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My Work Diaries


A Unique History From My Work Diaries

Surveying Jobs - Jan 1970

No4 Sub-Area, No4 Area, East Midlands Division, NCB from 1st January 1947

Book 2 - Page 12

- Senior Assistant Surveyor -

Jan 1970

- Asian ‘flu … quite poorly in bed, Doctor visits -

- Thurs 1 and Fri 2 … Colliery Rest Days -

Mon 19 … Office … Month end figures. Section sheets to Area HQ. Progress plans. Tonnage sheets to date.
First Eyesight test at Wildens

Tues 20 … Updating 1/5000 Composite plans. Information to Colin Clarke, Cost Clerk re Dirt tips.

Wed 21 21s inrush of water … from Top Hard 40 yards above … Office … Sorting through old roll plan etc for position of workings above and any evidence of water. Making a Composite plan and section for HMI H JonesGordon Darrington, Group Planner assisting me.

Thurs 22 … Office … Continued with plan. Information from Maurice Lamb Boremaster re borehole drilled from 21s to Top Hard goaf and plotted same. Meeting … HMI FW Gill, H Jones and R Gregory, Group Manager, George Noble, Manager, Ches Stasiewicz and self … Much investigation and discussion into incident and we came to the conclusion it was from a swilley in Top Hard 40 yards above (RB*) … just on the maximum limit of notification of distance above and below the seam being worked … all the area of Waterloo is underworking old Top Hard workings 40 yards above.

Fri 23 … Office … Finished plan for incident, colouring prints of same. Borehole records. Discuss … Water problems etc with Mr G Noble, Manager and R Wood U/m.

Mon 26 … Office … Manager’s and Area HQ progress plans. Plotted swilley across 17s and 21s. Coloured prints etc and drew route on plan for Mr G Noble, HMI H Jones and George Stain, Deputy / Pump man to examination below old pump on old North Dips Top Hard. Calculated and plotted 21s survey.

Tues 27 … Office … Colouring plans of 21s. Information to Bob Dale, NUM Agent (ex Manager Harworth) re incident. Information over phone to HMI H Jones. Information to Ray ?, Strata Control. Plan for Frank Lee, Area Planning Engineer delivered by C Skeavington. Additions to Accident plan.

Wed 28 … Office … Copied 21s survey. 1/5000 General Purpose negatives to date. Calculated 17s DG theodolite survey. Plotted 17s face line survey and prints. Qualified 10 years.

Thurs 29 … Office … Completed plan showing 2 fans in one air stream … 10s DG for 12s. Completed Accident plan negative and prints and coloured. Notice for H Henshaw.

Fri 30 … Office … Coloured 3 Dunsil R & FF plans. Print off Composite plan and coloured for Horace Henshaw, Deputy Manager.

Feb 1969

Mon 2 … Office … Calculated and plotted 17s and 12s development. Plotted 17s, 21s and 12s on 1/5000 and 6 inch also. Inked in workings and faults etc.

Tues 3 … Office. Weekly Newsletter. Prints off 6 inch Top Hard plan for G Darrington. 6 inch plans to date. Calculated 12s thirling survey and plotted on 1/500 ... Shelving in safe with Dexiron assisted by Alan Hill (AH), Linesman.

Wed 4 … Office … Updating photo Overlays of Waterloo.

Thurs 5 … Office … Calculated and plotted 9s survey on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch and inked in plus levels etc. Erecting shelves etc and moving tackle etc with AH. Before he transferred from A Winning in 1969 he had had an accident that broke his back but he recovered. Allowed him to stay on surface for the week doing other odd jobs as well such as tackle maintenance, printing, checking plans and filing in drawers etc due to his back hurting, sooner than him dropping off work. He was o.k. after the rest and grateful for it. Amended Installation of Electricity plan for 12s.

Fri 6 … Office … Coloured Overlay tracings for Waterloo. Coloured 4 prints for Installation of Electricity to 12s. Making red reflective strips for use in gate lines.

 - Record tonnage … 13,944 and record OMS 68.8 cwts -

Mon 9 … Office … Manager’s progress plans. Monthly section sheets for Area HQ. Drawing of Electrical circuit for Alan McDiarmid. Checking Tony Maddock’s monthly figures.

Tues 10 … Office … Making 6 inch Composite plan of Top Hard and 1st Waterloo showing boreholes completed and proposed boreholes.

Wed 11 … Office … Continued with 6 inch plan. C Skeavington discuss. 21s face line plan (kitted up with red reflector sighting strips)

Thurs 12 … Office … List of plans and locations for C Skeavington. Continued with 6 inch boreholes plan. Colouring prints

Fri 13 … Office … Completed colouring prints. Reflective strips for lining out of belting. H Henshaw re Shaft bottom and pumping arrangements etc.

Tom Wright Assistant Cost Clerk started.

Mon 16U/gDial survey and measurements of 12s development and lines re-established … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AF, HH) … Office … Calculated and plotted on 1/500.

Tues 17 … Office … Calculating closing line for 12s face. Plotted 5s Siding End Snicket. Sorting plans. Mark for 21s pans plan.

Wed 18 … Office … Notice for Pithead Baths Superintendant Peter. HMI H Jones came for plan relevant to boring programme for Top Hard water.

