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My Work Diaries


A Unique History From My Work Diaries

Surveying Jobs - Jan 1966

No4 Sub-Area, No4 Area, East Midlands Division, NCB from 1st January 1947

Book 2 - Page 9

- Senior Assistant Surveyor -

Jan 1967

Tues 3 … Surface … measurements for 3 piece rigid arch, also measurements for new double ended trepanner … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Tues 10U/g … Theodolite angling and catenary measuring connecting through 5s Scouring from 5s DG to 5s RH and also re-established Scouring bearing …4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Thurs 12 … Surface … measured coal stocks. Also to Silverhill to take plan for landscaping and tip life at 26,000 tons per month (self RB*)

Fri 13 … Surface … vertical angle to top of tip for check level … (self RB*)

Tues 17U/g … Theodolite survey in 5s RH … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Alan Wombwell (AW) started as linesman

Double deck manriding at No2 Shonkey shaft

Feb 1967

Thurs 2U/g … Checking 1in2 drift from 5s DG, Also 8s dial survey and measurements and large fall on face … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Tues 14 … Surface … measured up arches in Stock yard … 3 m3n (RB*, CHS, OH)

Wed 22U/g … Dial survey of 4s LH and measurements … 3 men (RB*, AF, OH)

- Annual Leave -

Mar 1967

Tues 7U/g … Dial survey and measurements 5s RH, exts through face line, grade at 1in2 drift and 8s LH … 3 men (RB*, AF, OH)

Wed 8U/g … Theodolite survey and catenary measuring in 7s RH …4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Fri 10 … Surface … levelling to valve below Fire-fighting water tank. Also measured up Gullick 5 leg chock and Bonser chock … 2 men (RB*, AF)

Tues 14U/g … 150s Dunsil dial survey and measurements, 1in4 face line, also South Level back rip and old North side rings …4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, Alan Wombwell AW)

Tues 21 … Surface … triangulation observations from station on Winding house roof

Wed 22 … Surface …meeting of Midlands Engineers at University of Nottingham on Gyro-theodolite (RB*)

- Annual Leave -

April 1967

Sat 1NCB reorganisation…Sherwood Lodge Divisional HQ and Group offices disbandad … 5 tier system now 3 tier with Area, Groups and Collieries, now North Derbyshire, South Notts, North Notts with new Area Director Merik Spanton instead of General Manager. Some pits were exchanged … Creswell from No1 Area to North Notts and Warsop Main and Shirebrook from No3 Area to North Derbyshire Area.

Wed 5 … Surface … New surface base line established … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Wed 12U/g … Theodolite survey 4s LH and 4s LH lines to date … 4 men (RB*, OH, AW)

Fri 14U/g … Face survey of 8s and fall (Ray Scothern, Deputy Manager at Bentinck seconded for a few weeks to assist the Undermanager to get 8s producing coal … big falls and face heading abandoned twice. Also old North side progress … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Tues 18U/g … Checking theodolite angles in 4s LH and survey for panel and measurements … laid up lines … 3 men (RB*, AF, OH)

Thurs 20U/g … Face survey on 8s … dial and measurements … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Tues 25 …. U/g … Theodolite survey in 5s DG … 4 men (BTB, RB, CHS, OH)

Thurs 27U/g … Dial survey and measurements 8s panel and line adjustment …3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

May 1967

Tues 2 … Surface … to Silverhill for plan (RB*)

Wed 3U/g … Theodolite angling 4s DG and set out 10s Scouring bearing, measured lines with 100 feet steel tape and in calculating bearings found an error … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, AW)

Tues 9 … Surface … dial survey of far end of dirt tip and new slurry tipping and NW sidings area and Teversal slurry ponds …6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, AW)

Wed 10U/g … Catenary measuring 4s DG …4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Tues 16U/g … Checked 5s Scouring line with theodolite. Survey up 1in2 drift from 5s DG to base on old Dunsil Main Road … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH).

