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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947


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Firbeck Main (Nottinghamshire):
Agents: Agent John Le Brun (538); Agent S Hughes (531); Sub Area Manager:  H Coates (2686). Managers:  JTE Jones, Undermanager S Kirkham (2520), 1,428 in Barnsley Bed seam and 423 surface men and boys. (ex Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries Ltd) transferred to North Eastern Division, No1 Worksop Area.  Managers from 1923: John Le Brun (538) Manager and Agent; JW Woodbridge (3794); S Hughes (531); Len A Clarke (2664)?; JTE Jones; Undermanagers: Arthur Vernon; AE Soar; S Kirkham.   Surveyors: included: Arthur Athey (1335).
Whitwell (Derbyshire): Manager MW Fletcher (3111), U/M W Daniels (2nd), 565 in High Hazel and 187 on surface, transferred from North East Division on 17th March 1947.  (ex-Shireoaks Colliery Co).  Output: 269,849 tons.

Nottinghamshire Collieries Operating in No3 Area of the NCB in 1947 with HQ at Edwinstowe
Area General Manager: Wilfred H Sansom (858) (began at Newstead as apprentice to TG Lees, and during the First World War was commissioned in the Sappers, in 1919 to Bolsover, later Agent, later still became East Midlands Divisional Production Director to 1959); Production Manager: Edwin W Lane (856) (later Area General Manager No1 (Manchester); Sub-Area Managers: John T Rice (816), John A Hayes (2352) and Peter L Richardson (3242).  (9)  Total output 5.5m tons.  Area Chief Surveyor Tom W Bush (845) appointed from Chief Surveyor Bolsover Co); Assistant Edward (Ted) Hinde (appointed from Bolsover Co)

Bilsthorpe:  Manager Arthur Holmes (350), U/m Frank Wheatcroft (2nd), 1,084 men in Top Hard and Low Main seams and 261 on surface.  (ex-Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd).  Output: 519,620 tons.
Blidworth:  Agent John T Rice (816), Manager Edward Bishop (2707), U/m Geo H Bancroft (2nd), 1,375 in Top Hard seam and 354 on surface.  (ex-Newstead Colliery Co Ltd.)  Output: 723,331 tons.
Clipstone:  Agent John A Hayes (2352), Manager Tom D Watson (3130), U/m Charlie Clarke (3684), 965 in Top Hard and 286 on surface. (ex-Bolsover Colliery Co Ltd).  Output: 674,599 tons.

Harworth Main:  Agent Wm Wright (271), Manager Geo H Keverne (3333), U/m EA Bullimore (2nd), 1,687 in Barnsley Bed (Top Hard) seam and 430 on surface. Transferred from NE Division on 29th March 1947. (ex-Barber Walker and Co Ltd.) Output: 656,056 tons.

Mansfield:  Manager Elijah Shaw (1156), U/ms Pat J Murphy (2nd), John W Rawlings (4225), 1,220 in High Hazel and Top Hard seams and 334 on surface.  (ex-Bolsover Colliery Co Ltd).  Output: 526,264 tons.

Ollerton: Agent Peter L Richardson (3242), Manager Sam Thorneycroft (2499), U/m Geo Bunting (2nd), 1,225 in Top Hard seam and 349 on surface.  (ex-The Butterley Co Ltd). Output: 591,585 tons.
Rufford: Agent John T Rice (816), Manager John A Jones (1292), U/m Ernest W Leivers (3634) 1,223 in Top Hard seam and 354 on surface.  (ex-Bolsover Colliery Co Ltd).  Output: 812,938 tons.
Thoresby:  Agent Peter L Richardson (3242), Manager Charles Edward Woodward (4009), U/m Harry Jones (2nd) 1,221 in Top Hard seam and 335 on surface.  (ex-Bolsover Colliery Co Ltd).  Output: 756,177 tons.

Welbeck:  Agent John A Hayes (2352), Manager Ossie T Storrs (2535), U/m Chris Bollans (2nd) 1,148 in Top Hard seam and 362 on surface.  (ex-NH and B Collieries Ltd).  Output: 599,927 tons.

