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Ollerton Was Closed 1994, After 69 Years

- Continued -

Fatal Accidents at Ollerton

  • Russell A Shaw (23), Under-electrician in surface engine house, caught in ropes of compressor 28th May 1924
  • Hiram Eley (35) Stall man, the first fatal underground on 22nd Feb 1926, fall of ground, a piece of coal fell onto his head causing a fracture to the base of his skull, and as was normal at that time all the men knocked off as a mark of respect, even though they were on piece-rate
  • Albert G Walters (39), Stall man, second fatal underground, fall of ground 13th Nov 1926
  • Thomas Sheridan (33) 8th April 1927, fall of side
  • Thomas Spill (46) 240s gate, crushed by tub, 25th Sep 1928
  • Levi Lancashire (36) 210s Main, Butty, crushed by tub, 31st Dec 1928, died 6th January 1929
  • William Godfrey (41) Stall man, 202s stall, fall of roof, 21st Jan 1929
  • Roland Landrick (30), Haulage, crushed by tubs 1st Mar 1930, died 3rd Mar 1930 Deborah-Kane
  • Frank Murphy (15) 4s Cross gate, Haulage, run over by tubs 4th July 1930, died 5th July 1930
  • John William Brown (39) Stall man, 620s benk, fall of roof, 11th May 1931
  • John Cyril Wesley (42) 23s Level, 1s District, fall of roof, 4th Sep 1931
  • Thomas Ward (41) Stall man, 648s benk, fall of coal, 4th Dec 1931, died 7th Dec 1931
  • Joseph Coupe (47) Stall man, 601s benk, fall, crushed by a tub, 24th Oct 1932, died 26th Oct 1932
  • Wilfred Broadbent (45) Ripper, 622s Main gate, fall of roof, 29th June 1933
  • Alfred Wyld (15) Haulage, 400s Main, run over by tub, 1st Nov 1933
  • Frederick Charles Black (25), Ripper, No3 Loader gate, fall, 13th Feb 1934
  • James Edward Iliffe (60) Face man, fall of roof 6th Feb 1934, died from pernicious anaemia 11th Mar 1934
  • Robert Henry German (42) Face man, injured arm 7th May 1934, died from cellulitis 31st May 1934
  • James Cahill (39), Face man, 3s face, fall of coal, 16th July 1934
  • Herbert Gilmore (?) Ripper, No7 gate, fall, 7th Sep 1934
  • Alfred Simmonite (31) Face man, 1s Panel, fall of coal, 21st Jan 1935
  • John Hinks (29) Face man, 3s benk, fall of roof, 21st Mar 1936, died 29th Mar 1936
  • Fred Murden (29 or 49) Face man, fall of roof 4th Sep 1934, died of a heart condition 15th June 1936
  • Harry Gervson Gregory (37) Face machine man, 1s face, 3am a 10 yards (9m) fall of coal burying him, relays of miners worked all day Monday and had just exposed part of his body at 2pm when there was another fall and it was late in the evening when his body was recovered 12th April 1937. The Manager W Stan Fletcher and the Assistant Agent Monty Wright were both underground supervising operations
  • Percy Washington (29) 10s Loader gate, crushed by 4 full tubs when clip broke, 11th Nov 1937
  • Ernest Alfred Rowley (22) injured his foot by a nail in his boot 19th Oct 1937, died of septicaemia 24th Nov 1937
  • Wilfred Harrison (16) 3s face, caught in a conveyor, 19th Jan 1938
  • George Theobald (17) 150s Main, fall of ground, 6th May 1939
  • John Edward Spyve (19), fell down No1 shaft 25th Sep 1939
  • Isaac Bamford (51) Face man, fall of roof 13th Mar 1940, died 26th Mar 1940
  • John William Severn Evans (?) accident 18/4/1940, died 20/4/1940
  • William Henry Derbyshire (14) Haulage, run over by tubs 14th Aug 1940, died 16th Aug 1940
  • William Arthur Beresford (55) injured arm by falling over rails 30th Nov 1940, died from cellulitis 3rd Dec 1940
  • Albert Smith (56) Face man, fall of coal 17th Jan 1941, died 22nd Jan 1941
