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Sue Harvey
5+ generations of my family were miners in Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire


Suzanne Harvey
04 January 2006
Sutton/Teversal/Silverhill Collieries

Hi Fionn

I've recently come across your website and I was wondering whether you would like me to email some photographs of the above collieries to add to your site.

Its been at the front of my mind for the last few days, with what’s been going in Virginia, it brought back memories of the miners that were trapped in Bilsthorpe Colliery in 1993, as we didn’t know, when it happened, whether my Uncle was trapped underground or not. (Thankfully he wasn’t, but none the less, I can appreciate what those families are feeling). Its sad to see the mining industry disappear, as 5+ generations (ending with my Dad in 88/89) of my family were miners in Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire.

My father worked at Teversal until it closed around 1980 and then Sutton until its closure in 1988/89. My Dad has many photo's of the pits, and I thought that the pictures might be of some use to others interested in mining etc.

Best wishes,

Sue Harvey

Teversal Colliery
Bonfire to Celebrate King George V Coronation, June 1911

(Thanks to Charles Snarski for the Photo)

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