Tues 16 … and Surface in afternoon …continued with survey of slurry ponds ... 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Thurs 18 … Surface … to Silverhill for progress plan also measured up 50hp haulage engine (self RB*)

Wed 24 … Surface … had to abandon survey on tip … summoned back for meeting with Mr George Noble Manager and Harry Coppell Undermanager re bunker Pikrose engine (RB*)

- Annual Leave 1 Week -

June 1967

Mon 5 … Surface … Survey of Pit Lane ponds and coal stocks … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Tues 13 … Surface … measurements to stream at the side of the pit lane … (RB*)

Tues 13 … Surface … Tacheometric survey of tip at new sidings … 4 men (BTB, RB, AF, OH) In the afternoon with J Banks and Len Hallam DPT (RB*, AW)

Wed 14U/g … Theodolite survey in 10s Scouring and adjusted bearing and 4s survey and measurements and lines … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Thurs 15 … Surface … Theodolite survey and catenary measuring up sidings by the screens … 5 men (BTB, RB, CHS, DO, AW)

Mon 19 … Surface … Triangulation observations from No1 Winding house roof … 5 men (C Skeavington, BTB, RB, AF, CHS)

- Pit Holidays Mon 19 June to Sat July 1 -

Tues 20U/g … New pit bottom Loader belt line and jacked over pans … 3 men (RB*, CHS, OH)

Wed 21 … Surface … Triangulation observations from No1 headstocks … 6 men (C Skeavington, BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH and Len Hallam DPT)

Thurs 22U/g … Theodolite angling in 150s DG. Monthly measurements and lines and meausures to fault … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH)

Fri 23 … Surface … Theodolite angling from surface base line and observations from No1 headstocks … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH)

Mon 26U/g … Catenary measuring in 150s DG and 150s LH and line for Loader belt gearhead …5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH)

Tues 27U/g … Catenary measuring up 1in2 drift off 5s DG to old North Main Road. Also 8s LH and 8s DG survey and measurements … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH) plus 2 potential Deputies

Wed 28 … Surface … catenary measuring surface traverse … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH)

Thurs 29 … Surface … further observations from No1 winding house roof … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Fri 30 … Surface … completed catenary measuring of surface bases … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH)

July 1967

Tues 18U/g … Theodolite check survey from 5s DG down 5s Scouring … 5 men (BTB, RB, CHS, OH, AW)

Th 20 … Surface … check catenary measuring main base line … 6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, AW)

Thurs 27 U/g … Theodolite angling 5s RH, check measured with 30m band … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, AW)

Fri 28 … Surface … reconnaissance of tips … 2 men (BTB, RB)

Mon 31 … Surface … survey of dirt tip …4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, AW)

Aug 1967

Wed 2 … Surface … finished off survey of far end dirt tip … 5 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, AW)

- Annual Leave 2 Weeks -

Thurs 24 … Surface … following course of stream round dirt tip … (self RB*)

Fri 25 … Surface … to Silverhill re stream … (self RB*)

Wed 30 … Surface … to Pleasley to trace workings … (self RB*)

Following the tragic tip slide at Aberfan, South Wales, where 128 children and adults were killed when slurry engulfed the local school and neighbouring houses it was decided to investigate situations where subsidence etc could affect surface tips.  At Teversal a panel 150s in the Dunsil seam which dipped to the North down the face from LH to LG at 1in4 was working under the tips. At Mansfield similarly a panel was near to the tip and at Creswell a tip slide earlier had engulfed a road and sooner than move the debris once it had been stabilised a new road was built instead.

It was agreed that meetings in the Conference Room and exercises were to be carried out at Teversal with Freddie Gill Chief Inspector of Mines for the Area being in charge. The Area Civil Engineer Gordon Fryer was involved as were certain other disciplines such as the survey department.  Bernard T Bailey attended most of the meetings, me on a couple of occasions, and certain exercises as noted were carried out, many by me, and the results were examined in detail. Following all exercises at the 3 collieries nominated new legislation would be created and would eventually be issued as new Tips Act 1969 and Regulations regarding same. The 150s panel was eventually abandoned as a precaution against a tip failure. 2 such incidents had happened before and were discussed.  As noted, boreholes were drilled into the slurry pond banks by Wimpeys to see if they were stable and all were located and measurements and level observed periodically, in fact frequently. Much work was carried out on the tips and a close watch kept to note any subsidence etc. Subsidence pegs were set out and levelled to frequently and all results noted.

