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Frances Watt - Permission to use Pit Pony Photo
Bunty Chimes Davis - My grandfather John Bebbington, toured a mine in North Wales, and came away with a lucky pit pony
Mrs Margaret Roberts - Help Re-Pit Pony Photo Please
Roy Pekham - "Small Charity Week 2012". A national event June 11th until June 15th 2012
Roy Pekham - The Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Rehabilitation Centre
Roy Pekham - Please Sign Our Petition To Stop The Use Of Pit Ponies

Frances Watt
25 May 2016
Permission to use Pit Pony Photo

efdssDear Fionn Taylor,
I am working with the National Coal Mining Museum for England and the English Folk Dance and Song Society

We have a been working on a schools project teaching primary children about coal mining through folk music and visits to the museum and underground.  We have a song about the pit ponies, and I would very much like to use the photo on this page of your website Bernard-Shaw-A-Pony-C.html in the resource for the schools.  It is all going to be freely available for download from the EFDSS and NCMME websites for schools to use. 

RoundPlease could you let me know who I need to ask for permission to use the photograph?

With huge thanks,

Bunty Chimes Davis
20 May 2012
My grandfather John Bebbington, toured a mine in North Wales, and came away with a lucky pit pony

We lived in the Farm lands outside Chester, in the 1930's. The most ominous sound, I dreaded to hear, as a child, was the wail of the sirens at one of the Welsh Mines, warning of a pit disaster. Most people who heard those, all too chilling cries for help, would stand where they were and Prayed "God save the Miners." 

My grandfather John Bebbington, a lover of horses, was taken on a tour of a mine in North Wales, and came away with a lucky pit pony, before he was old enough to work. Born in the mine he had never seen day light. My grandpa called him, Tommy and he lived to be in his late twenties. Pa and I loved him so. As if to make up for the other ponies down the mines.

Then came the war and a different sort of sirens, also warning of death and injuries, fire and destruction. Now down in our Bomb Shelter, we all prayed "God save us all."   

Bunty Chimes Davis.

Mrs Margaret Roberts
14 March 2010
Help Re-Pit Pony Photo Please

Hello there.
I am writing a book on some of the history of our little village in North Wales and intend to self publish it. I suppose it will not be of much interest really to anyone outside our village. I am writing about our village, and its characters, past, and present, and have met with much enthusiasm from the locals.
Anyway to get to the point of my e-mail we live on the edge of The Snowdonia National Park and we have a few hundred Welsh Mountain Pony's roaming the hills of the Carneddau mountain range so I am researching and writing a little about the pony's of long ago.
 I am looking for a photo of a PIT PONY down a mine that I could use in this "publication".  My grandfather was in the Senghenydd Pit disaster in 1913; he was a rescue worker coming off the opposite shifts that day and I remember him telling me about those poor ponies.

There are many photos on line but of course I would have to get permission to use them and as I am not very up to date on all this HIGH TEC I am finding it difficult to know where to start !!!

Reading your site lead me on to another site "Ian Winstanley" and I see that he has a couple of photos on it, or I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction as to where I could possibly beg steal, or borrow or even purchase a copy of such a photograph.
 Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you  

(Mrs) Margaret Roberts.

Roy Pekham
16 April 2012
"Small Charity Week 2012".?A?national event June 11th until June 15th 2012

The Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Rehabilitation Centre

The Pit Ponies and other Needy Horses & Ponies In our area need a little help.  Our micro Charity (No 1002933) is privileged to have become a part of "Small Charity Week 2012".  A national event June 11th until June 15th with all the publicity and razz-a-ma-tazz that the "FSI" can muster. 

We have been given two opportunities.

One) to hold a fundraising event in the new St David's Centre in Cardiff.

Two) to find items with "Celebrity" provenance to auction that week on a special E-Bay sponsored event.

We need some help and turn to you.  We need help in Cardiff to assist passing members of the public to support the last few Welsh Pit Ponies in their retirement and all the other Needy Horses & Ponies we can.

Can you and/or someone you know spare a couple of hours on Tuesday 12th June?

Do you know any celebrities or someone who does who can ask for a special "Money can't buy item or experience" for the ponies?

I.E. Tea4Two with Dame Judi Dench at the Ritz London?

A script (used) by David Tennent as Dr Who?

A Mini Skirt worn by "Becky" in ITV's Coronation Street.

Please help us help them!

P.S.  We and the FSI are planning considerable media attention to the events of Small Charity Week so you will need to be aware and agree that you may be photographed/filmed by the media during your session.

Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Centre and The Pit Pony Sanctuary

Fforest Uchaf Farm, Penycoedcae, Pontypridd, CF37 1PS

01443 480327

Roy Pekham
7 November 2008
The Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Rehabilitation Centre
The Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Rehabilitation Centre
For the Ponies, Volunteers and Trustees at Fforest Uchaf. Please feel free to visit our little website and tell your friends about us. We need you to help us, help them.
Roy & Angel

From: Roy Peckham
Sent: 6 Jan 2010
Subject: Please Sign Our Petition To Stop The Use Of Pit Ponies

We are asking people to sign our petition to stop the use of Pit Ponies would you help us find interested people?

Warmest regards

Roy Peckham

07798 584735 01443 480327

Urgent: Please help us stop the use of Horses & Ponies in coal mines.  Please sign our petition at

Got any friends?  Please tell them all about this.  Lets make Pit Ponies History.  Ok?

One-day there will be a permanent home for the Welsh Pit Ponies.  It will have mature trees to provide shade from the summer sun, a babbling brook will cascade down into pools of clear water to drink long and cool from on hot summer days, It will have a good range of buildings to stable old bones on cold winter nights.  It will be easily accessible so anyone who wants to will be able to visit the Ponies.

To help make this a reality please visit;  - Sponsor A Pony - Visit Pit Ponies
To find out how you can help us help them.

Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Centre & Pit Pony Sanctuary.
Penycoedcae, Pontypridd.  CF37 1PS

01443 480327

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