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Memorials - Photographs - Page 44

Stanrigg and Arbuckle Colliery Disaster, Plains, North Lanarkshire

19 killed - 9 July 1918

8 of the 9 Stones to the Right Hand Side of the Headstone on Previous Page

Small Stones-1

Small Stones-2

Small Stones-3

Small Stones-4

Small Stones-5
9th stone to right side of tombstone

Small Stones-6
This stone and 2 below are on left hand side and continue the run
in a clockwise direction from the tombstone

Small Stones-7

Small Stones-8

Small Stones-9


Stanrigg Memorial Park

Meikle Drumgray Road, Wattston, North Lanarkshire

East Entrance at Edge of Greengairs

West Entrance in Wattston

The Distinctive Notice at the East End Which is the Same as the One Partially Hidden in the West Entrance