Sep 1967

Terry Wood promoted to Undermanager Sherwood

Thurs 7 … Surface … survey of top of tip to find out how much had been removed … 4 men (BTB, RB, OH, AW)

Mon 11 … Surface … to Sutton to fetch tackle … (self RB*)
Mon 11 … Surface … checking subsidence cracks around coal stocks 3 men (BTB, RB, Dougie Green Mechanical Engineer)

Tues 12 … Surface … set out subsidence bases for 150s Dunsil panel working under the tip … 2 men (BTB, RB) then levelling to same … 3 men (BTB, RB, OH)

Tues 19U/g … Theodolite angling and catenary measuring 5s Scouring connection to 4s LH …6 men (BTB, RB, AF, CHS, OH, AW) then in afternoon…
Tues 19 … Surface … observations of subsidence on the tip …2 men (BTB, RB)

Mon 25U/g … Theodolite angling in 4s LH for bearing check … 4 men (RB*, CHS, OH, AW) also re setting out Slant gate off 5s Scouring

Fri 29 … Surface … subsidence levelling to points established and to new lines on tip embankment … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF) … summary of results to C Skeavington and HC Ward

Mick Yallop from Sutton as Asst and Alan Vincent to Sutton as Asst U/M

Oct 1967

Harry Coppell Undermanager, promoted to Deputy Manager
Wed 4U/g … Theodolite survey in 7s DG … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS,OH, AW)

Thurs 5 … Surface … retrieved pole from Hardwick Hall trig station … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Wed 11U/g … Theodolite survey in 7s RH … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, AW)

Thurs 12 … Surface … subsidence levelling on tip for 150s undermining …3 men (BTB, RB, AF)
Thurs 12 … Surface … location of property at Wild Hill for C Skeavington mining report … (self RB*)

Wed 18 … Surface … old clay pits location …3 men (C Skeavington, RB and Billy Lowe Deputy Mechanical Engineer)

Wed 25 … Surface … subsidence levelling on tip and Teversal branch line to Silverhill … 2 men (RB*, AF)

Fri 27 … Surface … On dirt tip re slurry ponds, observing damp spots  in the rain … 3 men (BTB, AF) and (RB*, AF)

Nov 1967

Wed 1U/g … Survey of 4s panel and 10s face head … 5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, AW)

Fri 3 … Surface … levelling on rail tracks from screens to gantry … 2 men (RB*, OH)

Mon 6U/g … Measuring Incident on switches to Joe King Electrician on 4s DG (RB*)

Thurs 9 … Surface … with HM Inspector W Freddie Gill and Manager George Noble to see route should the slurry pond burst (RB*)

Fri 10 … Surface … lining in pegs on slurry pond bank and measurements … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF) and in afternoon … measured to Wimpey boreholes on same … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Wed 15 … Surface … subsidence with C Skeavington .. 2 men (CS, RB) then subsidence levelling up dirt tip and along the line of No5 and No6 slurry ponds and also measured to Wimpey boreholes … 4 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH)

Fri 17 … Meeting … re water … with Stan Hays, Pleasley and Gordon Darrington and Keith Mitchell planners

Th 23 … Surface … subsidence levelling to pegs … 3 men (BTB, RB, ABC)

Fri 24 … Surface … with new lad Brian Clarke ABC prospective Apprentice … measured along far end of tip

Tues 28 U/g … 5s panel dial survey and measurements …5 men (RB*, AF, CHS, OH, AW) then in afternoon …

Tues 28 … Surface … measurements to further Wimpy boreholes … 2 men (RB*, CHS)

Dec 1967

Ron Wood Undermanager transferred from Silverhill, Horace Henshaw Deputy Manager from Harworth, Harry Coppell transferred to Harworth but would leave after a time to Worksop Technical College as a Lecturer but sadly would die early aged 54)

Fri 1 … Surface … Survey of boreholes on tip … 4 men (BTB, RB, AF, ABC)

Tues 7 … Surface … subsidence levelling up Teversal / Silverhill branch line and coal stocks … 2 men (RB*, ABC)

Tues 7 … U/g … Same day … with Jack Truswell, Safety Officer, measurements for accident to A Shepherd, 10s face heading … (RB* plus 1)

Wed 13 … Surface … measuring bank between No5 and No6 slurry ponds … 3 men (BTB, RB, AF)

Thurs 14U/g … Dial survey and measurements 150s panel and lines laid up … 4 men (RB*, AF, OH, AW)

Tues 19 … Surface … with George Harris Deputy Civil Engineer and Peter Holmes (Shephard Hill) investigation of buried pipes with ‘Revealer’, a hand held diviner capable of differentiating various metals, voids, cables, culverts etc

Fri 22 … Surface … to Silverhill for up to date workings

- Annual Leave plus 3 sick -

Abbreviations used:
or DG denotes Loader Gate or Delivery Gate.
LH denotes Left Hand Supply Gate. RH denotes Right Hand Gate, TG denotes Top Gate and BG is Bottom Gate. MG is Middle Gate. AW is Airway or Supply Gate. TG is Tail Gate, again a Supply Gate for materials.



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