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My Work Diaries


A Unique History From My Work Diaries

Surveying Jobs - Jan 1969

No4 Sub-Area, No4 Area, East Midlands Division, NCB from 1st January 1947

Book 2 - Page 11

- Senior Assistant Surveyor -

Jan 1969

Wed 1 … Surface … to Silverhill for workings … 2 men (CzS, RB) Tracings on 1/5000 and 1/2500 of Deep Hard and Low Main faults re 21s Waterloo ... Office … Completed Composite plan for Mr G Noble. Monthly book and memos.

- Office Party -

Thurs 2 … Office … Updated 1/5000 neggatives for Dust Zones, Deputy’s Districts etc.  Finished monthly information. Tracing new 1/5000 R & FF negative to date.

Fri 3 … Surface … to old Molyneux shafts, measured water level and depth … 3 men (CzS, RB and Maurice Lamb boremaster) … Office … Calculations for same.

Mon 6 … Office … R & FF 1/5000 negative. Ventilation negatives to date.  Pithead Sketch etc. 1/500 plan of 12s with Ron Wood U/m.  Area HQ 6 inch negatives for C Skeavington.

Tues 7 … Office … Continued and completed new 1/5000 R & FF negative.  Pithead Sketch print coloured.

Wed 8 … Office … Deputy’s Districts prints coloured.  Fault information off old Top Hard plans.

Thurs 9 … Office … 1/25000 negatives to date with contours etc. New 1/25000 Top Hard negative. Prints of plan cabinet 1/25000s and coloured. Print of 1/5000 Compoite plan for Ron Wood U/m.

Fri 10 … Office … Discuss Gordon Ison, Sutton Surveyor and Doug Sloper ATT re old shafts.  Clouring 1/5000 Composite for Ron Wood U/m.

Mon 13 … Office … Continued with Composite plan. Pleasley adjacent workings.

Tues 14U/g7s DG theodolite angling and catenary measuring … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW) … Office … Checking 21s on 1/500 scale.  Electrical information with Frank Wood Deputy Elec and Vic Penford Shift Charge Electrician.

Wed 15U/gRe-survey round 8s, checked 21s LH and 21s face heading … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW, TM) … Office … Calculations.  Fixing position of Clowne Borehole ‘G’ in Pit yard on 1/500 with Stan Brunskill, Geologist.

Thurs 16 … Office … Plotted 21s and faults etc.  Borehole information. Plans to date for British Rail Surveyor Mr Henshaw.  21s faults etc plotted on 1/500. Print for Area Ventilation dept, Arthur Coggan.

Fri 17U/g 21s face heading and faults (CzS, RB, George Noble, Agent Manager, and Gordon Darrington Planner.  Fri 17U/g … Accident measures at 1in1 drift … (RB*) … Office … Planning out 21s new development.

Mon 20 … Office … Calculating and plotting. Updated Progress negatives for 10s, 17s, 21s. Coloured prints and progress to date. Electrical negatives.

Tues 21 … Office … Continued and finished same. New master negative for 1/2500 Electrical plans. 6 inch master negative to date. Requested Ozalofts from Area HQ.

Wed 22 …Office … Plotted 21s levels etc.  Conveyor and haulage information with Frank Wood Dep Elec.  Borehole information to Stan Brunskill.  Information from Tom Brown Planned Maintenance. Location sketches for all Surface theodolite stations for Rescue Operaration emergency boreholes.

Thurs 23 … Office … Line diagram for Conveyor, new tracing.  Haulage and Conveyor plan negatives to date. Discuss C Skeavington various.

Fri 24 … Office … Overlay tracings to date.  Levels plotted on plans.

Mon 27 … Office … Monthly book, memos etc. Sorting out new Ozalofts from Area HQ.

Tues 28 … Office … Information to Ken Bullock, Dust Suppression. Tracing in pencil and inking in on reverse … new Electrical negatives for for complete new set out.  Information from Frank Wood re same.

Wed 29 … Office … Electrical negatives completed.  8s and 21s drivages, drifts etc.

Thurs 30 … Office … Catalogue of Ordnance Survey sheets etc.  Checked drift positions etc for 21s.  Sketch of same.  Notice re Surface Absenteeism.

Fri 31 … Office … O.S. Sheets.  7s DG computer programme.  Filing system in Safe.

Feb 1969

Mon 3 … Office … Work records.  Work on Waterloo 43/4864 new plan.

Tues 4U/g17s LH theodolite angling … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW) … Office … Plotting 10s survey.  Discuss development.

Wed 5U/g17s DG theodolite angling and up 8s DG into 17s LH … 6 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW, TM) … Office … Stencilling.  Plotted 7s DG heodolite stations.

Thurs 6U/g7s panel Statutory dial survey and measurements … 4 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, TM) … Office … Calculated and plotted same.  Amendments to 150s Ventilation plan.  Discuss and planning out for 7s turning with Mr G Noble.

Fri 7 … Office … Plotting 10s and 7s on 1/5000 and 6 inch.  Inked in on all scales.  New plan for 7s … 43/5061.

Mon 10 … Office … Computer calculation results file.  Computer programmes for 8s and 17s.

Tues 11U/gTheodolite angling and catenary measuring in 8s DG from snicket to 21s and down to 5s … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW).

Wed 12U/gTheodolite angling and catenary measuring 10s RH from 4s DG … 6 men (CzS, RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AW).

