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Ollerton Was Closed 1994, After 69 Years

- Continued -

Undermanagers for Ollerton:

  • J William Elliott (2nd) 1922-1928 (as Sinking Manager, transferred from Kirkby, transferred to New Langley)
  • S Robert Shepherd (2nd) 1928-1938 (transferred to New Langley)
  • Pat J Murphy (2nd) 1938-1943 (promoted from Overman, transferred to Mansfield)
  • Tom L Morris (3980) 1943-1944 (transferred to and later promoted to Manager Ormonde)
  • George Bunting (2nd) 1944-1953 (transferred from Ormonde, transferred to HQ Mechanisation)
  • Jack L Prince (5506) 1953-1956 (promoted to Manager Ollerton)
  • EE (Teddy) Bishop (5396) 1956-1961 (previously Birley East 1945, Newstead, DPT-1951 cert, promoted from Junior Undermanager Welbeck to Ollerton, promoted to Manager Cotes Park 1963, later Agent Manager Brookhill, General Manager Newstead 1964 and Group Manager, Production Manager 1974, then Senior Mining Engineer, in South Nottinghamshire Area)
  • Cyril Arnold (5624) 1961-1967 (transferred from Clipstone, transferred to HQ Mechanisation)
  • Philip W Wood (7896) 1965-1969, (Afters, promoted from Assistant Undermanager, transferred to Undermanager Thoresby, later Manager Sutton then Sherwood)
  • Derek Stephenson (89..) Nights
  • Jack Taylor (7573) 1967-1971 (transferred from Sherwood, left industry, emigrated to Australia)
  • W Vic Brown (9749) 1971-1972 (transferred from Sherwood, promoted to Deputy Manager Babbington, South Nottinghamshire, later Manager New Hucknall, Annesley and Moorgreen)
  • John Higginbotham (9293) 1972-1973 (transferred from Thoresby, promoted to Deputy Manager Creswell, returned later as Deputy Manager Ollerton, Manager Sutton and General Manager Rufford)
  • Ernie Corcoran (10?) from North East, 1973-30/6/1975 (promoted from Creswell, left industry, with the Nursing Sister Barbara Hoyland)
  • Alan V Goodwin (8140) 4/11/1974-26/10/1984 (promoted from Assistant Undermanager,for Top Hard, appointed sole Undermanager for Parkgate, promoted to Assistant Manager Blidworth)
  • Gerald (Ged) Mason (10.?) promoted from Clipstone, 1/7/1978 for N side Top Hard, later for Parkgate, transferred to Coal Preparation HQ, 28/11/1979, due to back problem, later left to Private quarrying in Derbyshire, later set up Blackwell Mining doing salvage etc, e.g. at Gedling)
  • Terry J Knott (2nd) 1/11/1984-1988 (previously Bilsthorpe as workman, Overman Clipstone, promoted from Asst Undermanager Harworth, promoted to Assistant Manager, later Deputy Manager Ollerton)
  • Stuart Morris (11743) 1989-1991 (transferred from Undermanager Annesley, (previously Assistant Undermanager Annesley, back problem, off sick from 1991, transferred to Safety Engineer, Ollerton May 1993-Apr 1994)
  • Tim Fifoot (11815) 1991-1994, (transferred from Harworth, promoted to Deputy Manager Harworth, later Manager Harworth)
  • Paul Flynn (.....) North Side 13/7/1992-Apr 1993 (transferred to Clipstone) and GH Jackson (.....) 1993-1994

Assistant Undermanagers:

  • Bernard A Charles (4923) July 1956-1957 (first one, promoted from Shirebrook to Undermanager Welbeck, note never wore socks with pit boots)
  • John V Faben (5203) 1958-1961, (an evacuee from Lowestoft in 1940, started at Whitwell aged 14 on surface 1941, underground at Whitwell 1945, shotfirer Whitwell, Oxcroft, Holmewood 1950, No1 Area, first DPT sent to No4 Area HQ, U/M cert 1950, Managers cert 1951, Deputy Silverhill 1951-1953, Sub Area Planner 1953-1954, Method Study 1954-1956, Overman Markham No4, 1956-1957, promoted to Undermanager Harworth)
  • Cliff Freeman (8163) 1963-1964 (promoted to Thoresby, later left to Copper mines, Zambia)
  • Jim Clarke (6986) 1963-1965 (promoted to Rufford)
  • Harry Lester (7647) 1965 Undermanager and Deputy Manager, South Kirkby, Yorkshire, 1965-1969. Moved to the USA in 1969 and worked for CONSOL, American Electric Power and Old Ben coal companies in production and senior management until retirement.
  • Philip W Wood (7896) 1965-1969, (promoted to Undermanager backshift, transferred to Thoresby)
  • Derek Stephenson (8...) 1966-3/11/1974 (transferred to HQ Mechanisation, following a serious car accident)
  • John C Ross (9...) 1967-1973 (transferred to Safety Engineer, Harworth)
  • David J Clibbery (9849) 1968-Jan 1971 (promoted from Technical Assistant, promoted to Undermanager Harworth, later Manager Rossington)
  • Albert E Littler (9307) Feb 1971-1972 (transferred from Silverhill, promoted to Undermanager Bilsthorpe, later Manager Bilsthorpe, General Manager Thoresby then Mansfield)
  • Ken F Greaves (6166) 1972-6/3/1978, (demoted from Undermanager Bilsthorpe, transferred to Safety Engineer, Ollerton) d S 2013
  • Alan V Goodwin (8140) 1973-1974, (transferred from Harworth, promoted to Undermanager Ollerton)
  • R Joe F Rafferty (No.?) temporary Sep 1973-Jan 1974, from Thoresby, ex Undermanager Sutton, left industry to British Gypsum)
  • Gordon Weeks (2nd) 1/9/1974-26/6/1986, (promoted from Overman, Yorkshire, retired)
  • Penry Hoare (No...) 7/10/1974-1976, (from Deputy Manager, Winsford Salt Mine, transferred to Method Study North Nottinghamshire Area HQ)
  • Ray Flint (2nd) 6/5/1976-31/10/1986, (ex Senior Overman Ollerton, promoted to Assistant Undermanager Thoresby, demoted, from Statutory Undermanager Bevercotes, transferred to Ollerton, retired from post in 1986)
  • William (Billy) Denton (11311) 1/6/1981-15/1/1984, (promoted from Rufford, promoted to Shirebrook, later Deputy Manager, transferred to Lea Hall, transferred to Bolsover, promoted to Manager Bolsover 1992-1994)
  • Willie McGranaghan (11633) 1/3/1984-14/3/1986, (promoted from Bilsthorpe, promoted to Undermanager Clipstone, later Assistant Manager Sherwood, Deputy Manager, Bilsthorpe, Bevercotes, Asfordby, promoted to Manager Wistow and Stillingfleet at finish 2004, transferred to Manager Harworth Oct 2006, Manager National Mining Museum, Caphouse, Wakefield Jan 2008-)
  • Kevin N Humphries (11654) 1/8/1986-1/6/1987, (transferred from Annesley, promoted to Rufford)
  • Russ J Nevin (No 11...) 1/11/1986-1990, (promoted to Cotgrave)
  • Nev H Jackson (11818) 1987-1988, (promoted to Clipstone)
  • Chris J Daniels (12111) 1987-1988, (promoted to Undermanager Cotgrave, later Assistant Manager Bilsthorpe, Manager Clipstone, transferred to Prince of Wales, Manager/Director Hatfield, S Yorks)
  • Martin P Hopkinson (11...) 1988-1/8/1989, (transferred to Linby, promoted to Undermanager Cotgrave)
  • David L Wheatley (12122) 1988-17/8/1989, (transferred from Gedling, promoted to Undermanager Thoresby)
  • Andy D McLennan (No 11...) 1/8/1989-1993 (transferred from Cotgrave, appointed Roof bolting Specialist Ollerton in 1993, transferred to Asfordby 1994)
  • Duncan C Webb (No 11...) 1/9/1989-1993, (left)
  • David M Shelton (No 11...) 1990-1992, (promoted to Undermanager Bilsthorpe, killed in an underground accident 18th Aug 1993 and awarded a posthumous medal for gallantry in going back into the heading to try to save the other men)
  • Keith D Hill (11298) transferred from Creswell, 1992-1994)
  • Mick Bunnis 1993 (No 11...) (left)

The Assistant Undermanagers used to work Day, Afternoon and Night shift, and rotated every quarter, generally being in charge of development work whilst on Day shift.