  • George William Ford (53) and Baden Powell Jepson (41) Face men, 3s panel, large fall of roof, 8th May 1942
  • Wallace Aulton (29) Haulage, 400s Main, run over by tubs, 9th Oct 1943
  • James Beaver (36) No2 pit top, trapped by tub 5th Jan 1945
  • Thomas Winship (54) Face man, fall of roof 18th Mar 1945
  • Clarence Clark (31) Face man, 4s panel, fall, 18th Jan 1945, died 6th Oct 1945
  • Jack Dudley (47), Ripper 2s Loader gate, fall, 30th Apr 1946
  • Peter Ingram (66) Face man, fall of roof -/10/1947, died 31/10/1947
  • Robert Connelly (?) Haulage, No2 Junction pit bottom, crushed by tubs, 18th Aug 1948
  • Harry Wareham (53) 650s Trunk Road, riding conveyor and went over gearhead, 22nd Feb 1952
  • Lewis Norman (Ernie) Coles (62) Foreman plate layer, surface full sidings, hit by railway wagon 1/5/1953
  • Robert Samuel Smith (45), Deputy and William Henry Gullet (40) 31s Loader gate stable, fall of roof, turning a Meco Moore Saturday 19th Aug 1953
  • Anthony Brown (39) pit bottom compressor fitter, adjusting the rams in No1 pit bottom when his head was crushed by the cage and he was knocked into the sump 22nd Oct 1953
  • Ernest Revill (71) Face man, fall of roof 14th Sep 1951, died 9th Jan 1955
  • Albert Edward Bellamy (53), Packer, 35s face, fall of roof, 27th Aug 1956
  • Leonard Taylor (51), Loco driver, pit bottom loco circuit, trapped head 23rd Aug 1957
  • Herbert Againis (35 app) Packer 100s face, prop hit him out, friable roof fall and asphyxiated him, 18th June 1959
  • Keith or Kenneth Walton (23), Haulage hand, 52s Airway, first day down the pit, trapped by tubs 15th Nov 1961
  • Sam Donald Thornhill (61) Deputy and Norman William Broughton (40) Ripper, both killed (and Richard (Dick) Holton and George Lesh both lost a leg) when 5s Junction collapsed whilst being drawn off, Jack Severns escaped injury 23rd Nov 1961 note, Harry Jones Assistant Manager used a hacksaw blade wrapped in cloth to saw through a girder in an attempt to release those trapped
  • Roy Meakin, Wagon Tippler operator, fell at the surface Foreign coal bunker 4th Jan 1963
  • Tom Hibbert (60), Deputy on 14s Return, trapped by tubs 9th June, died 16th June 1965
  • R Kay, (Outside contractor), fell through the asbestos roof of the screens 17th Aug 1970
  • Dave Abram (25), 44s Face Trepanner driver, trapped head, when the machine was lifted as chock nogs/material put on the AFC at the Airway end for use further down the face got fast under the machine, 23rd Oct 1973
  • Gordon Matthewman (43), Ripper 110s Loader gate rip, fall of ground from the lip onto scaffold, afternoon 24th July 1974
  • Roy Kilner (39), Chargeman Fitter, 20s face machine, killed when shearer drum he was working on for maintenance fell off and trapped him to the coal face 11th Jan 1975
  • Tom Murdoch (23), 66s Airway packhole, withdrawing a support, fall of roof afternoon 1st Dec 1976
  • Dominik Adrych (50), 45s face machine, chain snapped whilst changing shearer cutter picks and pinned him to buttock, night shift 10th Jan 1977
  • Douglas Henry Bowler (55), mown down from behind by runaway tubs in 1s Airway, afternoon 19th June 1980, died 21st June 1980
  • Brian Dugdale (36) (Area Tunnelling Team) prep work for inbye vertical bunker top, wide excavation, trapped under large fall of stone afternoon 8th Sep 1982
  • Adrian Mark Lobley (24), Header, 3s Loader gate development, fall of stone from face of heading 1st May 1987
  • Simon D Wragg (26) Loco driver, 2s Scour, trapped by girder 5th July 1989.