Thurs 13 … Office … Holiday chart.  Tracing on Banda paper for Shotfiring pattern in stable holes and face headings.  Theodolite station crosses on plans.  Amended a tracing for 10s Support Rules.  2 prints of same and also for 17s.

Fri 14 … Office … Calculated bearings.  Stencilling folders.  New tracig for 17s SG stable Support Rules for amendment.

 - Linesman David ‘Ollie’ Haighton (OH) left -

- Frank Wood transferred to Silverhill and George Bailey appointed Deputy Electrical Engineer -

Mon 17 … Office … Updated 1/2500 R & FF negatives and 1/25000 key plans.

Tues 18U/gTheodolite survey 8s LH, and grade line in 21s LH heading … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AW).

Wed 19U/gTheodolite survey down Scouring into 10s DG and across to 10s RH … 6 men (CzS, RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AW).

Thurs 20 … Office … Calculated bearings.  Discuss various with Ron Wood U/m.  Prints, 1 off 1/5000 General Purpose and 1 off Composite.  Began stippling same.

Fri 21 … Office … Finished stippling Composite plan for manager G Noble.

Mon 24 … Office … Checking tape distances against catenary measurements for all surveys to date.  Calculating.

Tues 25 … Office … Calculated closing angles etc for traverse round 4s and 5s.

Wed 26 … Office … Calculations.  Stencilling book covers.  Checking over Second copy Dunsil flat sheet.

Thurs 27 … Office … Continued with same and inking in amendments and additions, coal sections, dates etc.

Fri 28 … Office … Continued stencilling same.
George Noble Agent Manager at Teversal transferred to Rufford and John Burgess, Deputy Manager Silverhill appointed as Temporary Manager.

March 1969

Mon 3 … Office … Continued with Second copy plans. Progress to date. Memos re information for Cost Clerk and Ron Wood U/m.  Discussion various John Burgess, temporary Manager.

Tues 4 … Office … Continued with Second copy plans.  Stencilling.  Checked 7s measurements
Wed 5 … Office … Plotted levels and contours on 7s.  General Purpose 1/5000 negative to date and print for Brian Stones V/O. Computer programmes for 4s and 5s closed traverse.

Thurs 6 …Office … Continued with Second copy plans. Action programme sheet … Surface … Piezometer readings with Tony Maddock (TM) … Surface … Tip examination and measured pipe …3 men (CzS, RB, CHS).

Fri 7 … Surface … to Silverhlll Office … Demonstration of new Kern Tacheometer … (C Skeavington, CzS, RB Teversal, Jim Hanson, Mike Gallagher, SilverhillGordon Ison, Joe Manion, Sutton).

Mon 10 … Office … Finished 1/500 plan and made folder for same. New progress negative for 9s and prints.  1/1250 surface plan to John Madin, Planner.

Tues 11 … Office … Planning 9s development with Mr J Burgess and Ron Wood U/m.  Tidying up the Stock Room.

Wed 12 … Office … Plotted 7s RH drift on 1/250 and 21s TG levels.  New Development folder for Ron Wood U/m.  Stippling both First and Second copy plans.

Thurs 13 … Office … 1/500 plan of 7s. Stippling plans.  Amendment to 4s and 5s Computer traverse sheet.

Fri 14 … Office … Finished stippling plans. Plotted 21s on 1/2500 and 1/500. Notice for Welfare.

- Mike Gallagher left Silverhill to Inland Revenue Mineral Valuer -

Mon 17 … Office … Calculated 7s, 9s and 4s surveys. Plotted all plans. 21s thirling on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch and inked in. Updated H Henshaw’s (Skippy) Deputy Manager and Ron Wood U/m 1/500 Development plans.

Tues 18 … Office … Section sheet for January 1969. Updated H Henshaw’s Composite plan. Plans to date and Scaling tracings, calculated worked out panels. Print of Haulage plan for R Wood.

A  Brian Clarke (ABC), potential Apprentice, been off since his accident last March 1968,  left the job Tues 18 after returning for 1 week in the Office.

Wed 19 … Office … Calculated Scalings with Ouse / Trent Catchment area. Electrical negatives and workings to date.

Thurs 20 … Office … Discussion Stan Brunskill, Maurice Lamb (ex No4 Area) and Eddie Gray (ex No3 Area) Boremasters re Boring programme.  6 inch General Purpose negatives updated. 1/5000 R & FF negatives information.  Notice stencilled re New Payout Instructions.

Fri 21 … Office … Plotted levels and contours on all scales. Updated 7s on 1/500 and 9s. Progress.

Mon 24 … Office … Amended Computer programme for 4s and 5s … Surface … Tip exanination and measured pipe … 3 men (CzS, RB, CHS).

Tues 25 … Office … Plotted 10s levels and contours on all scales.  Isopachytes of 9s future coal sections.

Wed 26 … Office … Inked in contours and stippling.

Thurs 27 … Office … Plotting old theodolite stations on Dunsil plans in preparation for photographing.  Continued with Second copy Dunsil plans and Pleasley workings.

Fri 28 … Office … Progress plans.  8s Back rips 1/500 plan.  Monthly book.  7s on 1/500 plan.

Mon 31U/gDial survey from 9s DG head down Main Road into 7s RH for thirling survey … 5 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AW) … Office … Calculations.  Notices.

