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Book 8 The 21st Century


  2015 Pages 


2015 - Thoresby Accident Page 1

In MemoryFatal Accidents, Thoresby Colliery

- Continued -

Eruption of Hydrocarbons Thoresby Colliery (gas, water, oil and coal)

There was an outburst of hydrocarbons (gas, oil and water) and 80 tonnes of rock burst out in an intake heading at Thoresby at 10am on 12 Oct 1995 and one man, Andrew Fielding (39) who had gone back to fetch his tools that were on the Joy Tunnelling machine when the outburst occurred died after inhaling poisonous gases and oil, died in a pool of oil and another 7 were injured, including the Deputy and 4 Mines Rescue personnel, who were overcome by fumes as they had entered the heading without taking the proper precautions (reprimanded). The Deputy, Anthony Bower was found unconscious but recovered after treatment.