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Katja Hock, Artist

Memories and Experiences

Katja HockĀ 
29 Aug 2016
Bestwood village

Hi there!
My name is Katja Hock and I am about to show my new work on the side of the Newton Building and Nottingham Contemporary's side window on the 12th of November in form of a large projection.... Anyhow, the content of the work focuses on Bestwood Village Country Park and the Winding House and I wonder if I could include the document listing the deaths in my work?

If you could let me know that would be great! Also, I am building a website about the work inviting people to leave their memories and share their experiences...; we could maybe create links to each other’s sites? What do you think?

I made a piece of work about the woodlands a little while ago, shown at the Lake Side, 2012, the website still exists:
Just to give you an idea about the sort of work I am making....

All the best

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