- Wilf Haycox, Head Weigh Clerk retired -

Apr 1969

- Jeff Drury left Silverhill as Linesman! -

Tues 1 … Office … Monthly information, book etc. Calculations continued.  Re-amendment to Computer programme for 4s and 5s.

Wed 2 … Surface … Old tip inspection (RB*) … Office … Electrical information to date with Alan McDiarmid, Electrical Enginee and amended tracings and planning out new ones.          

Thurs 3 …  Office … Inking in and colouring new Electrical tracings … Surface … Tip survey with Kern Tacheometer and metre staff … 3 men (CzS, RB, TM).

Fri 4 … Surface … Continued tip survey … 3 men (CzS, RB, TM) … Office … 7s plotted on 1/500 scale. Discuss Electrical plans … Surface … then levelled to Pit yard borehole G site of proposed Surface drift to Clowne seam ... 2 men (RB*, TM) … Office … Plotted co-ordinates of same.

- Annual Leave Tues 8 – Sat 12 -

In charge … CzS holiday Mon 14 – Wed 30

Mon 14 … Office … Notice.  Manager’s and Area HQ progress plans.  Scalings to date and calculations.  Discuss C Skeavington.  Copied up surveys.  Dust Zone negatives to date and prints.

Tues 15 … Office … Dunsil Dust Zone negatives and prints.  Print for Area HQ.  Calculated and plotted 17s survey on 1/2500. Pleasley exchange tracings.  Computer programmes for 8s and 17s closed traverse.

Wed 16 … Office … Plotted 17s on 1/5000 and 6 inch. Plotted 9s on 1/500 grid.  Plan of 9s SG for Deputies Office.  Stencilling Electrical schedule for plans.  Mr J Burgess re all Support Rules and discuss.

Thurs 17 … Office … Continued stencilling … Surface … Completed Tip survey with Kern Tachymeter … 3 men (RB*, AF, AW) … Office … Calculating same.

Fri 18 … Office … Electrical plans. Plotting Dirt tip survey.  Planning out Installation of Electricity for 9s.  New tracing for Support of Roadheads.  Sent off other Support Rules.

Fri 18U/g Evening shift … Boring for water at 10s W/loo DG … (RB* with Maurice Lamb Boremaster, abandoned at 50 feet in … )

- Bill freeman transferred from closed A Winning on Mon 21 as new Training Officer,
and Wilf Turner overlapped for a week -

Mon 21 … Office … Progress.  3 notices.  Plotting Dirt tip surveys.  Ron Wood U/m discuss re Support plans for 9s face heading.  New Electrical plans, information with Alan McDiarmid, George Bailey Dep Elec and Colin Churm, Asst Elec.

Tues 22U/gTheodolite survey in 7s RH and 7s DG … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AF, AW) … Office … Job for Mr R Gregory re Masonic.  9s TG coal face set out, 9s DG section.

Wed 23 … Office … Continued with Electrical plans. New Support Rules and prints for 9s face heading … Surface … to Sutton to take prints to R Gregory, Group Manager re Masonic.

Thurs 24 … Office … Computer programmes for 7s DG and 7s RH theodolite surveys.  Installation of Electricity plan for 9s.

Fri 25 … Office … Checking computer results for 8s … sent them back … ? … Continued with 9s Installation of Electricity. 9s progress. 6 inch to a mile print for new Training Officer Bill Freeman.

- Mick Yallop, Technical Assistant left.  Wilf Turner Training Officer retired. 
George Dwelly
Salvage Officer retired. -

Mon 28 … Office … Coloured Installation of Electricity plans for 9s.  Monthly information.  Notices re tonnage etc record 67.1 cwts OMS.

Tues 29 … Office … Deputy’s Districts. Shotfiring plan for 9s.  Notice.  Monthly information … Surface … to Silverhill, going over tip plans with Jim Hanson (RB*) … Office … GD, roadways for 1965, 1966 and 1967.

Wed 30U/gTheodolite survey 10s DG … 5 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, and Alan Hill, AH) … Office … Calculated 9s Thirling point.

- Alan Hill (AH) started as Linesman, transferred from A Winning -

May 1969

Thurs 1 …Office … CzS back and update.  Contouring Dirt tip plan … Surface … to Silverhill sorting out dirt tip contours with Jim Hanson (RB*).

Fri 2 … Office … Conveyor Line diagram to date wih Ron Wood U/m.  New layout for Haulage diagram. Continued with 1/1250 Dirt tip plan.

Mon 5 … Office … Computer results and checking them.  Faults in old Top Hard put on 7s Waterloo plan. Calculated co-ordinates for 7s and survey.  Tonnage notice.  Calculated and plotted 7s survey and levels.

Tues 6 … Office … Continued with Dirt tip survey, inking in with C Skeavington, Group Surveyor working out Rating Assessments. Discuss various. Computer programs etc.

Wed 7 … Office … Dirt tip plan.  Computer sheets 9s face heading … new method of support amended.

Thurs 8 … Finished Dirt tip plan negative.  AE Betts Assistant Area Surveyor came to discuss Computer processing.  Inked in plans.

Fri 9 … Office … Calculations various. Calculated and plotted 10s on all scales.  7s contours to date. Finishing off Second copy plans. Plotted 7s on 1/500.

