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Martin Mann - Alans Data Base - Roof Fall At Wath Main 14th January 1947
Ephraim Hendrix - Orval Samuel Hoke, Aged 56, Crushed By A Train, Gedling Colliery, 11 Sep 1972
Peter Bowler - I Believe The Edward Holmes Who Died At High Park Colliery In 1854 Was A Relative Of My Wifes
Charles Stubley - Any Information? George Killgallon was killed at Upton Colliery, Yorkshire, on the 12 May 1953

In MemoryMartin Mann
8 Dec 2014
Alans Data Base - Herbert Norman Killed By Roof Fall At Wath Main 14th January 1947

Hi Alan,

My name is Martin. Formally an underground electrician at Wath Main Colliery.

I was asked by a lady in New Zealand if I could trace an uncle of hers, Herbert Norman, who she believes was killed on 14th January 1947 in a roof fall at Wath Main.

I have looked at your database but cannot find any record of this incident.

Is there anywhere else I can look to find out if this incident actually occurred? She has a death certificate which seems to support her information.




14th January 1947 - Wath Main Colliery

Herbert Norman, 41 years
Asphyxia due to obstruction of external orifices due to being buried by fall of roof while working underground.
Post Mortem - Accidental

Certificate of deceased from Alan P Lockwood, Coroner for West Riding of Yorkshire, Rotherham, Inquest 16th Jan 1947

In MemoryUSAEphraim Hendrix
24 Nov 2014
Orval Samuel Hoke, Aged 56, Crushed By A Train, Gedling Colliery, 11 Sep 1972

My genealogy research has brought me to your site.

Orval Samuel Hokeis shown on your site as having died on September 11, 1972. The entry shows that he was crushed by a train at Gedling Colliery and refers to "Carlton County Offices."

Orval is my second-cousin 2x removed and was born in West Virginia (US) in 1916. His father was Dallice Grover Hoke and his spouse was Irene Miller. She was born at 138 Forster Street, Radford, Nottingham, England in 1924 and died in 1972

Do you by any chance have any information about him? I can only guess that he might have ended up in England because he was a soldier in World War 2. That is the best guess I can make.

Thank you for your help
Ephraim Hendrix


This is a type of 100hp diesel locomotive as used underground at Gedling. It has a driving cab at both ends and is approaching some doors that are open.

On 11 Sep 1972 Orval Hoke was leaning out of the cab whilst driving the loco and whilst passing through the power-operated doors, he was unfortunately crushed between the door and the loco.

The Carlton Offices in Nottingham refers to the place where the Coroner's Court was held on 22 Nov 1972.

The local Coroner and a jury of 8 men would consider the accident, sometimes aided by a witness to the accident, should there be one.

Always a plan constructed by the Colliery Surveyor from measurements taken of the scene of the fatality would be presented and issued to the Coroner and the jury. He would accompany the Colliery Manager on these occasions and answer any query should any be asked, regarding information on the plan which would include various sections with gradients of the roadway or site of the accident and well as the plan view.

Generally a Mines Inspector would be present to pass comment if necessary but usually to listen to the remarks made by the Coroner from the evidence presented. He would record the verdict to include in his report.

Following the verdict which would invariably be stated to be accidental death, the Colliery Manager would generally make a brief statement to the family, if present, regarding his regret as to the accident and his condolences and probably offer a statement that following that accident he would issue instructions that by changing operations that caused the accident further similar incidents could be prevented.

The experienced Coroner would invariably outline his views of the tragedy and assist the jury in their decision.

These remarks are from personal attendances at a Coroner's Court at several venues for the 5 fatalities I have been involved with whilst Surveyor for the Mine at Ollerton Colliery in Nottinghamshire from 1971 to 1986.

Note...the Coroner would hold Court as soon as practicable according to his work load and it would be in the area where the person lived or in the area of the hospital should he be injured and then died there.

Bob Bradley

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More about Gedling Colliery

In MemoryPeter Bowler
12 Nov 2014
I Believe The Edward Holmes Who Died At High Park Colliery In 1854 Was A Relative Of My Wifes

I believe the Edward Holmes who died in an accident at the colliery in 1854 was a relative of my wifes, whose family name is Holmes and have lived in this area for many generations, I will try and find more about him.

Photo of my Local, The Dixies Arms, Peter

Also could the Dixies Arms public house where his inquest was held be the same Dixies Arms that is still in existence and situated at Lower Bagthorpe in the parish of Underwood with Brinsley and is only a couple of miles from High Park colliery, I've never heard of another pub of that name ever being in this area, although the Dixie family moved to Market Bosworth Hall in Leicestershire around a couple of hundred years ago, there's a pub near there named after them too.

Dixies Arms....yes it is the same public house....named after Sir Wolstan Dixie a prominent landowner of that area.

Bob Bradley

In MemoryCharles Stubley
7 Nov 2014
Any Information? George Killgallon was killed at Upton Colliery, Yorkshire, on the 12 May 1953

I was looking for a George Killgallon who was killed at Upton Colliery, Yorkshire, on the 12 May 1953, or so his Probate Record says. Could you find any information on him please?