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My Work Diaries


A Unique History From My Work Diaries

Surveying Jobs - Jan 1966

No4 Sub-Area, No4 Area, East Midlands Division, NCB from 1st January 1947

Book 2 - Page 8

- Senior Assistant Surveyor -

Mick Cleaver left Sutton to Gold mine in Ghana, Gordon Ison succeeded and transferred from closed Shirland

Thurs 6U/g … Theodolite angling into 130s headings and checked new 150s DG and closed round 140s Cross Gate … 5 men (RB*JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Mon 10U/g … Theodolite angling 130s and catenary measuring … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

Mon 17U/g … 6s RH theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH)

Tues 18U/g … 4s LH measuring and check taping … 4 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH)

Thurs 27U/g … 130s headings and 150s dial surveys and measurements and spudding on old Top Hard South Level … (BTB, RB, JS, CHS)

Fri 28 … Surface … with Frank Smith Fire Officer … R & FF information etc (RB* plus 1)

Feb 1966

Tues 1U/g … Dial and offset survey from North Manrider Engine house along old Top Hard South Level re proposed bunker extension … 4 men (BTB, RB, JS, OH) plus Gordon Darrington and CD

Mon 7U/g … Offset survey and levelling along 200 yards 60s DG proposed bunker … 5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, AF)

- Sick, Gastric Flu -

David Franks (DF) started as a Linesman Feb 14

Mar 1966

Tues 1U/g … Dial survey and measurements 6s LG and 6s RH handfilled face … 4 men (RB* JS, CHS, OH)

Tues 8U/g … Theodolite survey and catenary measuring 4s DG … 5 men (RB*, AF, JS, CHS, OH)

Tues 15 … Surface … Tacheometric survey of coal stocks at old Britain Colliery near Ripley … 4 men (RB*, Harry Nelson, David Martlew and Colin Deakin) … Jerry Hancock Group Surveyor. Again I was chosen to lead a group because of my expertise.

Tues 22U/g … Theodolite survey and catenary measuring from South Main Road into 7s RH and 7s DG … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, JS, OH)

Apr 1966

Jim Sterland (JS) promoted to Newstead as Supervisory Linesman

Wed 6U/g … 4s dial survey and measurements and picked up face swilley etc …5 men (RB*, JS, CHS, OH, DF, AF)

Thurs 14U/g … Established lines in 7s RH and 6s RH (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 19U/g … Lines in 10s LH, 10s DG and 7s DG … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Wed 20U/g … 5s RH lines, 5s progress and face thirling measures and centre line and grade line in North Manrider drift … 2 men (RB*, CHS)

May 1966

Tues 3 … Surface … survey of near slurry top, and Teversal Wash box slurry pond … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Wed 4U/g … Theodolite angling and catenary measuring in 7s RH … 5 men (BTB, RB, CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 10 … Surface … survey of two slurry ponds and part of the big tip … 5 men (BTB, RB, CHS, OH, DF)

Mon 16 … Surface … continued with survey of dirt tip … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, DF)

Tues 17U/g … Dial survey and measurements 15s district and 10s RH … 3 men (RB*, AF, OH)

Wed 18 … Surface … to SilverhillGeoff Austin leaving

Tues 24U/g … Theodolite angling and catenary measuring in 6s DG … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)
Geoff Austin Assistant left Silverhill left to Copper mines in Zambia

June 1966

Thurs 2 … Surface … continued with dirt tip survey … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Mon 6 … Surface … continued with survey of old dirt tip and coal stocks … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, DF)

Tues 7U/g … Dial survey and measurements for 5s panel and 8s LH … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Mon 13 … Surface … continued with survey of old dirt tip top … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 14 … Surface … continued survey of tip and slurry ponds around Cooper’s shaft at Silverhill … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Thurs 16 … Surface … with Billy Lowe Assistant Mech locating water pipes (RB* plus 1)   
Thurs 16  Mobile Xray unit

- Annual Leave 2 Weeks - 

July 1966

Tues 5U/g … Checking lines in 5s Scouring and new 8s DG and 150s face heading … 5 men (RB*, AF,CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 5 … Surface … marked out lines in Visitor’s car park (RB* plus 1)

Tues 14U/g … Theodolite angling from 10s LH round abandoned LH into 10s DG … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, OH, DF) … Face line in 150s face heading for thirl point.  R&FF info in 130s .. 2 men (BTB, RB)

Tues 19U/g … Theodolite angling in 6s RH, check linen tape … 3 men (RB*, OH, DF)

Fri 22U/g … Catenary measuring in 6s RH and lines updated … 4 men (RB*, AF, OH, DF)

Wed 27 … Surface … locating surface bases and then spudding in afternoon for new surface bases … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF,  CHS, OH, DF)

Aug 1966

- Pit holidays Mon 1 Aug to Sat 13 -

Tues 2 … Surface … Theodolite angling to new surface bases

Wed 3U/g … Theodolite survey 7s DG … 4 men (RB,*, AF, CHS, DF)

Thurs 4 … Surface … angling from Winding house base to surface base and loose leg up dirt tip … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, DF)

Fri 5U/g … Theodolite survey in 4s LH …5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, DF)

Mon 8 … Surface … Flagging Whiteboro’ Reservoir O.S. station.  Lines on car park … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, DF)

Tues 9 … Surface … re-angling to stn 24. Triangulation observations from No1 winding house to base …6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Wed 10U/g … Measuring No1 shaft … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF plus Les Parker Joiner shaftsman)

Fri 12U/g … Check measuring No1 shaft … 3 men plus 1 (BTB, RB, AF and Les Parker) … then re-angling on main base with Watts 1” theodolite ... 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Mon 15U/g … Abandonment survey of 10s Dunsil panel fin July … 1’ 6” on benk … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 16 … Meeting … Bunker project … George Noble, Harry Coppell, Terry Wood, Alan Mc Diarmid Electrical Engr, Billy Lowe Asst Mech Engr, Gordon Darrington Planner and self.