Mon 12 … Office … Information re boreholes etc underground and old shafts etc.  Began 1/500 plan of drifts from 8s to old North Dunsil Main Road.

Tues 13U/gTheodolite survey 17s LHG and 17s DGand 21s TG and North drift check … 5 men (CzS, RB*, CHS, AF, AH) … Office … Calculations.

Wed 14 … Office … Calculations re computer results.  Calculated and plotted 17s survey. Looking through old Top Hard Roll plan with Mr J Burgess, Manager and Ron Wood U/m re 21s faults.

Thurs 15 … Office … plotting out plan and section of 8s 1in3  and 1in4.5 drift to old North Dunsil Main Road.  Plotting 21s etc and 9s Engine house section.

Fri 16 … Office … Amendments to 9s Engine house plan. Progress on 1/500. Checking 21s and 17s surveys. Plotted 7s on 1/500.

Mon 19U/gChecking and re-establishing lines in 9s LH face heading … (RB*, CHS, AF, AW, AH) and extended lines in 9s DG … 2 men (RB*) … Office … Calculations. Notice re tonnage output 12,049.

Tues 20 … Office … Plotting 9s on 1/2500, 1/5000, 6 inch and 1/500. Inked in plans.

Wed 21U/gClosed theodolite survey round 8s into 21s DG … 7 men (CzS, RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AW, AH).

Thurs 22 … Office … Check calculated 21s … Surface … Survey of stream to Hardwick re pollution and discharge points … 3 men (CzS, RB, Keith Bingley) … (Keith would become a Vicar later in life, d 2019) … Office … Plotted faults on 21s plan. Plotted trenches on surface survey.

Fri 23 … Surface … Inspection of old tip (RB*) … Office … Drawing Accident plan to S Curtis in 7s SG Stable hole.  Progress … Surface … Measuring up machinery etc … chocks, pans etc (RB*).

Mon 26 … Bank Holiday, Tues 27 and Wed 28 Colliery Rest Days.

- Annual Leave Thurs 29 May - Sat 7 June -

Trevor Speed back from Copper mine in Zambia set on at Silverhill

Jun 1969

Hedley Hill (HH) started as linesman, Mon 9, transferred from A Winning, Alan Wombwell (AW) left.

Mon 9 … Office … Plotted Pit bottom Empty runround and from Loader on section. Information re water level in old shafts to Stan Brunskill and Maurice Lamb.

Tues 10 … Office … Computer programs for 8s and 21s closed traverse.  Plotted 7s on 1/500. Prints of Pit bottom circuit with 1/500 Reference plan. Checking angles for 8s.

Wed 11 … Office … Made 1/2500 plans to date for British Rail Surveyor coming. Rang Cannock Computer Centre re amendment to 8s survey. Sorted out Computer sheets. Put 1/1250 Dirt tip plan in folder.

Thurs 12 … Office … Slurry pipes on Dirt tip plans … sent to Area HQ and also to Silverhill … Surface … Inspection of tip and new water pipes … 2 men (CzS, RB) … Office … Plotted on plan.

Fri 13 … Office … Calculations and plotted 7s and 21s. Progress measurements etc.  Checking same.

Sat 14 … Office … Checking 21s measurements with Mr J Burgess and H Henshaw.

Mon 16 … Office … Calculated contours for 17s. Inking in 7s and 21s.

Tues 17 … Office …Stippled 7s.  Dated others. Continued with Waterloo 43/5061, title etc.

Wed 18 … Office … Checking over Waterloo plans. Finished off 43/5061 and dates, shaft section etc on others.  ¼ scale plan for 7s RH running gate.

Thurs 19 … Office … Finished Top Hard plans … levels etc. Numbers of old shafts on plans. Now ready for photographing. Computer results.

Fri 20 … Office … 1/500 progress and Manager’s progress. Checking computer results with previous for 21s. Levels on 17s panel.

Mon 23 … Office … Progress. Monthly book. Rewriting computer programs for 7s RH and 7s DG, 8s and 17s, 8s and 21s, 4s and 5s. Began an Isopachyte plan for Waterloo.

Tues 24 … Office … Isopachytes finished for Ron Wood U/m. Tonnage notice. Completed Pleasley Pit bottom on 43/4864.

Wed 25 … Office … Conveyor belt figures for Stores. Cleaned all Waterloo plans ready for photographing … Surface … Locating and painting surface stations … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AH, HH).

Thurs 26U/gLines in 21s SG and 21s DG … 2 men (RB*, AF) then checked 17s DG … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AH, HH) … Office … Plotted 9s face.

Fri 27 … Office … Record of face plans in folder etc. Calculated and plotted 17s on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch.

Mon 30 … Office … Monthly book and information, face lengths, sections etc.

July 1969

- Robert (Bob) Siddall started as Assistant Undermanager at Teversal -
- Geoff Austin back from Zambia to Silverhill Assistant -

Tues 1 … Office … 1/5000 R & FF and Dust Zone negatives, 6 inch Stone Dust Scheme, Pithead Sketch. Electrical negatives and information with Alan McDiarmid.

Wed 2 … Office … Electrical information on plans. Computer calculation results checked. Accident plan for R Bray 17s face.

Thurs 3 … Office … Completed Accident plan. Prints. Dirt extractions on 17s and 21s for H Henshaw re R Gregory, Group Manager. R Wood U/m re lines.  1/2500 R & FF negatives to date.