Derbyshire mines operating in No4 Area, 1947 with HQ based at Blackwell (then Huthwaite 1949).  Area General Manager David M Rees (2780); Sub-Area Managers: Jack L Merry (542) and F Donald Severn (977).  (12). Total output 4.1m t.  Area Chief Surveyor Les H Watson (578) appointed from Chief Surveyor, Pinxton Colliery Co 1928-1946, previously Surveyor at Manners colliery (ex-Ilkeston Collieries Ltd) 1923-1928); Assistant E Roland Mettam (appointed from Kirkby) (Butterley Co). The office for all No4 Area staff Surveyors for both Deryshire pits and Nottinghamshire pits was at Kirkby Colliery until moved into new purpose built offices adjacent to New Hucknall Colliery later.

  • Alfreton:  Agent Jack L Merry (542), Manager Tom L Nicholson (1856), U/m E Watts (2nd), Deep Soft and Deep Hard, F Gregory, Low Main and Threequarter seams, 740 and 205 on surface.  (ex-NH and B Collieries Ltd). Output: 315,369 tons.  Shaft depth, 251 yards (230m).
  • Blackwell A Winning:  Agent Jack L Merry (542), Manager Tommy R Jameson (2621), U/ms L Halley (2nd) and Len Upton (2nd), 917 in Low Main, Threequarter and Silkstone seams, 289 on surface.  (ex-NH and B Collieries Ltd). Output: 407,200 tons.  Shaft depth, 294 yards (269m).
  • Blackwell B Winning:  Agent Jack L Merry (542), Manager Jack S Fletcher (2139), 259 in Waterloo seam and 122 on surface. (ex-NH and B Collieries Ltd). Output: 111,576 tons.  Shaft depth, 345 yards (315m).
  • Brookhill:  Agent F Donald Severn (977), Manager Horace Wenman (3254), U/ms Les Cumberland (2nd) (later Manager Kirkby) and WH Tideswell (2nd), 682 in Piper, Low Main, Yard and Silkstone seams. (ex-Pinxton Collieries Ltd). Output: 299,000 tons.  Shaft depth 417 yards (381m).
  • Pinxton (Plymouth) was working a seam around 1ft 11ins (0.58m) thick and producing around 1,250 tons a week. 126/45. (ex-Pinxton Collieries Ltd.).  Output: 59,477 tons.  Shaft depth 414 yards (379m).
  • Cotes Park:  Agent F Donald Severn (977), Manager Peter L Harley (2649) (later Manager Kirkby, then Mechanisation Engineer No4 Area HQ), U/m Bernard  Smalley (2nd), 221 in Yard seam and 61 on surface.  (ex-Jas Oakes & Co, (Riddings Collieries) Ltd.)  Manager E Searson (2104).  Output: 74,178 tons.  Shaft depth 284 yards (260m).
  • Oakerthorpe Drift Mine (formerly Furnace Hill No2), (ex H & C Hartshorne), abandoned in April 1947.
  • Shirland:  Agent Jack L Merry (542), Manager Freddie DA Boam (4101) (later Manager Pleasley, then HMI), U/M Ray Gregory (4354) (later Manager Newstead and Group Manager), 323 in Deep Soft, Deep Hard and Low Main seams, 164 on surface. (ex-NH & B Collieries Ltd).  Output: 157,060 tons.  Drift mine.
  • South Normanton:  Agent F Donald Severn (977), Manager Peter L Harley (2649), U/m Joe H Cosford (2nd) (later Manager Sutton), 294 in Dunsil seam and 104 surface.  (ex-South Normanton Colliery Co Ltd). Output: 127,414 tons.  Shaft depth 187 yards (170m).

  • Swanwick New:  Agent F Donald Severn (977), U/m Bernard Gascoyne (2nd) (later Manager), 794 in Low Main and Blackshale seams and 275 on surface.  (ex-Swanwick Collieries Ltd).  Output: 319,504 tons.
  • Swanwick Old:  U/m JC Elliott (2nd), 6 underground and 2 on the surface for maintenance, Manager for both Jack Frith (3831) (later Manager Newstead then Production Manager).  Shaft depth 393 yards (360m).
  • Wingfield Manor:  Agent Jack L Merry (542), Manager John Southern (3945), U/m B Wheeler (2nd), 397 in Low Main and Kilburn seams and 117 on surface. (ex-Wingfield Manor Colliery Co Ltd).  Output: 141,552 tons.  Shaft depth 249 yards (228m).

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