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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 8


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Lewis Elverstone - Lewis Elverstone, Desford Colliery 1967 / 73
David Randon - Hailstorm in 1975 Which Hit Welbeck Colliery

Jean Crossman - Looking For Info - Hartshorne, Hobson, Disney, Stainsbys and Harts of Stanley, West Hallam, and Heanor
Mark Saunders - Tracking My Dad, Arthur H Saunders - Born 1924
Warwick Hojem -TWS Beckett Manager Granville Colliery 1936-1940 Then Commanded The Royal Navy Minesweeper HMS Antares During WWII

Lewis Elverstone?
19 July 2014
Lewis Elverstone, Desford Colliery 1967 / 73

Lewis Elverstone was Senior Undermanager and Deputy Manager. Then Deputy Manager at Coventry Colliery 1973/76. Then Manager Snowdown Colliery.
Lewis Elverstone

See 1972 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986

David Randon
13 July 2014
Hailstorm in 1975 Which Hit Welbeck Colliery

I see this was given a passing mention in the info from 1975.
I was Deputy Surveyor at Welbeck at that time.  The storm hit between 07.00 and 08.00 and did a great deal of damage at the colliery and in the Village.

All horizontal glazing was shattered and  cars (including mine) were dented and mirrors broken.

It was the pit fortnight holiday so many of the village houses were not occupied.

We set up a team to go round the village with brattice sheet to cover over the many windows holed by the hailstones.

It is understood that a tornado was embedded in the storm which would explain why many of the house windows facing in one direction were damaged.  All garden crops and flowers were reduced to green mush!
I left Welbeck in 1977 to join the Selby Coalfield Project team.
I am very impressed by the site – keep up the good work

Mark Saunders 
7 July 2014
Tracking My Dad, Arthur H Saunders - Born 1924


I am trying to find out some details about my father - Arthur H Saunders - born 1924.

I have managed to find a picture of him on the internet, which I believe was taken in 1944 at Birley East (training site?)

He is fifth from the left, at the back.

My sister informs me that he was then transferred to Wellbeck Colliery.

Any insights would be most appreciated!

Kind regards,


Bob has included, in his writings, a section on his training, it will give an insight into the training process your dad will have gone through.

Warwick Hojem
3 July 2014
TWS Beckett Manager Granville Colliery 1936-1940 Then Commanded The Royal Navy Minesweeper HMS Antares During WWII

Hi Fionn,
My name is Warwick and per the subject line, wondering if you know anything more about TWS Beckett (2659) 1936-1940 as listed on your site?
He can also be found at where he twice commanded the Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Antares (J 282).

HMS Antares
My interest in this is that my father-in-law (Eric Roderick Bebb) served under Beckett on board the Antares from when it was commissioned into the RN through till about August 1945. I have been given Eric’s scrapbook and trying to piece together a bit more about his stint in the RN and the commanders he served under.
I am happy to share photographs from the period he was in the navy with anybody who may have contacted you previously from this perspective. Coincidentally, my father-in-law was from Newcastle but his forebears were all Welsh coal miners and he, after leaving the navy, became an electrician in Southern Rhodesia.
Many thanks and continue with the great work on your site ... it is very interesting.
Warwick Hojem

Auckland, New Zealand



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