Fri 4 … Office … Information on 1/5000 R & FF negatives. Manager’s Composite plan to date.

Mon 7 … Office … Tonnage notice.  Sorting out Computer results in file. Sent 21s and 7s to Computer Centre at Cannock.

Tues 8 … Office... R & FF negatives completed. Pithead Sketch coloured. Notice for 9s set up.

Wed 9 … Office … Deputy’s Districts plans coloured. R & FF prints coloured.  Notice re Pit head Baths cleanout. Calculating Main Road levels from 6s to 30s and 9s.  Information re Top Hard under Slurry ponds for J Burgess re HMI FW Gill.

Thurs 10 … Office … Updating negatives, 1/5000 remaining etc.  HMI H Jones re section under slurry ponds … Surface … to Silverhill for workings to date on 1/5000 and contours in Deep Hard, Low Main, Threequarter, Yard, Blackshale  to produce a section (RB*).

Fri 11 … Office … Working on the section … Surface … Measurements at slurry ponds. Calculating distances between seams from shaft records. Updated 6 inch scale Waterloo in Tip folder. Computer results for 21s and 7s.

Mon 14 … Office … Continued with section of seams under slurry ponds.  Tonnage notice. Updated Silverhill workings on Composite negative.

Tues 15U/gAbandonment dial survey of 7s district … 5 men (CzS, RB*, TM, AF, HH) … Office … Calculated same.

Wed 16 … Office … Traced section etc. Prints. Notice re 9s organisation during pit holidays.

Thurs 17 … Office … Finished notice.  17s face line plan and prints … Surface … Piezometer readings.

Fri 18 … Office … 7s levels calculated. Checking 7s surveys and plotted on 1/500.

- Geoff Austin transferred from Silverhill to Assistant at Sutton. -
- Joe Manion transferred to Silverhill from Sutton
(following an altercation with Gordon Ison, Surveyor) -

- Pit Holiday Mon 21 July to Sat 2 Aug -

In charge CzS on holiday Mon 28 July – Sat 9 Aug

Mon 21 … Surface … Theodolite angling to surface bases … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH).

Tues 22 … Surface … Continued with same. Levelled up the railway line from Teversal to Silverhill … Office … Plotted section. Information to HMI FW Gill.

Wed 23 … Surface … Spudding out bases on Back Lane … 2 men (RB*, HH) then Catenary measuring bases on sidings … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH).

Thurs 24U/gTheodolite angling and catenary measuring in 17s DG. Checked line at lip and laid up to date … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH) … Office … Phone to AJ Morley re Information given to HMI.

Fri 25 … Surface … Catenary measuring bases. Spudding out for further bases. Painting Car park lines … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH).

Mon 28 … Office … Calculated and plotted surveys for 10s, 21s and 7s on all scales.  Checking 7s.

Tues 29U/g 9s DG checking Pantechnicon for line (self RB*) … Office … Calculations.

Wed 30 … Surface … Continued with theodolite surface bases … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH).

Thurs 31 … Surface … Catenary measuring Back Lane … 6 men (CzS, RB, TM, AF, AH, HH)

Aug 1969

George Noble returned as Agent Manager from Rufford and
John Burgess was promoted to Manager at Sutton.

Fri 1 … Surface … Continued angling and catenary measuring … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH) … Then with HMI FW Gill and HMI Rowlands Tip inspection.

Mon 4 … Office … Plotting surveys. Discuss G Noble re 21s. Made new master negative of Waterloo on 1/5000. Sent to Area HQ for copies.

Tues 5 … Office … Monthly book, section sheets, faces etc. Notice for Transport Rules.

Wed 6 … Office … Amended Surface R & FF information and print.  Haulage Rules (7). Method of concentration of water underground and print. Amendments to Mech / Elec Apprenticeship scheme negative and prints.

Thurs 7 … Office … Manpower plan, stencilling.  Sorting out conveyors with Tom Brown PPM. G Darrington and development plan for 12s to check over.

Fri 8 … Office … Finished Manpower Development plan and print.  Print of 7s salvage.  MS1 form for 7s. Inking in surveys for 7s, 10s, 9s and 21s.

Mon 11 … Office … Progress on plans. Plotted levels on 7s, 10s, 9s and 21s and contours.

Tues 12 … Office … Stippling plans to date. Drawing section of Main Road across 5s for 300hp tension alteration.  Sorting out 4s face levels … Surface … Levelling for drainage in Stock yard … 2 men (CzS, RB).

Wed 13 … Office … Plotted Stockyard and levels on 1/250, and print for Dougie Green, Mechanical Engineer. Plotted 21s on 1/500 for face line plans.  Support Rules for 9s.

Thurs 14 … Office … Computer program for 17s Dg.  Stencilling for Ken Bullock.  Print of Manpower plan for G Noble.

Fri 15 … Office … Began new master negative for Waterloo Support Rules. With G Noble and Ron Wood re Manpower Deployment plan.

- Annual Leave Mon 18 - Sat 30 -

Sep 1969

Alan Vincent, Assistant Undermanager started

Mon 1 … Bank holiday

Tues 2 … Progress on 1/2500 and amendment to 21s DG.

Wed 3 … Office … New progress 2 prints of 17s and 10s for folders … Surface … Inspection of Clowne borehole at Cotton Plantation, Water Lane … 2 men (CzS, RB).

