman Ball 58 Blackwell Fall of roof 18-Jan-1939
15-Aug-1939 Frederick Foster 58 Glapwell Fall of roof
17-Aug-1939 Ernest Hamer 25 Norwood Crushed by tubs  Toxaemia
12-Sep-1939 George Attwood 63 Creswell Manrider accident
25-Sep-1939 Albert Donald Swinscoe 50 Doe Lea Fall of roof
05-Oct-1939 Ernest Hill 25 Markham Crushed by tubs 02-Oct-1939
20-Oct-1939 William Henry Farndon 43 Markham Fall of roof
14-Nov-1939 Joseph Silvers 50 Norwood Crushed by tubs
18-Nov-1939 Charles Wing 37 Markham Fall of roof 31-Aug-1939
22-Nov-1939 Frank Chapman 19 Glapwell Caught in a cutter
08-Dec-1939 William Swales 52 Langwith Fall of roof
03-Jan-1940 John Frederick Elliott 31 Pentrich Crushed by tubs
05-Jan-1940 Richard J Birkmisher 29 Williamthorpe Crushed by tubs
05-Jan-1940 Francis Eric Whittle 22 Stanley Run over by loco on surface
08-Jan-1940 Arthur Longden 33 Ormonde Crushed by tubs 05-Apr-1937
19-Jan-1940 Fred Smith 39 Ormonde Caught in a coal cutter
21-Jan-1940 Walter Cooper 20 Pleasley Fall of roof
29-Jan-1940 Albert Howitt 35 Coppice Fall of roof 3-Dec-1939  Toxaemia
02-Feb-1940 Frank Hill 45 Pleasley Fall of coal  01-Jan-1940
15-Feb-1940 Walter Timms 60 Wingfield Manor Fall of roof
06-Mar-1940 Geoffrey Keaton 27 Ramcroft Caught in a conveyor
29-Mar-1940 George Ernest Slater 61 Holmewood Fall of roof  08-Mar-1930
01-Apr-1940 William Beardsley 63 Markham Crushed by the cage
11-Apr-1940 Joseph Searston 48 Morton  Fall of roof
12-Apr-1940 John Robert Knight 23 Williamthorpe Caught in machinery
14-Apr-1940 James Joseph Richards 67 Glapwell Run over by tubs 27-Mar-1940
14-Apr-1940 Frederick Foddy 58 A Winning Fall of roof
17-Apr-1940 Walter Wright 32 Langwith Caught in conveyor 15-04-40
17-Apr-1940 Edward Grainger 50 Ormonde Fall of roof
20-Apr-1940 Jack Brown 22 Britain Fall of roof
26-Apr-1940 John William Bagshaw 45 Bonds Main Fall of coal
28-Apr-1940 Ronald Melbourne 18 Britain Run over by tubs 25-Apr-1940
01-May-1940 Frank Bradley 47 Morton  Fall of roof
01-May-1940 Jim Blount 32 Morton  Fall of roof
09-May-1940 James Cresswell 50 Ripley Fall of roof
10-May-1940 Charles Jarvis 40 Morton  Fall of roof
27-May-1940 Edwin Holmes 36 Shirebrook Fall of roof 26-May-1940
29-May-1940 Samuel Hayes 23 Pilsley Fall of roof
05-Jun-1940 Eric Bonser 25 Creswell Crushed by tubs
05-Jun-1940 Cyril Wright 04-06 18 Glapwell Fell from scaffold on surface
24-Jun-1940 William Dawes 67 Grassmoor Fall of roof
26-Jun-1940 Thomas Hall 34 Kilburn Hit by a prop 25-Jun-1940
06-Aug-1940 Frank Albert Ilsley 39 Britain Overcome by blackdamp
14-Aug-1940 James B Bell 27 Grassmoor Fall of roof
06-Sep-1940 Herbert William Wilde 36 Britain Fall of roof
10-Sep-1940 Ernest Arnold Hallam 33 Ramcroft Crushed by tubs
23-Sep-1940 Arthur Johnson 57 Markham Fall of roof
