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Joy Sharp - Information - My Dad, James (Jim) Newton, Worked At Underwood Pit. He Died In 1963 Whilst Working His Shift.
Janice Heslop - Alans Data Base - My Grandfather, Thomas McAdam, Died At Allerton Bywater Colliery Around 1945
Mick Bostock - I Can't Find My Brother-In-Law’s Brother, He Was Crushed Under The Cage
Val Allen - Yorkshire Pit Accidents, My Great Grandfather Thomas Bartholomew
Phillip Randall - John William Randall Was Killed, A Partial Roof Fall On The 16th Feb 1948 At Denaby Main Colliery

In MemoryJoy Sharp
27 Oct 2014
Information - My Dad, James (Jim) Newton, Worked At Underwood Pit. He Died In 1964 Whilst Working His Shift.

My name is Joy Sharp (maiden name Newton).  My dad worked at Pye Hill (Underwood) Colliery and his name was James (Jim) Newton, he was also a Bevin Boy and he lived in Brinsley.  My dad’s brother Jack (John) although we only knew him as Jack was also a miner and he too worked at Underwood colliery, as did his son John Newton. Dad's other brother, Harry Newton, also worked at Ilkeston Miners Rescue. My dad was also in the miners rescue.

My dad died 23 January 1964 whilst working his shift.  I believe he also worked at Selston.

I would be grateful for any information.

Thank you for your assistance.  

Joy Sharp

In MemoryJanice Heslop
24 Oct 2014
Alans Data Base - My Grandfather, Thomas McAdam, Died At Allerton Bywater Colliery Around 1945

My grandfather Thomas McAdam died as the result of a mining accident at Allerton Bywater Colliery I was  18 months old at the time so that would make the date around June 1945.  It was from a fall of coal, apparently the union argued with management about getting him to the surface,  pneumonia set in and he died either on the way to hospital or at the hospital.

Jan Heslop

In MemoryMick Bostock
12 Oct 2014
Alans Data Base - I Can't Find My Brother-In-Law’s Brother, He Was Crushed Under The Cage

Hello My brother-in-law’s brother was crushed under the cage at Sutton Colliery, (I don’t know his first name or when the accident happened sorry) his surname was Carlin he lived in Stanton Hill (I can’t find his name in Sutton Colliery deaths) it could be Silver Hill Colliery or Teversal Colliery but I am almost sure it was Sutton, I can’t ask my brother-in-law he died this year)

Regards Mick Bostock

The only possibilities in the site that I can find are:-

  • Alfred Carlin, 114, Dalestorth Street, Sutton in Ashfield, aged 16, died 2 July 1936 Bentinck Colliery, Crushed by the cage
  • Albert Carlin, aged 43, died 31 May 1946 Thoresby, Head injuries

In MemoryVal Allen
10 Oct 2014
Yorkshire Pit Accidents, My Great Grandfather Thomas Bartholomew

Dear Alan,

I want to thank you for all your diligent and caring work.  I cannot say much at the moment as I feel very emotional about it, but because of you, I have found my great grandfather.  I knew he has been killed in a pit accident, but I didn’t know the pit or even his name, thanks to you I now do.


Thomas Bartholomew


Monckton Main Colliery

Fall of roof

My dad was a miner from 1938 to 1958.  We lived in Cudworth near Barnsley.  I always thought he worked at Carlton Main, but I’m not sure if that pit was still working during his working time in the pits.  I have a form from 1957 when he was a shot firer and that was for Haigh Moor seam.  I wonder if he worked at Wharncliffe Woodmoor or New Monckton during his time. 

I want to make a Christmas present for my three sons (men!) so that they will appreciate what a Hero their grandfather was.  Also my Mum, it must have been a life of worry and anxiety for the wife at home. 

Thomas Bartholomew was her grandfather (killed 7 years before she was born) but she was aware very much of pit accidents and that they did happen.  I am trying to make a sort of book with pictures of mining conditions and also descriptions of the work I know he did, a hewer, a ripper, a shot firer, a rope splicer and he was doing a correspondence course when he finished, I think for a deputy position.  I am not very good with computers so I do hope I can make a good job of it.  It is called My Dad, My Hero.

He often said that when he had left the pit, if he had seen his deputy in the street and he said he had a job for him…… he would have gone back like a shot.  My Mum wouldn’t have wanted him to though.

Once again Alan I am so very grateful to you and for everything on the excellent web site which I have found very interesting.

With kind regards,

Valerie Allen

Perils Of Coal Mining

Possible Accidents And Ailments Throughout The Life Of The Industry

Monckton Main Colliery
Image From The Writers' Workshop

In MemoryPhillip Randall
7 Oct 2014
John William Randall Was Killed, A Partial Roof Fall On The 16th Feb 1948 At Denaby Main Colliery

Hello Mr Beales,
Just found your listing of colliery fatalities in the east of England.

Perhaps you would like to include this information in your listings.

My Uncle John William Randall was killed a partial roof fall on the 16th February 1948 at Denaby Main Colliery, Near Doncaster. In 1948 it was in the West Riding of Yorkshire. My uncle was 46 years old.

