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Perils Of Coal Mining Causes Of Fatal Accidents

The recorded toll in human life from industrial activity from 1800 onwards has been astronomical. Farming, Agriculture, Factories, Sea Fishermen, Quarrying, Ironstone/Gypsum Mining, Building Industry, Railways, have each contributed to the death by accident, of thousands of people doing no more than earning a living. Coal Mining is at the forefront as the most dangerous occupation, below a great many different ways losing a life on Colliery premises.

Colliery Surface

Dirt Tips. Struck by Ariel ropes/buckets, buried by lose slag, burnt by hot material, tip collapse {Aberfan} Falling from installations.

Sidings. Run over by Steam/Diesel locomotives, crushed between buffers of wagons, run over by wagons, septicaemia from injuries

Surface compound and workshops. Run over by lorries or other vehicles, overturning tractors /other appliances, asphyxiated by falling into a coal bunker, caught in machinery, hit by falling objects, electrocution, falling from buildings/headstocks. Caught in winding machinery/winding rope scalded by steam, falls in the winding house, septicaemia from injuries burns from oil used in lamps

Shaft Side. Falling down the shaft, broken rope/chains, crushed by the cage, run over/crushed by tubs/minecars overwind of cages, caught/crushed by machinery, septicaemia from injuries


Pit bottom. Hit by objects falling down the shaft, crushed by the cage, falling out of the cage/chains, drowned in the sump, caught/crushed by machinery, septicaemia from injuries.

Outbye Of The Shaft, General Roadways And Workings

Run over/crushed by tubs, caught in haulage ropes/engines, manriding accidents, run over by battery/diesel locos, overcome by blackdamp/afterdamp following explosion, fumes from underground fires, drowned by inundation of water, electrocution, ignition of methane, caught in conveyors, bitten by a pony, {tetanus} kicked by a pony, crushed by a pony, infected by a pony {glanders} falls of roof in a roadway/junctions/headings, septicaemia from injuries.

Coal Face Operations And Headings

Fall of roof/ripping, fall of coal, struck by dislodged prop/girder, caught in a coal cutter/conveyor, struck by powered roof supports/equipment, injured by tools, pick/hammer/ringer others, {septicaemia from injuries} Ignition of methane, Renal failure following paraplegia, {surface/underground} Caught/crushed by machinery, Lung conditions, Silicosis, Pneumoconiosis, Asbestosis.