Thurs 19 … Office … Checked over Computer programs for 9s, 17s and 21s theodolite surveys. Calculated 9s levels and plotted same.

Fri 20 … Office … Updated 1/5000 negatives – Haulages, Conveyors etc. Information for Joe Manion, Silverhill re faults in LM 23s area. Calculated and plotted 17s DG levels and contour. Discuss sighting strips on face signal latch boxes.

Mon 23 … Office … Pan and chock plan for 21s face and prints.

Tues 24U/gRe-survey into 12s development, established LH face head … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AF, AH) … Office … Calculated closing bearing.

Wed 25 … Office … Plotted theodolite mstations on plans from Cannock Computer results. Calculated levels for 1s and 21s and plotted same. Monthly information and section sheets, face lengths etc. Contouring, also checked with Geophysical method.

Thurs 26 … Office … Copying 12s survey in to book. Computer sheets to AE Betts, Assistant Area Surveyor. CzS 2116 to 2316, RB 1560 to 1730.

Fri 27 … Office … Priority Repair Work Sheet for Ron Wood U/m. Prints and Weekend Work Sheets.

Mar 1969

Paul Thompson (PT) Mining Trainee as linesman.

Mon 2 … Office … Updated Isopachyte plans. Borehole at Scour. Progress plotted on plans. Inked in levels and contours. Plotted 21s levels etc. Weekly Newsletter.

Tues 3U/g … Theodolite survey 21s DG angling and catenary measuring, adjusted line … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AH, HH) … Office … Calculatioins. Made out Computer sheets and copied up.

Wed 4 … Ofice … Calculated 10s levels. Computer results. New Rules for Dirt tips.

Thurs 5 … Office … Ron Wood U/m Composite plan to date also Operational Manpower plan … Surface … Adjusting and mending CTS dials.

Evening … Safety Quiz at Ollerton & Bevercotes Welfare -

Fri 6 … Office … Colouring prints of Manpower Deployment.

Mon 9U/gDial survey and measurements 17s DG and line check on 12s SG face head … 4 men (RB*, TM, AF, HH) … Office … Calculating closing line. Calculated 17s TG lines – 1 degree different!

Tues 10 … Office … Notices. Calculated 21s survey and plotted. Getting out information re surveying for Safety Quiz.

Wed 11 … Office … Questions for Safety Quiz Team in Conference Room. Copying surveys.
Consultative Meeting told 3 years life for Colliery !!!

Thurs 12 … Office … Calculated 12s and 17s surveys and plotted. Re-checking same.

Fri 13 … Put boreholes on plan and coloured. No water found. Plotted 17s and 21s on 1/5000 and 6 inch. Calculated 9s survey etc. Checking 10s survey.

Mon 16U/gVisit to Rufford Colliery with Quiz team33s panel in Low Main, ‘Khyber Pass’, Top Hard locos, Methane drainage, Self-rescuers, Tower Winding house and Skip winding … (RB*) … escorted by Bill Pitchford and Fred (Ventilation Officer), Ted Jones, Safety Engineer (Team … Barry Forma, Ralph Bradshaw, Jack Truswell, C Bacon, A Kemp and D Lyons) RB*

Tues 17 … Office … Newsletter. Sorting out 21s survey re-calculating and plotting. Information re Clowne seam and isopachytes of coal thickness on plan for R Gregory.

Wed 18 … Office … Calculated 9s survey and sorting out. Amount of water pumped … records lost!

Thurs 19 … Office … Plotted 9s, 12s, 17s, 21s on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch scales and inked in. Discussion C Skeavington, RW, RS, D Green, A McDiarmid re Clowne seam scheme. Calculated 10s survey and plotted.

Fri 20 … Office … Re-calculated 10s survey and plotted same. Copying survey. Amendments to Conveyor Line Diagram with R Wood, U/m and Tom Brown, PPM. Conveyor belt figures to March end for Jack Limmer, Manager’s Clerk.

- Record Output 14,037 Tons -

Mon 23 … Office … Plans to date for March. Newsletter. Deputy’s Districts and new reference. Pithead Sketch.

Tues 24U/gTheodolite survey and catenary measuring 9s LH … 4 men (RB*, TM, AF, AH) … Office … Computer sheets for same. Calculations.

Wed 25 … Office … Updated negatives for Manriders, Haulages, General Purpose, Electrical. Information from Pleasley re stopping their Waterloo for G Darrington, Planner.

Thurs 26 … Office … Electrical information with A McDiarmid. Plant numbers with Tom Brown and plans to date. Mechanical drawing for D Green, Mechanical Engineer.

Fri 27 … Office … 1/5000 R & FF negative to date except for check on hydrants and valves.

Mon 30 … Easter Monday.

- Tues 31 … Pit Holiday -

Construction Construction2

Under Construction

Abbreviations used:
or DG denotes Loader Gate or Delivery Gate.
LH denotes Left Hand Supply Gate. RH denotes Right Hand Gate, TG denotes Top Gate and BG is Bottom Gate. MG is Middle Gate. AW is Airway or Supply Gate. TG is Tail Gate, again a Supply Gate for materials.



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