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Memorials - Photographs - Page 6

Memorials - By Local Authority Area


Baillieston Library Miner Spanish Civil War Photo KeeganBaillieston Library, Main Street, Baillieston (A89), Glasgow
Blantyre Disaster
(RC miners) 22.10.1877
PhotoDalbeth Cemetery, London Road, Glasgow (buried north west corner Section 9 in 11 lairs)
Cadder Disaster
(RC miners) 6.8.1913
PhotoSt Kentigern’s RC Cemetry, directly north of access on Skirsa Street, Glasgow
PhotoCentenary Memorial  Lambhill Stables, Balmore Road, Glasgow
Nitshill Disaster
Nitshill PhotoNitshill Road, Glasgow  (west of A726 at Nitshill Railway Station)


Bilston Glen Miners Photo BilstonClark Street, Loanhead, Midlothian
Child Miners of Scotland PhotoCampview, Danderhall, Midlothian
Easthouses Miners Photo-EastEasthouses Industrial Estate, Midlothian
Mauricewood Disaster
Photo-MauricewoodMauricewood Road, Penicuik, Midlothian
Mick McGahey George V Park, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian
Monktonhall Miners Photo MonktonhallCampview, Danderhall, Midlothian
Newtongrange Photo-NewtongrangeMain Street, Newtongrange, Midlothian
Woolmet Miners and workers Photo PrestonpansCampview, Danderhall, Midlothian
Woolmet Colliery Photo BingOn the restored Woolmet Bing near Danderhall, Midlothian
Hutch and Plaque have now gone

North Ayrshire

Auchenharvie Disaster
Photo-AuchenharvieAuchenharvie Golf Course, Stevenston, North Ayrshire
SCWIrvine Library Miner Spanish Civil War JS-SCWIrvine Library, High Street, Irvine, North Ayrshire

North Lanarkshire

Allanton Sculpture
Oct 2017
Photo-AllantonAllanton Miner Industial Heritage Sculpture - By John McKenna 2017
Auchengeich Disaster
Photo-AuchengeighInfoAuchengeich Miners’ Welfare, Gartferry Road, Moodiesburn, North Lanarkshire
Auchengeich Disaster
Photo-AuchengeighInfoCondorrat Wall, by roundabout, North Road, Condorrat, North Lanarkshire
Barrwood Disaster
Photo-BarrwoodKilsyth Parish Church Cemetery, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire
Commonhead Disaster
Photo MossideCommonside Street (opposite Commonhead Lane), Airdrie, North Lanarkshire
Dumbreck Disaster
Photo DumbreckInfo BumbreckKilsyth Cemetery, Howe Road, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire (Drumbreck on memorial)
Harthill West Main Street / Bank Road, Harthill, North Lanarkshire
Keir Hardie Keir HardyKeir Hardie Memorial Primary School, Motherwell, North Lanarkshire
Keir Hardie Keir HardyKeir Hardie Sports Centre, Main Street Holytown, North Lanarkshire
Kilsyth Miners Memorial Park Photo-KilsythCharles St and East Burnside St, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire
Mosside Disaster
Photo MossideLeaend Road, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire
Shotts Photo MossideDykehead Cross, Station Road, Shotts, North Lanarkshire
Stanrigg Disaster
StanriggPlains, North Lanarkshire (on side of back road off A89 just east of Plains)
Stanrigg Disaster
StanriggStanrigg Memorial Park, Meikle Drumgray Road, Wattston, North Lanarkshire
Stanrigg Disaster
StanriggStanrigg Memorial Community Hall and Sports Centre, Greengairs, North Lanarkshire
Watson No.3 Colliery WatsonCorner of Watsonville Park and Barrie Street (off A721), Motherwell, North Lanarkshire


Miner Killed in
New Zealand
WatsonBench at North Inch, Perth, Perth and Kinross - Peter J Rodger 1970 - 2010


Benston Disasters
Quarrelton Wee Wood, Johnstone, Renfrewshire   (Quarrelton Road / Beith Road junction) - [Joint memorial with Quarelton Disaster]
Quarrelton Wee Wood, Johnstone, Renfrewshire   (Quarrelton Road / Beith Road junction) - [Joint memorial with Benston Disaster]

