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My Work Diaries


A Unique History From My Work Diaries

Surveying Jobs - Jan 1965

No4 Sub-Area, No4 Area, East Midlands Division, NCB from 1st January 1947

Book 2 - Page 7

- Senior Assistant Surveyor -

Jan 1965

Jim Sterland (JS) left to No4 Area Dust Suppression. John Dixon to Newstead from Silverhill

Wed 13U/g … 4s bi-di shearer district … dial survey and measurements … 3 men (RB*, DH, CHS)

Tues 19U/g … Check Survey from South Dunsil Main Road into 5s Waterloo DG … 4 men (BTB, RB, DH, CHS)

Wed 20U/g … Catenary measuring 5s DG check survey … 4 men (BTB, RB, DH, CHS)

Thurs 28U/g … 10s DG theodolite survey and check survey into 10s RH … 4 men (RB*, DH, CHS, AF)

Feb 1965

David Haighton (Ollie) (OH) started as new linesman Feb 22                       

Mon 1U/g … Trig levelling down old Dunsil Manrider … 2 men (RB, AF) plus Billy Payne, Deputy and Brian Stones Ventilation Officer

Thurs 4U/g … Theodolite angling10s LH and angle at lip to 10s RH … 4 men (RB*, DH, CHS, AF)

Thurs 11U/g … Catenary measuring 10s LH and 10s DG … 4 men (RB* DH, CHS, AF)

Mon 22 … Surface … Rescue & Fire-fighting Practice 11.09 am

Tues 23U/g … Catenary measuring 10s RH, check survey … 5 men (RB*, DH, CHS, AF, OH

Thurs 25U/g … Theodolite survey from 2s Junction to 4s LH … 6 men (BTB, RB, DH, CHS, AF, OH)

Mar 1965

Tues 2U/g … 5s bi-di survey and into drift off 5s DG to old Dunsil Manrider … 3 men (RB*, CHS, AF)
W 10U/gHarper Hill Drift mine … checking sections and width of rooms with Harley (Official) for Royalty

Tues 16U/g … 5s district levelling and taping and checked 7s DG 1in12 grade line  and set out 1in5.8 drift in line with North Manrider … 3 men (RB*, CHS, AF)

Wed 24U/g … Level grade line 130s DG and checked 130s LH. Dial survey and measurements … Established line in 7s DG … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Apr 1965

Studying for Mine Deputy’s Certificate … attended evening classes at Huthwaite Road School tutored by Joe Morley Undermanager at Silverhill … finished 29/10/1964 28/11/1964 Gas Testing and hearing at Derby Road Tech by AE Dyson, Head of Mining Dept.
30/1/1965 Shotfiring exam at South Normanton offices … oral Arthur Townsend, Manager, Practical shotfiring Colin Wells, Manager
Oral exam Derby Road Tech for Deputy … Wm Buck, Tutor
Sat 3/4/1965 … U/g …Practical exam Bentinck Waterloo 29s Panel, Trepan/shearer, Wild goalpost chocks ... examiners W Hopkins*, H Glasby and L Cumberland
Passed with flying colours by W Hopkins, Manager at Swanwick  who was amazed at the amount of information written in my book, seeing things that he and the other 2 Managers had missed. However as a rider he did say that he would not set me on at his pit because sticking to all the Rules and Regulations and other parts of the job   ‘We wouldn’t turn any coal’.
I was able to put into practice in later years what I had achieved, particularly during the Overtime bans and Strike periods …

Thurs 8U/g … 6s RH and 6s DG levelling and taping … 3 men (RB*, CHS, AF)
Surface … sorting out valves for cooling pond … 2 men (RB* and Frank Smith, Fire Officer)

Thrs 29U/g … 10s district levelling and taping … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

May 1965

Thurs 6U/g … 4s DG theodolite survey and catenary measuring … 4 men (RB*, DH, CHS. AF)

Tues 11 … Surface … dirt tips and levelled to old shafts at Wild Hill, Teversal in the afternoon … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OS, AF)

Th 13 … Surface … dialling round slurry ponds … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Fri 14 … Surface … with B Taylor measured lamps (RB*)

Wed 12U/g … 5s DG theodolite and catenary measuring … 4 men (RB*, DH, CHS, OH)

Fri 14 … Surface … exploded some misfired shots on the tip with a Little Demon battery for practice with Jack Truswell, Safety Officer and Frank Smith, Fire Officer
Same day … levelling up Wild Hill for Top Hard outcrop … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Mon 17U/g … 4s SG, 10s DG, 10s RH dial surveys and measurements … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, AF)

Tues 25U/g … 6s RH theodolite angling and round to 6s DG … 5 men (RB*, CHS, DH, OH, AF)

Thurs 27U/g … Theodolite angling on South Main Road, catenary measuring 6s DG and 6s RH … 5 men (RB*, DH, CHS, OH, AF)

June 1965

Wed 16U/g … Line through 4s Waterloo face for Trepanner installation … (RB*, CHS, OH) night shift