All these accidents required the M and Q 206 book (from 1957) filling in, for reporting to the Inspector of Mines.

A pony was killed underground on 22nd Sep 1930. At the time there were 40 ponies underground, the stables being off 400s Main.

An account of the first miner killed down Ollerton on 22nd February 1926. He was Hiram Eley aged 35. He was the younger brother of Charles Eley and uncle of Syd Eley who worked at the colliery all his working life apart from military service in the Second World War. The father George Eley died underground at Shipley colliery but his death was natural. The elder brother Charles was one of the sinkers who settled in Ollerton until after the war when he immigrated to Canada. The inquest into Hiram Eley’s death was held at Retford on 25th February 1926 and the following is a verbatim account of the cause of death as stated on the Death Certificate. ‘Fracture of the base of his skull caused by the accidental fall of a piece of coal on his head from the roof in Ollerton coal mine where he was working’.

Unfortunately also there were several deaths from natural causes including

  • Jack Lyons the Electrical Engineer 13th June 1988 on Parkgate 3s district. He was not the first to die underground or on the surface as there had been others, including
  • Dick Arnold (57) died on 13 Jan 1939
  • Harry Webb (49) died underground on Tuesday morning at 2:20 am on 10 Feb 1939, he was a haulage engine driver and had had a bad accident 10 years previously. He left a widow and 6 children.
  • CA Bland (Belt repairer) died at Top Hard 24s B Conveyor road Sep 1972
  • William H Carr (Market Face worker) died on 13th Aug 1974, 110s face
  • Tom Miller, died on night shift, 5.30am 1974 (Barry Brown Deputy and Ken Boundry Overman, were the officials in charge)
  • Derek Barker found dead in surface bicycle shed on Surface: 28th Mar 1975
  • Harry Embleton (Deputy Materials Officer) died 17th July 1983 leaving work
  • Ron Jones (Power house attendant) died on duty, 26th Jan 1984
  • Dougie Stockham (Surveyor’s Assistant, WPIS), and my right hand man when I was Surveyor, died whilst collecting Littlewoods Pools money in the village on a Friday afternoon 1989 only an hour after leaving work.

There were many reportable accidents:

  • Jos Wrightman, 97s Gate, serious, 24th Mar 1929
  • George Elliott, Shaft vicinity Aug 1929
  • Accident in No1 shaft 6th Nov 1930
  • Accident to ‘boy’, 650s Level 11th Nov 1930
  • Herbert Gilbourne, No7 Gate 7th Sep 1934
  • 92s Junction Jan 1935 accident
  • Albert Walters, No1 North Junction 3rd Nov 1936
  • Thomas Riley (?) crushed by tubs 26th April 1938
  • Frank Hayter broke both legs, one with compound fracture 11th Nov 1938
  • Harry Evans (44) 2s face, fall, severely injured 18th Apr 1940
  • Leonard Hand back injury 25th Apr 1940
  • William (Bill) Henry Derbyshire, 100s Main, No1 pit bottom 1st Aug 1940
  • Andrew Danskin, 3s Panel 13th Oct 1941
  • Norman Walters (18) Catch knocker No1 pit bottom top deck, putting tub on cage when it raised suddenly and he fell off breaking his arm, 10.35am 25th June 1948
  • Dantry Wareham (18) head injury 27th January 1949
  • Aaron Sinfield (62) head injuries 3rd February 1949
  • George Harrison (22) caught in a machine resulting in an arm being amputated 30th August 1949
  • William O’Hare (31) leg injury 17th August 1950
  • William O’Hare (31) leg injuries 17th August 1950