24-Sep-1940 Theodore Fell 17 Williamthorpe Crushed by tubs 16-Sep-1940
24-Sep-1940 Benjamin Ottowell 48 Denby Hall Caught in machinery
30-Sep-1940 Samuel Barthorpe 40 Markham
Fall of roof
09-Oct-1940 Alfred Gent 38 Blackwell B Fall of roof  07-Oct-1940
14-Oct-1940 James William Watts 46 Coppice Fall of roof  14-Sep-1940
24-Oct-1940 Harold Morris 33 Pleasley Fall of roof
27-Oct-1940 Arthur Beardall Hickling 63 Ormonde Injured hand 24-Jun-1940 Toxaemia
11-Nov-1940 William Hall 50 Pleasley Crushed by a cable in shaft
25-Nov-1940 Fred Coupe 46 Pleasley Fall of roof
03-Dec-1940 Arthur Edgar Lowbridge 50 Bramley Hall Overcome by blackdamp
05-Dec-1940 James Barker 50 Brookhill Fall of roof
17-Dec-1940 Charles Snowdon Fall 62 Creswell Fall of roof
18-Dec-1940 Francis Walton 17 Grassmoor Crushed by a conveyor 17-12-40
24-Dec-1940 Tony Andriolla 15 Grassmoor Crushed by tubs
28-Dec-1940 George Arthur Briddon 63 South Wingfield Fall of roof

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Date Name Age Colliery How Caused
00-01-1941 George Chalmers 43 Oxcroft Fall of roof
16-Jan-1941 John Darby 65 Creswell Crushed by the cage
01-Jan-1941 George Hebert Callin 23 Shirland Fall of roof
03-Jan-1941 Leslie Turner 21 Ormonde Crushed by tubs
19-Jan-1941 Alan Henshaw 41 New Langley Fall of roof  19-Jan-1941
00-Feb-1941 Andrew Allen Purdy 53 Creswell Fall of roof 
09-Feb-1941 Samuel Purdy 47 Swanwick Crushed by tubs 18-Dec-1940
10-Feb-1941 Joseph Weston 63 Ormonde Fall of roof
18-Feb-1941 Thomas Bower 58 Williamthorpe Fall of roof
19-Feb-1941 Joseph Calladine 19 Denby Hall Run over by tubs 28-Nov-1939
20-Feb-1941 Claud Sherman 24 Markham Crushed by tubs
02-Mar-1941 Claud William Brown 20 Brookhill Crushed by a conveyor
14-Mar-1941 Harold Parry 36 Glapwell Fall of coal 07-Mar-1941
17-Mar-1941 Arthur Davis 34 Holmewood Overcome by carbon monoxide
00-Mar-1941 Sydney Bacon 35 Birchwood Fall of roof
24-Mar-1941 Stanley Thomas 56 Whitwell Crushed by tubs
05-Apr-1941 Thomas Moakes 58 Alfreton Fell over 19-Mar-1941
05-Apr-1941 Harold Shepherd 34 Williamthorpe Fall of roof
20-Apr-1941 Charles Robert Watson 38 Bonds Main Hit by a haulage rope 1918
21-May-1941 Charles Webster 51 Creswell Fall of roof
23-May-1941 Ernest Lander 28 Arkwright Crushed by tubs
03-Jun-1941 Anthony Amott 37 Swanwick Hit by prop surface
04-Jun-1941 Albert Quinn 42 Coppice Fall of roof
28-Jun-1941 William G Button 24 Markham Crushed by tubs
21-Jul-1941 Henry Stocks 17 Ripley Fall in a roadway
20-Aug-1941 William Millard 34 Creswell Creswell
26-Aug-1941 Frederick Gilbert 33 Bonds Main Overcome by blackdamp
01-Sep-1941 Thomas V Woodroffe 34 Coppice Fall of coal
00-Sep-1941 Ernest Appleyard   Brookhill Not known
29-Sep-1941 Cecil Webb 14 Markham Crushed by tubs