Thurs 4 … Office … Checking 21s on 1/500 … Surface … Measuring and levelling to Clowne borehole … 2 men (CzS, RB).

Fri 5 … Office … Cleaning and repairing levelling staves (3), 100 ft tapes, measuring heads etc. Plotted 21s.

Mon 8 … Surface … Tacheo survey of tips … 3 men (RB*, TM, HH) and in afternoon … completed same … 3 men (CzS, RB, TM).

Tues 9 … Office … Finished Shotfiring pattern. Made Back ripping Schedule for G Noble. Prints. Notices and prints.

Wed 10 … Office … Computer program for Tip finished. Calculations for starting off main base line. Calculated and plotted 21s LH. Started Monthly boo and section sheets.

Thurs 11 … Office … finished section sheets and book. Pan for Scientific department showing Sec 70 roadways with treated timber.

Fri 12 … Office … Calculated and plotted 21s survey and faults. Prints of Supports for G Austin, Assistant at Sutton.

Mon 15 … Office … Plotted 21 s on 1/5000 and 6 inch. Weekend Work Chart for Ron Wood U/m and prints.

Tues 16U/g Statutory Dial survey and measurements of 9s district and line check … 6 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH).

Wed 17 … Office … Calculated and plotted 9s on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch. Plotting surface Dirt tip survey.

Thurs 18 … Office … Re-calculating surface ‘mistakes’ of computer and plotted same. Made up tracing.

Fri 19 … Surface … Took print to Silverhill and discuss and workings up to date.

- Tommy Flannery new Dust Suppression Officer, from Mossley Common, Lancs. -
- Ken Bullock to Area staff -

Mon 22 … Office … Updating 6 inch. Made new Deputy’s Districts negative. Amendments to Office Block negative and prints. Began making new Conveyor plan on 1/5000.

Tues 23U/gTheodolite survey in 21s TG … 6 men (RB, TM, CHS, AF, AH, HH) … Office … Calculations. Stencilling on Conveyor plan. Coal sections for 17s for Ron Wood U/m.

Wed 24 … Office … Continued calculations and plotted 21s. Updated Airborne Dust negative and print for Tommy Flannery, Dust Suppression Officer. Notice. Copied up survey. Sections on 17s for G Noble, Manager.

Thurs 25 … Office … New 1/5000 Haulage negative. With Tom Brown PPM information. Amended Conveyor Line diagram. Made new Line diagram for Haulages.

Fri 26 … Office … Coloured Pithead Sketchs ... Surface … to Sutton for workings … (RB*) … Office … Made up Composite negative. Notice for Ron Wood U/m re Shift Winding Times.

Mon 29 … Office … Coloured Deputy’s Districts plan. Updated Manager’s and Deputy Manager’s Composite plans … Surface … to Cotton Plantation borehole … 2 men (CzS, RB) … Notice re Winding times for G Noble, Manager.

Tues 30 … Office … Electrical negatives to date. Checking R & FF information with Alf Fletcher. Discuss CzS re deposition of Dunsil Plans. Checking over dates etc from books.

Oct 1969

Wed 1 … Surface … Checking base stations on No1 winding house and No1 headstocks … 2 men (CzS, RB and Billy Lowe Dep Mech Engr) … Office … 1/5000 plan for Jack Truswell showing Accident locations. Began mask for Accident plan. With C Skeavington and CzS discuss re boundaries etc for Dunsil plans.

Thurs 2 … Surface … to Sutton for old plans Top Hard and Dunsil as far as Hardwick (RB*) … Office … Plotted a Dunsil outcrop from Opencast plan. Acident plan negative Ken Herrett 17s DG stable hole.

Fri 3 … Office … Continued with same. Stencilling. Endorsement Certificates for Standard plans of Dunsil. Notice for G Noble, Manager re Motty system.

Sat 4 … Surface … Winding line marked on No1 headstocks … 3 men (CzS, RB, CHS) … Saturday.

Mon 6 … U/g17s district Statutory dial survey and measurements and lines to date … 4 men (RB*, TM, CHS, HH) then in afternoon … Surface … new marks punched in plate on No1 headstocks for pulley wheels … 4 men (RB*, CHS, AF, AH).

Tues 7 … Office … Stencilling Certificates on Dunsil plans. Monthly book, face lengths etc, section sheets. Support Rules for 9s LH Stable hole and 17s Computer program for 21s LH theodolite survey.

Wed 8 … Office … Accident plan finished. Notice re Safety Quiz ... Surface … Piezometer readings on Dirt tip … Office … Checking through Dunsil Abandonment Report. Prints. Amendments to 17s SG Support Rules.

- In charge … CzS on holiday Wed 9 – Thurs 16 -

Thurs 9 … Office … Prints off Accident plan. Electrical information to date with Alan McDiarmid and plans to date. Form filled in re Metrication of equipment.

Fri 10 … Office … Discuss supports with G Noble and H Henshaw. Dougie Green re pumping from 17s down old manrider. Prints. Stencilling.

Sat 11 … Surface … Lining in pulley wheels on No1 headstocks … (RB*, Dougie Green, Billy Winterbottom and Charlie Parker, Blacksmiths) … Winding rope was wearing on one side … however on moving the pulley wheel in line with marks on the plate the rope was fouling the King plate hole … Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30pm, had to abandon job. Dougie Green blaming me for wrong position … not so. 
CzS on holiday, left me in charge, as usual, with a special job.

