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Rita Deverill - Annesley in WW2 and Eric Deverill

Rita Deverill
27 December 2010
Annesley in WW2 and Eric Deverill

My father, Eric Deverill, worked as an engineer at Annesley from his mid teens until he retired.

During the war, while still working at Annesley he served as a Captain in Miltary Intelligence under the immediate command of Colonel Chaworth-Musters at Annesley Hall.

A secret underground bunker was established near Newstead and Annesley pits where it could command views of Annesley Hall (which would most likely have been occupied following invasion).

I am aware of other colliery men who where members of the secret cell. Does any of this information ring any bells with other Annesley/Newstead readers?