13-Oct-1941 Alfred Simpson 58 Pleasley Fall of roof 04-Jun-1931
05-Nov-1941 Harold Taylor 45 Grassmoor Fall of coal
10-Oct-1941 John Roebuck 31 Pleasley Fall of roof
16-Oct-1941 Henry Hutton   Markham Fall of roof
17-Oct-1941 Harry Clay 38 Markham Not Known
01-Dec-1941 Thomas George Knowles 35 Cotes Park Caught in machinery
09-Dec-1941 William Ashmore 47 Glapwell Fall of roof
26-Jan-1942 Walter Thompson 63 Pilsley Fall of roof
27-Jan-1942 George Kemp 38 Bolsover Caught in a conveyor
00-Feb-1942 Owen Wood 39 Ripley Crushed by tubs
26-Feb-1942 Edgar Dobson 58 Langwith Fall of roof 03-Nov-1941
28-Feb-1942 Ralph Edwards 28 Swanwick Fall of roof
02-Mar-1942 Edgar Dobson 58 Langwith Fall of roof  03-Nov-1941
07-Mar-1942 Dennis Leivesley 15 Williamthorpe Crushed by tubs
31-Mar-1942 Richard William Ward 20 Shirebrook Hit by aerial bucket on surface
07-Apr-1942 Richard Watson 52 Bolsover Fall of roof  27-Mar-1942
17-May-1942 John Thomas Almond 62 Langwith Fall of roof
20-May-1942 William Morgan 29 Grassmoor Fall of roof
02-Jun-1942 James Radage 64 Pleasley Hit by wood 30-May-1942
10-Jun-1942 Wilfred H C Mutter 26 Shirebrook Fall of roof
30-Jun-1942 James Turner 32 Creswell Fall of roof
08-Jul-1942 Wilfred McDonald 38 Bolsover Fall of roof
13-Jul-1942 Eric Bull 27 Creswell Caught in a conveyor 
17-Jul-1942 Benjamin Deakin 54 Langwith Crushed by tubs
26-Jul-1942 Douglas Allen 22 Markham Caught in a conveyor
11-Aug-1942 James Arthur Woods 54 Blackwell B Strained lifting tub
05-Oct-1942 Frederick Smith 43 Pleasley Fall of roof
05-Oct-1942 George Mills 64 Markham Fall of roof
07-Oct-1942 George William Hardy 50 Ramcroft Run over by tubs
25-Oct-1942 Geoffrey J Tomlinson 20 Glapwell Fall of roof
07-Dec-1942 Alan Whalley 34 Glapwell Fall of roof
13-Dec-1942 Wilfred Brace 29 Pleasley Fall of roof 11-Nov-1942
23-Dec-1942 Ernest Sampson Harris 16 Pleasley Run over by a loco on surface
30-Dec-1942 Herbert Noon 39 Shipley Fall of roof 03-Jan-1941
12-Jan-1943 Harold Creswell 42 Denby Fall of roof 11-Jan-1943
00-Feb-1943 Frederick Cumberland 45 Shipley Fall of roof
23-Feb-1943 Percy Bingley 20 Glapwell Fall of coal
01-Mar-1943 Walter Hallam 64 Ripley Overcome by fumes
08-Mar-1943 Harold Widdowson 32 Ramcroft Fall of roof
21-Mar-1943 Alfred Hodgkinson 40 Ripley Fall of roof 25-Feb-1943
24-Mar-1943 George Henry Morley 38 Shipley Fall of roof
05-Apr-1943 Nathan Douglas Inger 49 Bolsover
Shotfiring  explosion In Memory
05-Apr-1943 Albert Moody 40 Bolsover Shotfiring  explosion
05-Apr-1943 Cyril Kirk 43 Bolsover Shotfiring  explosion
07-Apr-1943 Harry Bradley 31 Coppice Run over by tubs
30-Apr-1943 John Henry Wathall 64 Denby Fall of roof
10-May-1943 James Fenson 40 Coppice Shotfiring  accident
20-May-1943 Thomas Edward Boam 40 Glapwell Fall of roof