Technical Assistants included:

  • David J Clibbery (9849) 1967 (promoted to Assistant Undermanager), EB (Ted) Giles (10067) promoted to Asst Undermanager Creswell June 1973, later Undermanager then Deputy Manager
  • Ian Waugh (10796) promoted to Undermanager Linby (later Goldthorpe then joined HMI,becoming Principal Inspector in Yorkshire c2008-2010.Principal Inspector c2008-2010
  • Austin Brown (No....) Apr 1973-
  • Colin Slater (No....) 1978-1980 (left industry)
  • John Hicks (No....) (transferred to Bilsthorpe) and Martin Hopkinson (No.?) (promoted to Assistant Undermanager, later Cotgrave)
  • AC Lewis (No....) transferred to Assistant Undermanager Blidworth Aug 1988

Colliery Surveyors:

  • Herbert B Watson (No.?) (first resident Surveyor from Butterley Co HQ at Ironville) Aug 1922-Feb 1939
  • Stanley Dobinson (No 951) ARICS Mar 1939-1943 (transferred from New Langley, Ormonde and Bailey Brook, transferred to Butterley Co HQ, Asst Chief Surveyor of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Co pits 1943-1946, Sub-Area Surveyor 1947-1949, rejoined Butterley, left to Canada 1957 Victoria Highways, Bridge section, d 1989 aged 83)
  • Jesse Price (No 1?) 1943-1945
  • E Roland Mettam (No 1..?) 1945-1946 (transferred to Kirkby, promoted to Assistant Area Surveyor No4 Area HQ, Huthwaite)
  • John Hipkiss (No 2...?) 1947-1954 (transferred to Planning dept No3 HQ Edwinstowe)
  • Ken CB Mirfin (No 2...?) ARICS 1954-1959 (ex Assistant at Bilsthorpe, promoted from No3 Area HQ, transferred to new sinking at Bevercotes)
  • W Keith Houghton (2473) 1959-July 1971 (transferred from Sherwood, transferred to Subsidence dept Eastwood) (died May 2007 aged 79)
  • Robert (Bob) Bradley ** (4381) acting from July, appointed temporary 1/10/1971, appointed 1/12/1971-30/9/1986, (previously at Teversal, promoted from Senior Assistant, also Laser Safety Officer, Relics Officer, nominated Water sample Official (and previously in 1960s a Radiac Officer in case of nuclear war), promoted to Senior Surveyor Nottinghamshire Area HQ, Edwinstowe 1986-1990, redundant) (signed abandonment plan for Top Hard and Main Bright seams)
  • Gary JD Hall JP (No 4.?) (transferred from Sutton) 20/10/1986-9/2/1990, redundant
  • John Stapleton (No 6.?) (transferred from Cotgrave) 5/2/1990-31/12/1991, left to Private business
  • Steven (Stas) Watson (6149) 1992-1994 (transferred from Calverton, transferred to Thoresby on closure) -2012, Ian Shaw (5997) ARICS (transferred from Thoresby for 2 weeks 1994, left to Estate Agency). Philip G Shaw (5985) (Deputy) signed Parkgate abandonment plans

Senior Assistants/Deputies:

  • Tom A Green
  • ? 1930s
  • Clarence Skeavington (1342) 1939-1942 (promoted from Hucknall (qualified 1937), promoted to Teversal, Stanton Ironworks Co)
  • Roy Briggs (No 2.?) 1942-1945 (promoted from Teversal, Stanton Ironworks Co)
  • Jeff G Parkin (No.?) (transferred to Kirkby 1947)
  • Nev Perkins (No.?) 1946-1947
  • Derek Mosely (No 2.?) 1946-Oct 1947 (promoted from Apprentice, appointed Surveyor Clipstone)
  • Johnny K Bamford (No.?) 1947-1951
  • John A Chilton, (No 2.?) 1952-Apr 1954 (transferred from Welbeck, transferred to No3 Area HQ, later Geologist No5 Area)
  • Ken Gray (2905), Apr 1954-May 1957 (promoted from linesman Ollerton, promoted to Surveyor Annesley)
  • I William (Billy) Press (No 3...?) May 1957-Jan 1961 (transferred to No3 Area HQ, later Surveyor in South Wales)
  • Barry (Bas) Flint (40..?) Feb 1961-Jan 1971 (promoted from Assistant Ollerton, transferred to Planning dept North Derbyshire)
  • Robert (Bob) Bradley ** (4381), Feb 1971-Oct 1971 (transferred from Senior Assistant Teversal, appointed Surveyor Ollerton)
  • Stuart N Whittle (No 5.?) Jan 1972-Sep 1974 (promoted from Thoresby, transferred to Planning dept North Nottinghamshire HQ, later Nottinghamshire Area)
  • David W Thorpe (5486) ARICS Nov 1974-Sep 1975 (promoted from Newstead, transferred to HQ, Deputy at Thoresby, later Surveyor Sutton, left to Inland Revenue)
  • D Mick Parker (No 5.?) 1/12/1975-16/9/1978 (promoted from Silverhill, transferred to Deputy Sutton)
  • Philip G Shaw (5985) 6/11/1978-1994 (transferred from Deputy Welbeck, previously at Creswell), signed abandonment plan for Parkgate, Oct 1994, redundant
  • Graham Hall Assistant (6025) (ARICS) 1/7/1976 from Welbeck, promoted to Deputy Bevercotes
  • Eric Fretwell Assistant (6...) 1/7/1976-12/12/1983 (transferred from Bilsthorpe, left to Subsidence dept HQ)
  • Robert Hallott, Assistant 1/4/1987-28/2/1992 (transferred from Creswell)
  • Jed G Thomas (6?) 1/9/1991-1994 as Assistant Surveyor from Deputy Surveyor Sherwood).