Sun 12 … Surface … Checking and lining in yard side pulley wheel … (RB*, same men ) it was agreed by Dougie Green finally that our line was correct and the wheel was adjusted in line and a new King plate was to be repositioned … 8.00am to 11.00 am Sunday … afterwards there was no further problems and no wear on the winding rope. Therefore the exercise from the survey side was correct.

Mon 13 … Office … Progress measurements. Plan of 17s pans and chocks in relation for Ron Wood U/m. Made up Area HQ 6 inch negative. Calculations and plotted 17s Statutory survey. With C Skeavington re Dunsil boundary.

Tues 14 … Office … Manpower plan review and print. Discuss C Skeavington Dunsil boundary. Plotted boundary on Standard mine plan Key plan and 6 inch scale. Stencilling on folders for Manager … Surface … Visit to the Computer Centre, Berry Hill, Mansfield.

Wed 15 … Office … Calculated and plotted 10s on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch. Also 17s on 1/5000 and 6 inch and inked in. Planimeter and scaling check for R Siddall.

Thurs 16 … Office … Stencilling. Put Dunsil boundary on all necessary 1/2500 sections. Discuss Stan Beaumont CCE rep.

Fri 17 … Office … Computer programs for Surface traverses. Progress on 1/500. 3 more Accident plans for HMI H Jones.

Mon 20 … Office … Continued with Surface Computer program. Amendments to 17s Support Rules, print for HMI H Jones.

Tues 21U/gDial survey and measurements 21s district, established line in 21s LH … 4 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AH) … Office … Notice re Strike Rumours.

Wed 22 … Office … Continued plotting 9s and 21s on 1/5000 and 6 inch and inked in.

Thurs 23U/g9s district Planing machine check … also called at 150s Dunsil district … 2 men (CzS, RB).

Fri 24 … Office … Computer programs for surface completed.

Mon 27 … Office … Monthly book and information. Information to John Madin, Planner over phone re progress. Section sheets for Area HQ.

Tues 28U/gTheodolite survey from 8s DG into 21s DG … 5 men (CzS, RB, TM, CHS, AF) … Office … Calculated bearings. Dismantled Watts 5 minute dial and cleaned it.

Wed 29 … Office … Foot leg on Instrument box replaced. Plotted 21s on 1/2500 and inked in … Surface … To Silverhill for Demarcation on tip line … Surface … Levelled to Moorhaigh borehole and measurements for location … 3 men (CzS, RB, CHS) … Office … Safety Quiz notice.

Thurs 30 … Office … Plotted 21s to date on 1/5000 and 6 inch. General Purpose 1/5000 negatives to date. Finished Safety Quiz Dance Poster. Repairing instrument legs etc and strapping.

Fri 31 … Office … Colouring posters. Repairing tripods re wear and tear.
3 Security men started at the Colliery.

Nov 1969

Sat 1 … Mining exhibition at Lound Hall and underground visit Bevercotes … (RB*) … morning.

Mon 3 … Office … Stencilling Dust Zone negative. Tonnage notes for Newsletter. Notice re Accidents.

Tues 4U/gFace line dial survey and measurements of 10s finishing position … 5 men (RB*, CHS, AF, AH, HH) … Office … Plotted same with CHS. Information to Ron Wood U/m re 7s Engine house. … Surface … to New Hucknall Survey Office.

Wed 5 … Office … Plotted 10s on 1/2500. Tracing Dunsil boundary on Overlay tracings. Sorting out Waterloo boundary.

Thurs 6 … Office … Information re gate lengths for Ron Wood U/m. Made new combined seams Dust Zone plan.

Fri 7 … Office … Stencilling on Dunsil plans. Prints off new Dust Zone negative.

Mon 10 …Office … Weekly Newsletter notice. Inked in levels and contours for 17s. Progress to date on plans. Computer program for 21s DG theodolite survey.

Tues 11U/gSet out thirling line from 7s into Engine house. Theodolite angling in 9s LH and 9s DG. Measured through snicket into 7s RH and lines laid up … 5 men (RB*, TM, CHS, AF, AH) … Office … Calculating bearings etc.

Wed 12 … Office … 12s development chart and prints. Chart for Bill Freeman, Training Officer re Apprenticeship Schedule. Discuss Manager and Undermanager re ‘Cats eyes’ on faces for alignment (an idea from Ken Gray at Annesley). Computer results arrived for Surface surveys.

Thurs 13 … Office … 12s development chart coloured. Finished Apprenticeship chart for Training Officer. Visit by Arthur Morley Area Surveyor to peruse Dunsil Abandonment plans and report. Dates on Dunsil plans Checked 9s lines calculations, Checked Dunsil report.

Fri 14 … Office …6 inch plan of all boreholes to Waterloo and Clowne. Isopachytes for Clowne seam and isopachytes to date for Waterloo.

Mon 17 … Office … Reprogrammed surface bases and circuits 1, 2 and 3 and sent to Computer Centre at Cannock. Progress on plans. Weekly Newsletter.

Tues 18U/gChecked offset survey and levels at 5s Siding End Junction. 9s lines laid up … 3 men (RB*, CHS, AH) … Office … Checked 21s DG plotting. Duplicating photo stats.

