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- Book 8 -


Dirt Tipping - Page 2



  1. Aerial photography once a year by private firms produced plans and photographs and even volumes, greatly assisted the work of the Surveyor. The tip was divided into areas and covered with a layer of soil that was seeded with grass. Some of the tip to the rear facing onto the forest was planted with trees.
  2. The 2 shafts were eventually filled and one headstock demolished January 2018. The other at that time was still in situ. The area was designated for future housing and possible industry.
  3. The tip at the closed Welbeck Colliery (2010) seen from the A60 when travelling from Worksop to Mansfield still remains grey and un-grassed in 2018, albeit that the shafts had been filled with demolition rubble and capped in 2010 and a section of the former pit top designated for industrial use.