  • Francis V Mitchell (1929 on, later No5 Area HQ 1947-)
  • CW Jepson 1942-1943
  • Derek Mosely, Dec 1942-1946 (promoted to Assistant)
  • Geoff N Cuff, Oct 1949-1953 (transferred from No3 Area HQ, left)
  • William Dagnall, Mar 1951-July 1951 (transferred from No3 Area HQ, left)
  • Jim C Rhodes, July 1951-1953, (start from school, left to coal face, later Administrative Officer Mansfield and Industrial Relations Officer North Nottinghamshire, then Nottinghamshire Group)
  • Alwyn W (Oscar) Coulson, Feb 1953-Oct 1957 (transferred from No3 Area HQ, transferred back to HQ, later Planner Bevercotes)
  • Derek Bullen, May 1954-Oct 1954 (transferred from Bevercotes, transferred to No3 Area HQ)
  • Geoff S Meakin, Oct 1954-Sep 1955 (transferred from No3 Area HQ, left industry)
  • Gary JD Hall, Sep 1955-July 1956 (transferred from Mansfield, transferred to Sherwood, later Deputy Welbeck, promoted to Surveyor Sutton, transferred to Ollerton)
  • David Brook-Jackson, Jan 1957-Oct 1959 (transferred from Harworth, transferred to No3 Area HQ, left industry to Hollybank, Tuxford)
  • Barry Flint, May 1957-July 1959 (transferred from Thoresby, promoted to Assistant, Ollerton) -1961
  • Ray T Keeton, Oct 1959-1964 (start from school, transferred to Divisional HQ, Sherwood Lodge, transferred to N Nottinghamshire Area HQ 1967-, later Mechanisation Engineer North Nottinghamshire Area then Nottinghamshire HQ) -1994
  • Stuart N Whittle, Nov 1964-Dec 1969, (start from school, transferred to Thoresby)
  • Kevin Bradley, 1970-1972 (start from school, transferred to Bevercotes, later Hollybank)
  • A Neil Mason, June 1971-Aug 1974 (transferred from Clipstone, promoted to Assistant, Ollerton, promoted to Mansfield Nov 1975, later left industry and emigrated, later Chief Surveyor at a coal mine in Western Australia)
  • Steve Chapman, Sep 1974-Jan 1976 (start from school, transferred to Rufford)
  • Steve T Barnes, Jan 1976-Jan 1977 (transferred from Rufford, transferred to North Nottinghamshire Area HQ, later Surveyor Cotgrave then Bevercotes)
  • Jim Humphries, Jan 1977-Oct 1977, (transferred from Thoresby, left industry)
  • Ian Orgill, Nov 1977-Oct 1978 (start from school, transferred to Blidworth, later Deputy Surveyor Annesley 1/8/1992, Surveyor Asfordby then Daw Mill -2011)
  • Chris A Fegan, Jan 1978-June 1979 (transferred from Mansfield, promoted to Assistant, transferred to Bevercotes, ARICS left industry to Private Business, died of leukaemia age 42)
  • Gary WB Noble, Oct 1978-June 1980 (transferred from Clipstone, transferred to Harworth, ARICS left industry to Private Business)
  • Ken R West, June 1980-June 1981 (transferred from Thoresby, transferred to Clipstone, left industry to Middle East)
  • Ian W Smith, Nov 1980-Aug 1982 (start from school, transferred to Clipstone)
  • John Gillott May 1981-Aug 1982 (transferred from Clipstone, transferred to Thoresby, died in service of leukaemia aged 21): Gary A Quibell, Aug 1982-Dec 1983 (transferred from Sherwood, transferred to Mansfield, later Deputy Surveyor/Planner then Surveyor Welbeck)
  • Peter Williams, Oct 1982-June 1983 (start from school, transferred to Rufford, later left industry to China Clays)
  • None for 3 years
  • Mick Sheldon, Oct 1986-1988 (transferred from Hucknall, transferred to Cotgrave)
  • Martin Davies, 1988-May 1989, (left July 1989 to London Underground)
  • Martin J Wright, July 1989-1990, (transferred from Blidworth, left industry)
  • Alan Wilmot, last Apprentice in the Area. 17/7/1991-1994.


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