Fri 19 … Surface … Continued measuring bases with 100 feet tape … 3 men (RB*, CHS, DF)

Tues 23 … Surface … check measuring bases … 2 men (RB*, AF)

Wed 24U/g … Theodolite survey 5s RH … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Fri 26 … Meeting … new Progress Bar charts …George Noble Manager, Jack Ridyard (ex U/M, Planning and self)

- Annual Leave 1 Week -

Sep 1966

Mon 5 … Surface … check levelling from Silverhill O.S. bench mark to Teversal Power house BM … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Tues 6U/g … 4s district dial survey and measurements … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Wed 7 … Surface … Levelled from bridges to St Katherine’s Church Teversal … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Wed 7 … Surface … levelled from Power house BM to BMs on Pleasley Road … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Thurs 8 … Surface … check levelling from O.S. BM to to Fackley bridge and then to Silverhill Winder house.

Fri 9 … Surface … Levelling from Carnarvon Arms to Wild Hill and to Silverhill Winding house BM … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Mon 12U/g …  Setting out 1in77.75 grade line at 130s LH head for new bunker … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Mon 12 … Surface same day … check levelling down pit lane … 2 men (RB*, CHS)

Tues 13 … Surface …checking S400 level … (BTB, RB)

Fri 16 … Surface … Triangulation observations from Hardwick Hall … put in new location … also to Green Lane O.S. stn … 4 men (C Skeavington, BTB, RB, CHS)

Mon 19 … Surface … levelling from Teversal to Silverhill and to Fackley (RB*, OH) then triangulation observations from Green Lane O.S. stn … 4 men (C.Skeavington, BTB, RB, CHS)

Tues 20 … Surface … Catenary measuring surface bases … (RB*, AF, CHS, DF) plus (BTB, OH) in afternoon

Wed 21U/g … Dial survey and measurements 150s Dunsil panel … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Fri 23 … Surface … levelling from Carnarvon Arms to Sutton Colliery BM with CTS 500 parallel plate  micron and precise staff … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Wed 28U/g … 7s dial survey and measurements … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Oct 1966

Jeff Drury ex linesman Sutton to Silverhill from Bentinck. Phil James Apprentice

Fri 7 … Surface … standardising 50m bands with new 50m Invar band … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, DF)

Wed 12 … Surface … setting out car park lines at Teversal Welfare with bricklayers …(RB*)

Fri 14 … Surface … Although I was only Assistant Surveyor at Teversal I suppose it was a privilege that I was chosen from all surveyors in No4 Area to give a small refresher course for Harry C Ward, Deputy EM Divisional Surveyor who was to be the new North Notts Area Chief when Division closed in March 1967, and Arthur Morley current Area Chief No4 Area who was to be his Deputy for about a year. They were both MQB examiners and needed to be conversant with modern instruments to be able to observe candidates in their examinations … it was kept quiet regarding the exercise. (R*) plus 2

Mon 17U/g … Grade line and centre line for new Hanmade bunker development …3 men (RB*, CHS, DF)

Tues 18 … Surface … to Green Lane O.S. station (RB*)

- Sick - Gall bladder -

Nov 1966

Wed 9U/g … Check theodolite survey in 4s DG from siding end. … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)  … and Wed 9 … Surface in afternoon … erecting lamp on Winding house roof station … 2 men (RB*, AF)

Mon 14 … Surface … to Coxmoor O.S. station … 2 men (BTB, RB)  .. too hazy to see Teversal

Wed 16U/g … Catenary measuring for check survey in 4s DG … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, DF)

Tues 22U/g … Catenary measuring in 4s DG … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Wed 30U/g … Theodolite survey in 4s LH … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, DF)

Dec 1966

Tues 6U/g … Theodolite angling from 1s LH to 4s DG

Tues 13U/g … Check levelling from 7s RH down South Main Road to 1s and then to 2s DG Junction, also measurements at 130s Junction for new Hanmade Bunker installation … 2 men (RB*, OH)

Thurs 15U/g …  Check levelling from 2s DG Junction to last station inbye in 4s LH … 2 men (RB*, OH)

Tues 20U/g … Hanmade bunker development and offsets, girder grade lines and wire for offset and grade … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, DF) day shift

Tues 20U/g … Doubled back on afternoon to check same … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)
David Franks (DF) linesman left

- Annual Leave 1 Week-
- No pay increase for New Year … Labour Government policy -

Abbreviations used:
or DG denotes Loader Gate or Delivery Gate.
LH denotes Left Hand Supply Gate. RH denotes Right Hand Gate, TG denotes Top Gate and BG is Bottom Gate. MG is Middle Gate. AW is Airway or Supply Gate. TG is Tail Gate, again a Supply Gate for materials.



67 Book 2 - 1967
Surveyor Surveyor's Job