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Josie Byrne
20 Oct 2016
PIT BROW LASSES - On The Go theatre Co - I have just started to write a play about the Pit Brow Lasses

Hi Ian

Allow me to introduce myself: - my name is Josie Byrne and I am the Artistic Coordinator of On The Go theatre Co - we are a theatre company who have been together now for 6 years and write and perform local history plays.   We are all retired people over the age of 55.  None of us are ex actors but we have all had a great love of the theatre.  We have written and performed 4 plays so far: the first one was Saint or Sinner and was about the suffragette Edith Rigby and the burning down of Lord Leverhulmes Bungalow at Rivington: the second one was Cotton Queen and is about the Cotton Queens of 1939 - the third one was Words of War which was in commemoration of the First World War - and our last play is called Someones Sons which was written at the request of Wigan Council.  All the plays are based on research and have become very popular.  We perform mainly to Ladies Groups, Libraries, Schools and Legions.

My co-writer and I have just started to write a play about the Pit Brow Lasses and someone has sent me your website with the information on re the radio programme on BBC4.  When was this Ian? - Have I missed it - if I have would it be possible to have a transcript of the programme?

We are in the process of having a new website developed but we have a face book page that you could look at if you wish - just type in: On The Go theatre co in the search box and you should find us.

Hoping to hear from you as all this info seems amazing!


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