  • Maurice Strange (49) Ripper 6s Intake Airway, fractured clavicle when run of 12 tubs clipped to rope with Smallman clip with a 3ft chain between tubs 7 and 8 which broke allowing 3 tubs to run back onto a drag which then tipped No12 tub onto him
  • Ernie Revill, 27s LH Heading 14th Sep 1951
  • Edgar Pickard (50) injured 9th January 1952
  • Cyril Harrison (45) broken leg by being hit by a girder on the surface 22nd May 1952
  • Henry Scruby (54) broken leg after being crushed by tubs 26th June 1953
  • Fred Sanders or Saunders (46) internal injuries after being crushed by tubs 7th December 1953
  • George Tudor (63) back injuries 15th February 1954
  • Arthur Price (48) leg injury 23rd March 1954
  • Donald Poole (35) head injuries 8th April 1954
  • Robert Miller (45) knee injury following a fall of coal 8th November 1954
  • Jan Safinski (31) fall of ground, neck injury 27th April 1955
  • Wilf Marshall, (51) Surface Stores 13th Oct 1955
  • Colin Stevenson, 5sA Loader Gate 26th Oct 1955
  • Geoffrey Spencer (Fitter), 28s face 1st Nov 1956
  • J Milner, injured on Surface sidings 23rd Nov 1956
  • Arthur Marshall (53) injured underground 17th January 1957
  • Jeff Davis, fall 5sB face July 1957
  • Walter Quick, No2 shaft surface door 4th June 1956
  • L Williams, 100s LH 1in4 drift 11th July 1958
  • N Cuy, 203s face 3rd Sep 1958
  • JW Revill, Under screens on surface 24th Dec 1958
  • Peter Marriott, 24s Roller Turn 5th Mar 1959
  • Ivor Gwynne, 36s 17th Mar 1959
  • F Lawrence, Empty sidings on surface 11th May 1959
  • Alan Walters, 100s face 28th May 1959
  • Jack Young, (Erector), 36s Loader gate end 4th Feb 1960
  • Freddie G Johnson, 100s 2nd Mar 1961
  • Freddie Robson (Filler), 205s 27th Apr 1961
  • 5s Junction collapse (see 2 fatals), Richard Holten and George Lesh both lost a leg 23rd Nov 1961
  • Bernard Lomas (Engine driver) 100s Airway 2nd Dec 1961
  • Arthur Searson (Driller), Surface fitting shop 11th Jan 1962
  • MD Martin (Trainee), Surface stockyard 2nd Mar 1962
  • Stan Bamford (Filler) 100s 21st Mar 1962
  • George Woolley (Extender) 22s 10th May 1962
  • John Soar (Filler) 53s Loader gate stable hole 25th May 1962
  • Frankie Wood, 206s 2nd July 1962
  • Jimmy Grundy (Salvage) 101s Loader gate 13th July 1962
  • Les Goundry (Filler) 53s panel 19th Jan 1963
  • DG Reed (Attendant) Surface washery plant 13th Feb 1963
  • Frank Clarke, 53s Airway lip 7th Mar 1963
  • WR Thorold, Surface 25th Apr 1963
  • R Bradley (Outside contractor) Surface, fell through asbestos roof 26th Apr 1963
  • T (Chuck) Johnstone (Ripper) 39s Loader gate 1st May 1963
  • Pat Boyle, 22s 20th May 1963
  • R Meek, 40s Loader gate 18th June 1963
  • Jimmy Harkness, (Packer) 22s 4th Oct 1963
  • Jack Piper (Labourer) 26s Centre gate 14th Oct 1963
  • Tommy Ryan, 22s Airway stable hole 18th Oct 1963
  • Roland Gordon (Haulage) 20s LH Airway 31st Jan 1964
  • William G Gray (Salvage) 22s Loader gate 6th Feb 1964
  • Jack Mansell (Haulage worker) 600s Main 5th Mar 1964
  • George Case (Stable hole filler) 20s Centre gate 13th Mar 1964
  • William Hargreaves, surface screens 13th Mar 1964
  • Mario (Speedy) Romaniewicz (Packer) 41s 25th May 1964
  • Fred Simcox (Mechanic) 40s panel 26th May 1964
  • William Riddell (Filler) 24s Paddy 22nd June 1964
  • Geoff S Mayne (Haulage worker) 600s Main 23rd Sep 1964
  • B Noon (Trainee) surface stockyard 12th Oct 1964
  • Denis B Lobley (Filler) broken leg, 105s 21st Oct 1964
  • Cyril Knowles (Filler) 55s Loader gate stable 19th Nov 1964
  • Walter Pearson (Heavy gang) 100s face 23rd Feb 1965
