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1978 – 1981
The planning of the station was commenced by a committee of Senior Rescue Personnel G.V. Jolliffe, R. Donkin, J. Scott and B. Fee, and the N.C.B. Architect department under the control of the Chief Architect Angus Dickson and his previous incumbent J. Free.

Eric Savage was appointed as Superintendent in May of this year and to be housed on site to oversee the construction and furnishing; and paying close attention to the Control Room, Breathing Apparatus Maintenance Area, training Galleries etc.  The N.C.B. Chief Clerk of Works along with the Architects Department would attend to the Building being constructed by J. Dixon of Doncaster.

Peter Weighand was appointed Assistant Superintendent in October of this year. The construction was commenced.

Albert Kelk was appointed in June of this year as an Assistant Superintendent.  The building Construction was now nearing completion and internal fittings were being undertaken. Lyn Elias was appointed as Third Officer on October of this year.

The construction of the Station was completed in this year, and the training of Rescue teams from throughout Yorkshire was commenced; over 150 personnel were given a Refresher Course in Rescue work over a six week period, immediately following the industrial dispute in the Coalfields.

The staffing of the Station was commenced in the middle part of this year with 14 permanent corps Brigadesmen and 2 Telephone Operators being appointed.  The Brigadesmen came from closing stations throughout the U.K. but mainly from Wakefield.

- Rescue Station –

Selby Mines Rescue Station was officially opened in October of this year by J.H.Northard CBE, Operations Director, British Coal.

The Station would give cover to 12 Mines employing some 14,000 men in total.  A part-time staff of trained Rescue personnel, some 120 men, would be attached to Selby Rescue Station and would attend the same on a frequent basis for training and assist at underground emergencies when required both in Yorkshire and surrounding mining districts.

The station was called to a number of incidents over the succeeding years, notably at the following mines: Kellingley Stillingfleet, Prince of Wales, Grimethorpe, Rossington and Bentley to name but a few.
The Station Staff was to change over its years of operation and many new officers And men replaced the retirees and others who had left the Service, too many to mention, but our appreciation of them all for their dedication to an efficient and able Rescue Service at Selby.

The Station was closed near the end of this year and was moved to Kellingley under the guidance of David Whitaker who replaced Eric Savage on his retirement in June 1991.

I.E. Savage
20 Sept 2010

The success of the Selby Mines Rescue  was due to the professionalism and dedication of the full time Brigadesmen who served there, throughout the station's working life. I would also like to acknowledge the steadfast commitment of North Yorkshire Director A.W.Tuke, before his retirement in 1991.
His total support for the new station reflected right across the mining community of Yorkshire.
His belief that only the best  would do for the safety of the miners in his area.

Eric Savage

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