23-May-1943 Herbert Goddard 61 Bonds Main Fall of roof  05-Feb-1943
29-May-1943 Samuel Phipps 56 Grassmoor Run over by tubs
09-Jun-1943 Thomas Charles Godkin 59 Denby Fall of roof
22-Jun-1943 William Cole   Markham Crushed by tubs
02-Jul-1943 Archibald Bestwick 52 Coppice Explosion of methane 28-06-43
02-Jul-1943 John Holmes 31 Coppice Explosion of methane 28-06-43
02-Jul-1943 Wilfred Amos Noon 25 Coppice Explosion of methane 28-06-43
08-Jul-1943 James Draper 50 Coppice Explosion of methane 28-06-43
13-Jul-1943 John William Woodland 48 Glapwell Fall of roof
20-Jul-1943 William Booker 49 Holmewood Fall of roof
28-Jul-1943 Albert Whetton 58 Swanwick Fall of roof
12-Aug-1943 Frederick George Brown 34 Shirebrook Run over by tubs
19-Aug-1943 Harold Buckley 37 Shirebrook Fall of coal  14-Aug-1843
24-Aug-1943 Harry Thomas 35 Bolsover Fall of roof
26-Aug-1943 William Thomas Lilley 60 Glapwell Manriding  accident
12-Sep-1943 Charles Bostock 38 Stanley Shotfiring  accident
25-Sep-1943 Joseph Rice 49 Woodside Fall of roof
28-Sep-1943 Wilfred Marriott 17 Woodside Hit by a conveyor
29-Sep-1943 Wilfred Henry Hall 57 Glapwell Fall of roof
14-Oct-1943 Reginald Harke 17 Ormonde Crushed by tubs
25-Nov-1943 John William Alford 36 Bolsover Fall of roof
03-Dec-1943 Albert King 40 Markham Fall of roof
04-Dec-1943 Llewellyn Howarth 47 Glapwell Crushed by tubs
19-Dec-1943 George William Hogg 35 Alfreton Fell down the shaft
26-Dec-1943 Herbert Noon 39 Coppice Fall of roof 00-Mar-1941
26-Feb-1944 John Brentnall 53 Swanwick Fall of roof
06-Mar-1944 Frederick W Elliott 52 Alfreton Fall of roof
23-Mar-1944 John George Goodhall 62 Blackwell B Fall of roof
03-May-1944 Arthur Smedley 43 Manners Crushed by the cage
30-May-1944 John Ball 54 Blackwell A Run over by tubs
28-Jun-1944 Walter Rowley 55 Ormonde Fall of roof 26-May-1944
17-Jul-1944 Clifford Barker 08-03 34 Britain Crushed by wagons on surface
22-Jul-1944 George Henry Pears 35 Shirebrook Caught in a cutter
08-Aug-1944 George W Belcher 57 Alfreton Run over by tubs
19-Aug-1944 Sydney Bramley 54 Williamthorpe
Fall of roof In Memory
24-Aug-1944 Arthur Tarr 66 Denby Hall Run over by tubs
21-Sep-1944 Daniel Watts 30 Glapwell Fall of roof
22-Sep-1944 Jack Oxley 31 Britain Fall of coal
22-Sep-1944 John Morton 60 Wheeldon Mill-footrill Run over by tubs 21-Sep-1944
28-Sep-1944 David Bennett 47 Glapwell Run over by tubs
12-Nov-1944 Francis Savory 38 Markham Fall of roof
15-Nov-1944 Benjamin Price 67 Blackwell A Crushed by the cage
21-Nov-1944 Harry Wood 63 Holmewood Fell into a manhole on surface
08-Dec-1944 Jim Mills 58 Coppice Fall of coal 29-Nov-1944
11-Dec-1944 Henry Sallis 21 Markham Run over by tubs
24-Dec-1944 George Cope 65 Unknown Hit head on tub 21-Nov-1941

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