  • John Beaston (Driver) Loco circuit 21st May 1965
  • Alf Barnes (Steel checker) No2 Fulls side 21st June 1965
  • C Pollard (Wagon lowerer) surface 3rd Jul 1965
  • KG James (Filler) 54s panel 7th Sep 1965
  • V Hoyland (Yard labourer) Washery 17th Oct 1965
  • GR Harrison, Draper’s Paddy 1st Dec 1965
  • DJ Clarke (Trainee) 600s Main 13th Jan 1966
  • William Birbeck (Fitter) 103s panel 13th Jan 1966
  • A Richardson (Surface labourer) Stockyard 5th Apr 1966
  • Bas Hodgkinson (Supply Officer) Draper’s Paddy 8th Apr 1965
  • Harry Lester (Gearhead driver) 41s/42s Transfer point, arm ripped off 6th May 1965
  • W Riley, Draper’s Paddy 6th June 1966
  • Alan Fountain (Haulage hand) Draper’s Paddy 9th June 1966
  • John T Ryan (Face worker) 56s
  • J Dunn (Boiler labourer) surface labourer 20th Sep 1966
  • P Whiston, 41s district 4th Feb 1967
  • (Filler) 106s panel 11th June 1967
  • Dominik Adrych (Face worker) 111s panel 22nd Dec 1967
  • Rich Hayes (Filler) 107s panel 7th Feb 1968
  • Rob R Allan (Face worker) 56s Loader gate lip 14th May 1968
  • George Waterall (Deputy) South Drivage 27th Aug 1968
  • DLV ‘Alec’ Taylor (Trepanner driver) 55s 23rd Sep 1968
  • Ken Meakin (Face worker) A2 gearhead 24th Sep 1968
  • Johnny M Allott (Trepanner driver) 107s Airway 18th Oct 1968
  • Stan Mozeley (Dataller) No1 pit bottom 26th Nov 1968
  • Maurice Hind and S Finch (Fitter and Blacksmith) pit top 2nd Oct 1969
  • Tommy D Howard (Filler) 55s Loader gate 8th Oct 1969
  • RW Dean (Bricklayer) A2 Extension 13th Mar 1970
  • WJ Halliday (Ripper) 57s Airway 27th Jun 1970
  • Alf Woods (Face worker) 42s 12th Oct 1970
  • Fred Jarvis (Face worker) 57s 19th Mar 1971
  • Humphrey Winson (Development worker) 110s Loader gate Scour 4th May 1971
  • William (Bill) Delacy (Back ripper) 42s Loader gate 9th Jul 1971
  • Alan Dolphin (Overman) 10s Airway lip 12th Apr 1972
  • Ken Cross (Deputy) dragged into 58s Loader gate stage loader tunnel 17th Nov 1972
  • Lou Scrivens (Materials Officer) No2 pit top compressed air lock 20th Mar 1973
  • Michael Scott (Ripper) trapped at Jack Hoare’s Doors/ East No1 Conveyor 12th Apr 1973
  • F Robinson (Gearhead attendant) East No1 conveyor near A2 8th July 1973
  • C White (Chock fitter) 116s Loader gate Bishop pack 5th Sep 1973
  • E Benson (Face worker) 116s Loader gate stable 12th Sep 1973
  • Rob Meldrum (Fitter) arm fast in 116s Loader gate tension, Afternoon 14th Sep 1973
  • Tommy Siddons (Sawyer), Surface saw mill, fingers cut off by circular saw 30th Nov 1973
  • Reg Smart (Deputy) buried at 20s Loader gate buttress pack 25th Oct 1973
  • Jack J Coope (Heavy Gang haulage) 100s LH Airway/105s Junction 6th Feb 1974
  • Dougie H Strong (Fitter) 20s Loader gate stable 25th Sep 1974
  • John Proud (Haulage worker) 201s Airway/South Paddy 11th Oct 1974
  • Mario (Speedy) Romaniewicz (Face worker) 10s Airway lip 22nd Jan 1975
  • George Pearson (Haulage Paddy guard) Draper’s Paddy, 2nd turn 28th Feb 1975
  • George Ewan (Haulage worker) 600s/Draper’s Paddy engine house junction 7th Nov 1975
  • Victor Silvester (Fitter) Drapers Paddy road scissors 26th Feb 1976
  • Harry Felstead (Heavy Gang) 20s Centre gate Paddy 2nd Mar 1976
  • Gilbert Burton (Face worker) 59s 8th Oct 1976
  • George C Elvin (Conveyor attendant) Parkgate No1 conveyor 13th Sep 1977
  • Robert H Raynor (Battery loco driver) Parkgate 10s Airway junction 12th Dec 1977
  • (Note 3 on same Saturday morning that I measured up on my own as they happened one after another whilst I was underground).
