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Community Spirit

Mansfield Mines Rescue - Memories by Jeffrey Michael Street

Happy smiling faces of families who knew the true meaning of community spirit.

Xmas 1952 In The Old Station.
Fancy Dress Competition For The Kids.

Pirate - Melvyn Cooper. Nurse - Janice Radford
Santa - Jeff Street Junior (my older brother) Japanese Girl - Patsy Hallam
Bo-peep - Sandra Cooper. Schoolboy - John Bailey
Miss Muffit - Carol Farnsworth. Fairy - Ann Cooper
Cowboy - ? Buggins. Two girls with baskets -?
Quality Street couple - Richard Street and Jennifer Hallam.
Jennifer and I won the prize for best entrants. I was supposed to go around and give all the other children a sweet out of my Quality Street tin, but somehow it slipped my mind at the time. Strange how these things happen.
All the costumes were hand made by parents or family friends.

Xmas 1952

Happy smiling faces of families who knew the true meaning of community spirit.

It's funny the things that keep coming to mind.

 Looking at the photo of the Christmas party kids costume competition, reminds me of the wonderful community spirit that existed amongst the station families. Not only were there wonderful Christmas and New Year parties, but also fabulous bonfire nights with all the families contributing.

The men would build a huge bonfire on the field behind the station and control the fireworks display, and the women would cater for the event with home made bonfire toffee, toffee apples, baked potatoes and mushy peas etc. 

I remember when I was about 7, one of the women on the station was throwing away an old fake fur coat. Someone had a better idea, and by the end of the week every kid on the station had a Davy Crockett hat. Within a few days, everybody was sick of hearing the Davy Crockett theme song being screeched by a hoard of marauding kids. (Happy days).

  cheers  ........ Richard.

Richard Street