Tues 22U/g … Theodolite survey from old 1s to new 7s DG … 5 men (RB*, DH, CHS, OH, AF)

Wed 23U/g … Theodolite survey 5s DG to 7s DG bases … 3 men (RB*, DH, AF)

July 1965

Don Hurt (DH) linesman left to Scotland and Jim Sterland re-started as linesman

Thurs 1U/g … Setting out 7s TG overcast line and thirling gate from Slant … 4 men (BTB, RB, JS, OH)

Wed 7U/g … 5s bi-di dial survey and measurements  and face and lines … 3 men (RB*, JS, OH)

- Annual Leave 2 Weeks -

Tues 27U/g … Setting out and checking 7s face heading and checked 7s TG overcast thirling … 4 men IRB*, CHS JS, OH)

- Pit Holidays Mon Aug 1 to Mon 16 Aug  -

Aug 1965

Derek Hunt Cost Clerk left Aug 8 and John Weston appointed from July 27

Tues 3U/g … 10s DG, 130s and 140s headings dial surveys and measurements … 2 men (RB*, JS)

Wed 4U/g … Theodolite angling and leg catenary measuring on Main Road from 1s TG to old 40s … 5 men (BTB, RB, JS, CHS, AF)

Thurs 5U/g … Leg catenary measuring on Main Road from 1s TG to 30s … 5men (BTB, RB, JS, CHS, AF)

Fri 6 … Surface … levelling on sidings and up to Silverhill, car park, pit lane etc … 2 men (RB*, JS)

Mon 9U/g … Theodolite angling and leg catenary measuring up the South Main Road from 30s to 95s … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, JS, CHS, OH)

Tues 10U/g … Continued survey up the Main Road from 95s to 130s headings … 5 men (BTB, RB, JS, CHS, AF)

Wed 11 … Surface … levelling and taping Back Lane to Midland sidings … 6 men (BTB, RB, JS, CHS, OH, AF)                                                                                                                           

Wed 11 … Surface … standardising measuring bands

Thurs 12 … Surface … Levelling and taping Back Lane , cooling ponds, loco shed, earthing frames etc … 3 men (RB*, JS, OH)

Fri 13 … Surface … levelling and taping Pear Tree Lane and rail sidings … 3 men (RB*, JS, AF)

Mon 16 … Surface … Levelling and taping in the fields towards Norwood and back to Pear Tree Lane … 3 men (RB*, JS, OH)

Tues 17 … measurements to dirt conveyor … 2 men (RB*, CHS)

Tues 24U/g … Theodolite angling and catenary measuring 4s LH … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Sep 1965

- Annual leave 1 week -

Tues 7U/g … Check theodolite survey angling 4s DG from South Main Road … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, AF)

Thurs 9U/g … Check catenary measuring on South Main Road and 6s DG … 5 men (BTB, RB, JS, OH, AF)

Thurs 16 … Surface … to Area HQ at Huthwaite to update second copy working plans … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Wed 22 … Surface … searching for coal seam in Silverhill slurry pond excavation … 2 men (RB*, AF)

Wed 22 … Surface … Levelling and taping around new car park and stockyard … 3 men (RB*, JS, CHS)

Thurs 23 … Surface … measurements inside buildings … powder mag, Saw shop, Time office extension … (RB*, AF)

David Renshaw, Assistant at Sutton left to Zambia, copper mine. Joe Manion to Sutton from Silverhill. Colin Deakin to Silverhill as Assistant

Oct 1965

Sun 3 … Surface … Teversal Welfare … Talk by Bob Smith of ICI on shotfiring and powders etc (RB*)

Mon 4 … Surface … levelling and taping to outcrop seams … 2 men … (RB*, AF)

Tues 5U/g … 5s DG theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Tues 12U/g … 5s RH theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH)

Wed 20U/g … 4s district dial survey and measurements … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH)

Thurs 28U/g … 10s RH to 10s DG theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH)

Nov 1965

Fri 5 … Surface … measurements for new TH arches …3 men (RB*, CHS, George Dwelley)

Tues 16U/g … Theodolite angling from 4s Junction to 15s district … 5 men (RB8, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Tues 23 … 15s theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Th 25U/g … Pit with 2 cost clerks, John Weston and Brian Taylor … to 6s face, manrider and 130s headings and pit bottom … (RB* plus 2)

Dec 1965

Dennis Jackson to Pleasley from Kirkby. John Wilmot to Area HQ from Pleasley Assistant

Mon 13 … U/g … Check theodolite angling and catenary measuring 10s RH … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Accident to Barry Sadler (my brother in law on 1s shearer … broken arm from whiplash of shearer rope.

- Annual leave …  2 + 2 –

Abbreviations used:
or DG denotes Loader Gate or Delivery Gate.
LH denotes Left Hand Supply Gate. RH denotes Right Hand Gate, TG denotes Top Gate and BG is Bottom Gate. MG is Middle Gate. AW is Airway or Supply Gate. TG is Tail Gate, again a Supply Gate for materials.



1966 Book 2 - 1966
Surveyor Surveyor's Job