His Brother -in-Law John William (Jack) Winfield, tried to save him, but failed to lift the heavy stones crushing his body. He had to run for assistance but all the rescue efforts were in vain.

The attached newspaper scan was taken from the local Mexborough Times published Friday of each week. Unfortunately the person who originally saved the information omitted to save the date of the news item.

Phillip Randall

See Transcript Below

Killed 16 Feb 1948


As Conisbrough Pit Victim Would Have Wished

Methodism in the Conisbrough area suffered a severe blow on Monday by The death of Mr John William Randall (46) 6, The Crescent, Conanby who was fatally Injured by a fall of roof at Denaby Main Collier, where he was employed as a stone contractor. Mr. Randall's final duty for Conisbrough New Hill Methodist Church was to act as business manager for the church Sunday school's pantomime, 'Hansel and Gretel' In Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Conisbrough, this week. The pantomime opened a little over 24 hours after Mr. Randall's death, with his only daughter, 11-years-old Joan, in one of the principal parts.


Mr V. J. Peck, church secretary, told a 'South Yorkshire Times' reporter yesterday we consulted Mrs. Randall as to whether we should continue with the pantomime and she replied that “it would have been Mr. Randall's wish that we should do so”. The pantomime has been held on Tuesday and Wednesday, and is being given again to-night, (Thursday) and Saturday. We have not made any reference to Mr. Randall’s passing as we do not wish to distress his daughter, but something will, no doubt be said on Saturday evening. Mr. Randall was trustee of New Hill Methodist Church, Sunday School superintendent and secretary and choirmaster and had been a local preacher for many years in Mexborough Methodist Circuit.

Mr. Randall was also connected with the St. John Ambulance Brigade and was a member of Denaby Choral Society. He attended the (evening service at New Hill Methodist Church the evening before his death.

The funeral will take place at ' Conisbrough to-day (Friday)


At the inquest at Denaby yesterday, when a verdict of "Accidental ' Death" was returned, Mr J. Halford, manager of Denaby Main Collier, paid tribute to the action of a Denaby Yorkshire Council cricketer, Richard Cory, Morton Road, Mexborough, in running to the assistance of Mr. Randall regardless of his own safety, and also complimented Mr. Randall's mate, John William Winfield, 11, Halifax Avenue, Conanby, on keeping a cool head when the accident occurred and losing no time In going for assistance. Mr Halford, on behalf of the N C.B. management and officials of the colliery was expressing regret at Mr. Randall's death.

On behalf of the N.U.M., Coun. J T E Collins Denaby branch secretary, said they were pleased that everything possible was done, but unfortunately it was hopeless.

Winfield said that on Monday they were working on the morning shift in the South district of the Parkgate seam, repairing the road. The roof was supported by girders and they were going to take out an old girder.

Before doing so they set temporary supports and took out the support with the aid of a Sylvester and chain. The work was completed about 9 a.m., and they started to remove the old timber they were 'plucking' when a slight bump came and the fall occurred at the same time.
The fall trapped Randall, and witness tried to lift the stone off him, but was unable to do so. Randall was face downwards and the stone was on his back. "I ran 400 yards and back again for assistance." Winfield said, "and Randall was released as quickly as possible." Winfield said that Randall was a very experienced man and he was satisfied with the working conditions.

The deputy, Leonard Maw, 50 Pym Road, Mexborough, said he visited the place about 7.15 a.m and examined it thoroughly. It was normal and well supported. The stone which trapped Randall had come from the side of the roof. Randall had been very careful and nothing more could have been done to prevent the accident Dr. John McArthur, Denaby said death was due to a fractured skull and haemorrhage resulting from penetration of the lung by fractured ribs.

Two Ran To Pit Fall

Mr J HALFORD, manager of Denaby Main Colliery, described at an inquest yesterday how two men ran to rescue a trapped comrade "regardless of their own safely.” The inquest was on John William Randall, aged 48, of The Crescent, Conanby, Conisbrough. He and John William Winfield, of Halifax Avenue, Conanby, were repairing an old roadway in the Parkgate seam when a big stone fell from the roof. Winfield was unable to release Randall, and ran 400 yards to Richard Cory, of Morton Road, Mexborough, to get aid They ran back to the place, said Mr. Halford and got the stone from Randall, but he died shortly afterwards.

The Coroner, Mr. W. H. Carlile, said Randall faithfully carried out the deputy's instructions, and there was no neglect. A verdict of "Accidental death" was recorded.


Mr. J. W. RANDALL of Conanby, recently lost his life in a colliery accident. This was a sad bereavement, not only for his family, but for the whole community. For Mr. Randall was an active Christian worker in our midst, and played an important part in linking together the Sunday School work of the various religious denominations in Conisbrough. He was a good man and a sincere Christian, and will be greatly missed. To his widow and family we offer our deepest sympathy.

23 Dec 2014

Thank you,
You have produced a fitting tribute to my uncle John from the newspaper cuttings I sent to you.
His daughter Joan is also very pleased with the way you have presented the information.
Many Thanks
Phillip Randall.