    • Jan Lapko (Chocker) 10s Parkgate face 16th Dec 1977
    • Richard R Phipps (Welder) trapped in Sutcliffe 600 ton bunker in pit bottom 17th Dec 1977
    • John Brown (Belt man) No1 pit bottom road Sat 17th Dec 1977
  • Gordon Weeks (Assistant Undermanager) trapped on South No3 conveyor 17th Mar 1978
  • Denis Walker (Ripper and NUM official) fall at 10s Loader gate heading
  • George Garland (Ripper) fall at 2s Airway lip 30th Nov 1978
  • RG Robinson (Surface fitter) Washery sump 3rd Feb 1979
  • Accident at Boughton Brake surface borehole site 3rd Feb 1979
  • Jack Hayes (Salvage) 46s face 6th Feb 1979
  • T Holmes (Salvage) 45s Airway 4th Apr 1979
  • N Calladine 1s Airway haulage 7th Dec 1979
  • Accident No2 pit bottom 18th Dec 1979
  • Charlie Woofe (Face worker) fall at 2s Loader gate lip 23rd Jan 1980
  • G Kirkpatrick (Haulage) bottom of Parkgate Return drift 7th May 1980
  • Norman Bland, 1s Following Intake/12s Scour 27th May 1980
  • Charlie Hallam (Haulage) 2s A Conveyor side 27th June 1980
  • Albert Jeffreys (Development worker Back up) 1s Following Intake/2s Junction 16th July 1980
  • Ken Oates (Electrician) surface Electrical shop 24th Nov 1980
  • Accident 14s Loader gate scour 10th Dec 1980
  • Danny Wareham (Chock fitter), 2s Airway Inbye end 7th Apr 1981
  • M Lamb (Face worker) 2s face 24th Apr 1981
  • Rob Pattison Transfer point 2s/10s Junction 26th Jun 1981
  • D Peake (Chock fitter) top of Parkgate Return drift 24th Sep 1981
  • Robert W Blaylock (Fitter) 14s Loader gate face end 11th Jan 1982
  • G Gillespie (Face worker) fall at 2s Loader gate lip 30th Nov 1982
  • ? Accident at 14s face, 10pm 28th Dec 1982
  • Charlie L Jackson (Deputy) 12s Loader gate end 28th Feb 1983
  • John Longstaff (Fitter) 33s Loader gate face end 23rd Apr 1983
  • Dave Smith (Blacksmith) power hammer, Blacksmiths’ shop, crushed fingers, 17th May 1983
  • John Large (Loco driver) Bottom of Parkgate return drift 4th Jul 1983
  • William Catlin (Face worker) 2s Loader gate face end 20th Dec 1983
  • LM Worrell (Fitter) Return drift manriding conveyor 26th Jan 1984
  • William (Billy) H Spiers (Deputy) 2s Loader gate face end 12th Feb 1985
  • A Koefoed, Old Sutcliffe bunker site, pit bottom 11th Jul 1985
  • Peter Crawford (NUM and Undermanager’s clerk), 9s Loader gate 28th Jan 1986
  • K Hedley, 16s Face, 9pm 6th June 1986
  • J Nisbet, Following Return 31st Oct 1986
  • Mick Atkins, 16s Airway 9th Feb 1987
  • D Hall (Haulage) 16s Loader gate 7th July 1987
  • R Ward (Fitter) 31s face 3rd Nov 1987
  • John McGinley (Heavy gang) No2 shaft side 23rd Nov 1987
  • K Wilkinson, 33s Airway face end 25th Jan 1988
  • Jim McLafferty (Fitter) 2s D Conveyor platform 27th Jan 1988
  • A Spencer (Onsetter) No1 shaft side 5th Feb 1988
  • Jimmy Nichol (Gearhead driver) 2s Loader gate ‘A’ 25th Feb 1988
