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An explosion occurred at Cadeby Colliery killing 88 men and boys

Cadeby Main, Denaby, Yorkshire

The Disaster - July 9th 1912 - Thanks to Ian Winstanley For The Information

CADBEY MAIN. Denaby, Yorkshire - 9th July, 1912.

The explosion took place in the East District
which was dry and moderately dusty.

Those Who Lost Their Lives

Cadeby Main Mining Disaster Marked 100 Years On

Descendants of 91 people killed in a mining disaster in South Yorkshire gathered this weekend to mark the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

A memorial has been unveiled to mark the 100th anniversary of the Cadeby Main mining disaster.

Two explosions at the colliery, near Doncaster, on 9 July 1912 left 91 miners dead.

Fundraising for memorials at Denaby and Conisbrough cemeteries, where most of the victims are buried, began in 2011.

A parade travelled from the former colliery site, which closed in 1987, to the cemetery at Denaby where the memorial was unveiled.

Churches at Conisbrough and Denaby and throughout the Dearne Valley rang their church bells 91 times in memory of the victims as the parade began.

The oldest surviving relative of those killed, 94-year-old Irene Newton, unveiled the memorial to the men killed a century ago.

Several other relatives and descendants of the victims took part in the parade and laid flowers at the memorial.

A second memorial at Conisbrough Cemetery, where 29 victims are buried, was unveiled on Monday at 11:30 BST.


Above Information From BBC News SHEFFIELD & SOUTH YORKSHIRE 8 July 2012

Those Who Died

William Henry Pickering aged 53 years, H.M. Divisional Inspector of Mines.
Henry Richardson Hewitt aged 45 years, H.M. Senior Inspector of Mines.
Gilbert Young Tickle aged 34 years, H.M. Junior Inspector of Mines.
The three above inspectors were all killed by a further explosion whilst they were examining the site of the first explosion.

Douglas Chambers aged 28 years, manager.
Charles Bury aged 35 years, manager.
Herbert Cusworth aged 39 years, assistant undermanager.
Eli Croxall aged 49 years, undermanager.
Emrys Evans aged 22 years mining student.
Sydney Ellis aged 32 years, surveyor.
W. Berry aged 47 years, deputy.
William Humphries aged 33 years, deputy.
Charles E. Prince aged 32 years, assistant deputy.
Samuel G. Jackson aged 32 years, assistant deputy.
John William Carlton aged 38 years, deputy.
Richard Winnepenny aged 56 years, deputy.
Sam Webster aged 41 years, deputy.
W. Summersacales aged 37 years, deputy.
George Whitton aged 32 years, deputy. Part of the rescue crew, caught in the second explosion 
Jarrett Philips aged 44 years, deputy.
F. Richardson aged 50 years, deputy.
Frank Walton aged 39 years, assistant deputy.
John W. Kelsall aged 26 years, assistant deputy.
Thomas S. Williams aged 36 years, assistant deputy.
J. Springthorpe aged 19 years, surveyor.
F. William Horsfall aged 21 years, surveyor.
J. Boycott aged 67 years, dataller.
William Frankland aged 43 years, dataller.
Edward Henderson aged41 years, collier.
C.W.P. Radley aged 22 years, filler.
George Denton aged 21 years, dataller.
Cyrus Rodgers aged 29 years, collier.
M. Jordan aged 52 years, dataller.
Joseph Turner aged 27 years, dataller.
Thomas Sanders aged 51 years, dataller.
John Smith aged 58 years, collier.
John Fletcher aged 66 years, dataller.
John Mulhearn aged 27 years, collier.
John Marron (alias Marsden), aged 30 years, dataller.
Thomas Cody aged 32 years, collier.
William Green aged 26 years, filler. 
Henry Thompson aged 21 years, filler.
Charles Alderson aged 23 years, dataller.
J. Thompson aged 54 years, dataller.
M. Mulrooney aged 35 years, dataller.
Joseph Roodhouse aged 39 years, dataller.
R.W. Chapman aged 37 years, dataller.
A. Dungworth aged 24 years, dataller.
A. Carroll aged 26 years, dataller.
P.E. Nicholson aged 18 years, driver.
Thomas Walsh aged 41 years, dataller.
Charles A. Hunt aged 28 years, dataller.
J.B. Fox aged 24 years, driver.
Thomas Byrne aged 48 years, dataller.
William Ackroyd aged 49 years, dataller.
William Henry Wallace aged 56 years, dataller.
J. Shuttleworth aged 47 years, corporal.
Charles Edward Tuffrey aged 20 years, driver.
Thomas Stribley aged 35 years, dataller.
Thomas Wraithmell aged 53 years, onsetter.
Thomas B. Talbott aged 28 years, filler.
John William Tarbrook aged 23 years, contractor.
William D. Walters (alias Walker) aged 31 years, driver.
J. Burdekin aged 24 years, dataller.
George Heppinstall aged 28 years, corporal.
Thomas Fleck aged 24 years, dataller.
George P. Evans aged 48 years, dataller.
Richard Gascoyne aged 22 years, driver.
Herbert Neil aged 38 years, onsetter.
Ben Ward aged 30 years, collier.
J. McDonagh aged 49 years, collier.
Tobias Hancock aged 29 years, onsetter.
Robert Neill Edington aged 24 years, dataller.
William Lambert aged 29 years, dataller.
Joseph Ross aged 37 years, collier.
Michael Hayden aged 30 years, dataller.
William Charles Davis aged 26 years, filler.
Arthur Flynn aged 21 years, driver.
Edmund J. Tuffey aged 22 years, corporal.
Charles Johnson aged 34 years, contractor.
A.E. Rowell aged 33 years, dataller.
James Beech aged 44 years, dataller.   Brian Macdonald  Paul-Newton
W.H. Godsmark aged 28 years, dataller.
C.W. Fletcher aged 29 years, dataller.
George Hindson aged 25 years, dataller.
George Steadman (alias Young) 31 years, dataller.
W. Dove aged 42 years, dataller.
Frederick Stones aged 34 years, collier.
Robert P. Bunyard aged 21 years, filler.

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