Wed 19 … Office … Ditto. Ron Wood U/m re 5s Siding end. Waterloo seam Isopachytes to date with Ron Wood. He thought I was a genius at it estimating the seam thickness in advance because it seemed to right every time but as one knows it’s easy when you know how. Investigation into records of shaft sections etc re Clowne and Hazles. Waterloo outcrop workings on 6 inch and boundaries on 1/2500 and 6 inch.

Thurs 20 … Office … Made 6 inch O.S. plan on linen to date and coloured 2 prints. Sketching out 21s TG supports. Working on 5s Siding End snicket setting out. Transport Rules for 21s DG.

Fri 21 … Office … 2 notices. Tracing 5s Siding End Cross cut. Coloured prints. Drawing out 21s TG supports for Running gate.

Mon 24U/g21s panel dial survey and measurements … 2 men (RB*, AH) … Office … Weekly Newsletter.

Tues 25 … Office … Calculated 17s survey. Plotted same. HMI H Jones came for Abandonment plans for Dunsil seam.

Wed 26 … Office … Print for G Stain for salvage for 7s and 150s. New progress neg for 12s and 14s started. Surface … Film … Electrical mishaps (RB*).

Thurs 27 … Office … Plans to date for Mr Henshaw British Rail Surveyor … Surface … Tip examination … 2 men (RB* and Joe Manion from Silverhill) Discuss C Skeavington. Ron Wood, Bob Siddall discuss alterations for Manpower.

Fri 28 … Office … Priority repair work chart to date. Notice re Paraplegic Raffle.

Dec 1969

Mon 1 … U/g … Possible sites for 2nd Waterloo boreholes 5s, 4s and 6s … (RB* and Bob Siddall, Assistant Undermanager, Maurice Lamb Boremaster and Derek Pembleton ?) … Office … Notice for Raffle winners.

Tues 2 … Office … Coloured Manpower prints … Surface … To Norwood borehole and levelled to same … 2 men (CzS, RB) … Office … Weekly Newsletter information. Sorting out bearings and distances for 21s. Plan on 1/500 for 10s face rip.

Wed 3 U/gSurvey round 21s and face line … 3 men (RB*, AF, AH) … night shift … Office … Calculated and plotted.

Thurs 4U/gDialling round from 8s LH to 21s DG … 3 men (RB*, CHS, AH) … and Surface in afternoon … Pegging out a new fence line … 5 men (CzS, RB, CHS, AH).

Fri 5 … Surface … Put in a line of pegs on Silverhill old tip to check slumping and painted same … 2 men (CzS, RB) … Office … Work on new progress negative for 12s.

Mon 8U/gCheck theodolite angling at 21s from 17s LH. Completed angling at 9s … 4 mrn (CzS, RB, TM, AH).

Tues 9 … Office … Prints off Motty board notice for B Stones re headings. Made up surface 1/1250 dirt tip negative (from Silverhill). Took 3 prints and coloured same. Weekly Newsletter.

Wed 10 … Office … Put 1/1250 surface plans in folder. Made up 10s, 17s, 21s and 9s on 1/2500, 1/5000 and 6 inch. Calculations.

Thurs 11 … Office … Finished plans and stippled to date. Stencilling on same.

Fri 12 … Office … Plotted 21s levels and contours. Put faults on 17s and 21s on 1/5000 and 6 inch. Opencast workings of waterloo from Silverhill site and Biggin site sites on 43/4662. Notice for NUM Benevolent Fund.

Mon 15U/g12s development dial survey and measurements and 10s face rip … 4 men (RB*, TM CHS, AH) … Office … Calculated and plotted on 1/2500 and 1/500. Calculated and plotted 17s.

Tues 16 … Office … Computer program for 21s DG, 9s LH and 9s DG. Section sheets for Area HQ. Copied up 9s measurements.

Wed 17 … Office … Installation of Electricity plan for 12s. Continued with 12s development negative.

Thurs 18 … Office … Finished 12s development negatives and prints off … Surface to Norwood borehole to measure Clowne core 2ft 9in coal. 1/2500 negatives to date for Ventilation, Electrical, R & FF. Plotted borehole.

Fri 19 … Office … Dust Zone negative, R & FF 1/5000 and information with Frank Smith, Fire Officer. Electrical information with Alan McDiarmid and plans to date. Prints for Ron Wood U/m for Weekend Rota.

Mon 22 … Office … Finished Electrical negatives. Weekly Newsletter. Information on 1/5000 R & FF negatives.

Tues 23 … Office … 6 inch negatives to date for Deputy’s Districts, Pithead Sketch etc. Completed R & FF negatives.

- Staff Dinner at Carnarvon Arms with Wives -

Wed 24 … Office … Colouring R & FF prints. 3 Dust Suppression plans for Harold Jackson. Coloured 3 Deputy’s Districts plans.

- Thurs 25 and Fri 26 Christmas Holiday -
- Annual Leave Mon 29, Tues 30, Wed 31 -

Abbreviations used:
or DG denotes Loader Gate or Delivery Gate.
LH denotes Left Hand Supply Gate. RH denotes Right Hand Gate, TG denotes Top Gate and BG is Bottom Gate. MG is Middle Gate. AW is Airway or Supply Gate. TG is Tail Gate, again a Supply Gate for materials.



1970 Book 2 - 1970
Surveyor Surveyor's Job