  • Chris Taylor (Store man) Stores building, stumbled over cardboard, multiple fractures to elbow 15th Apr 1988
  • Paul Foster (Loco driver) Top of Return drift 26th Apr 1988
  • Bernard Duffy (Ripper) 31s Loader gate 28th Apr 1988
  • Peter Wilson (Surface worker) No2 airlock 13th May 1988
  • A Robson (Haulage) 35s Loader gate, hand tramming 9th Jun 1988
  • P Scott, (Development worker) 17s Loader gate Junction 23rd July 1988
  • A Seals (Haulage) 31s Airway 21st Sep 1988
  • D Maddison (Haulage) 1s Following Intake/32s Junction 3rd Oct 1988
  • D Austin (Face machine driver) 2s Airway 25th Jan 1989
  • H Woodhouse, (Hollybank Electrician) 4th Drift heading 23rd Mar 1989
  • Charlie Dowdall, 17s Loader gate 30th Mar 1989
  • Tim Burke Manager of the mine collapsed underground 3s district 15th June 1989
  • G Buckland (Contractor Header) 4th Drift heading 20th Jun 1989
  • F Terrance, Hollybank development worker, 1s Following Intake No3 conveyor 15th Jan 1990
  • Sam Pepper, 3s Airway packhole 6th Nov 1990
  • Edward Ilett, 18s Loader gate 2nd Jan 1991
  • Peter A Coxon (32), development worker, 31s Loader gate face junction 22nd Jan 1991
  • P Coxon 32s face head/31s Loader gate Junction 23rd Jan 1991
  • Ray Hind, Junction 3s Loader gate and 3s Conveyor road snicket 29th Jan 1991
  • R Clark, No2 surface airlock 24th Feb 1991
  • Duncan Thorburn 34, Haulage worker, 3s Following Conveyor road 14th Mar 1991
  • DG Thorburn, 3s Following Conveyor road 15th Mar 1991
  • Denis P Emmonds, 1s Following Intake heading 15th May 1991
  • BR Huntingdon, 3s Following Conveyor road/2s Loader gate Junction 14th Jul 1991
  • T Storrs, 32s Loader gate 8th Aug 1991
  • John Pickering, 31s Airway 7th Oct 1991
  • T Carress, 41s Airway drivage 11th Dec 1991
  • Patricia Duckmanton, Main Office Block 28th Apr 1992
  • Trevor Owen, 3rd Drift Access back rip 24th Jun 1992
  • A Radford, 19s Loader gate heading 26th Jun 1992
  • D Wells, 18s Loader gate rip 13th Dec 1992
  • Michael Eland (36), RCM Fitter, 4th Drift/Pit bottom Access Junction 15th Dec 1992
  • J Thomas 36s Airway 16th Dec 1992
  • R Beers, No2 pit bottom 7th Mar 1993
  • Jed D Thomas (Assistant Surveyor) fell off scaffold at North side Booster fan house, broken thigh 21st Apr 1993
  • S Booth, 400s Back Road, pit bottom 6th May 1993
  • I McKenna, 19s Loader gate 28th May 1993
  • Andy Lockhart, 3s Airway 22nd Jun 1993
  • M Vickers, 10s Airway 9th July 1993
  • T Boulton, 60s Face head 15th Nov 1993
  • D Kimber, (Contractor) Washed doubles conveyor, Coal Prep plant 15th Nov 1993
  • M Lester, 18s Face salvage 16th Nov 1993
  • Surface Rapid loading bunker 10th Jan 1994
  • B Ashford (Contractor) 31s Airway stopping 1st Mar 1994


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