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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947



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Dear Fionn

Firstly, thank you very much for a completely engrossing website!

At the end of May, it will be 50 years since Shirland Colliery Closed - we are provisionally planning to commemorate this by a march to the old pit site from the (still thriving) Miners Welfare. As yet nothing is definite, but if it does go ahead I'd thought of having the names of the 28 people who lost their lives working at the pit read out, and also to include some history in the programme for the event.

Your web-site has provided me with all this information, and I wanted to check with you that it would be acceptable to use the information there, with appropriate acknowledgement.

Do you know if there are any Miners' Banners which could be borrowed for the occasion?

Best Wishes
David Haworth

(Vice Chairman, Shirland Welfare Brass Band)

David Haworth
26 Jan 2017
Shirland Colliery Memorial

Hi Mr Taylor

Back in May 2015 we marked the 50th anniversary of the closure of Shirland Colliery.

Through the Coal Authority and especially your site, together with Bob Bradley's help, we were able to put together a souvenir booklet to mark the occasion, and Bob did honour us by attending with his wife.  

Shirland and Higham Parish Council have now erected commemorative signage on the green opposite St Leonard's Church, near Pit Lane and the colliery site.

Much of the information displayed has been taken from the commemorative booklet, which is flattering, but they have not repeated the acknowledgement to your website which we were pleased to include in our publication.  

If you would like me to address this with the Council, please let me know.

Sunday 5th February 2017

There will be a 'photo opportunity' at the green at midday on Sunday 5th February 2017. The Derbyshire Times will be sending their photographer. Local Councillors will attend, and also Shirland Welfare Band, not to play on this occasion, but the photo will also mark the fact that this month we won first place in the third section at the recent Mineworkers Brass Band Festival, now held at Butlins in Skegness. If the weather is bad, then the photos will be taken at the Miners' Welfare a couple of hundred yards down the road towards Alfreton.

I'd like to thank you and Bob Bradley again for the wealth of information we drew upon.

Best wishes

David Haworth

(Vice Chairman Shirland Welfare Band)

Shirland Mem

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