South Ayrshire

Dailly DaillyDailly, South Ayrshire (Corner of West End and Bridge Street)
Glenburn Photo PrestwickJunction of Shaw Road and Langcroft Avenue, Prestwick, South Ayrshire
James Brown MP JB-MPAnnbank,  South  Ayrshire

South Lanarkshire

Blantrye Disaster
Photo-BlantyreHigh Blantyre Cemetery, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire
Blantrye Disaster (centenary) 22.10.1877  Blantyre High Cross, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire
SCWBlantyre Miners Spanish Civil War Photo-BlantyreBlantyre Miners Welfare, Calder Street, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire
Blantyre 22.10.1877 Photo-Blantyre DAnceStatue at Westerpark Avenue, opposite Helmsdale Close, at the Hamilton Technology Park, Hamilton
Bothwell Castle Colliery Photo Bothwell-CastleFlower Garden, Blantyre Road and B7071 Bothwell Road, Bothwell, South Lanarkshire
Bothwell Castle Mine Bothwell Village Community Hall, Fallside Road, Bothwell , South Lanarkshire
Bothwellhaugh Village Photo BothwellhaughStrathclyde Country, South Lanarkshire
Cambuslang Photo BothwellhaughHamilton Road, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire
James Stirling Curfew Bell, Leadhills, South Lanarkshire
Mick McGahey McGaheyMain Street, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire
Newton Redlawood Road Park, Newton, nr Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire
Quarter Quarter Church, Quarter, South Lanarkshire
Rigside  At side of A70 at entry to Rigside village, South Lanarkshire
Robert Smillie Memorial Arch, Broomhill Gate / Gallowhill Road,  Larkhall, South Lanarkshire
Robert Smillie SmillieRobert Smillie Memorial Primary School, Glen Avenue, Larkhall
Statue  Blantrye Westerpark Avenue, Hamilton Technology Park, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
Udston  Disaster
Photo - UdstonSouth Lanarkshire Council Offices, Brandon Gate, Brandon Street, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
Udston Disaster
Photo - UdstonPriestknowe Roundabout, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire (junction of Whitemoss Av, West Mains Rd, Stuart St, Churchill Avenue


Cowie Photo CowieMain Street, Cowie, Stirlingshire  (opposite Community Centre)
Fallin Photo FallinOpposite junction with Castle View, Fallin, Stirlingshire
Plean  Photo-PleanPlean Country Park, near Plean, Stirlingshire
Plean Disaster
Photo-PleanMain Street, Plean, Stirlingshire (west end of High Street)
Plean Disaster
Main Street, Plean, Stirlingshire (near Primary School)
Polmaise  Colliery Polmaise Colliery Museum, Fallin, Stirlinghire

West Lothian

Addiewell and Loganlea  Memorial Garden Moorlands Gardens, Loganlea, West Lothian
Blackridge  On cycle path near Blackridge, West Lothian
Broxburn and Uphall Photo Shale PeopleShale People murals along and either side of A899 in Uphall and Broxburn, West Lothian
Broxburn and Uphall Photo Shale PeopleShale Industry in West Lothian. On the junction between Uphall and Broxburn on the main road through the towns (north side of Goshen Place (A899) at boundary of Broxburn and Uphall, West Lothian). Shown as model in Public Art book.
Burngrange Disaster
PhotoTown Centre (A71), West Calder, West Lothian
Burngrange - 10.1.1947 PhotoSeafield Bowling Club, Seafield, West Lothian
Burngrange - 10.1.1947 Photo BurngrangeSeafield Community Centre, Seafield, West Lothian
Fauldhouse (Fallahill) Disaster
PhotoMiners Welfare, Bathgate Road, Fauldhouse, West Lothian
Livingston Paraffin Harvester
PhotoAt an entry to Almondvale Centre next to Primark, off Almondvale Boulevard, West Lothian
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Miner’s Strike   1984 - 85 East Main Street,  Whitburn, (A705) West Lothian
Seafield Oil Works WWI Memorial Photo SeafieldSeafield Community Centre, Seafield, West Lothian
Stoneyburn and Bents PhotoIn Foulshiels Park, Stoneyburn and Bents, West Lothian
Whitburn PhotoArmadale Road, Whitburn
Winchburgh Shale Miners Photo-WinchburghIn Winchburgh Village Churchyard, Winchburgh, West Lothian