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Huskar Mining Disaster 1838 - Page 2
Memorial Those Who Died

The Huskar Colliery, Moorend Pit
Silkstone, Barnsley. 4th July 1838

The inscription on the east side reads:-
“This monument was erected to perpetuate the remembrance of an awful visitation of the Almighty, which took place in this Parish on the 4th day of July 1836.

On that eventful day, the Lord sent forth his thunder, lightening, hail and rain, carrying devastation before them, and by a sudden eruption of water into the coal pits of R.C. Clarke Esq., twenty six beings, whose names are recorded here were suddenly summoned to appear before their maker.

Reader remember:-
Every neglected call of God will appear against thee at the day of Judgement.
Let this solemn warning then sink deep into thy heart and so prepare thee that the Lord when he cometh may find thee watching.”

The inscription on the north side:-
“Boast not thyself of tomorrow”.

The mortal remains are deposited in the grave as under-names.
First grave beginning at the North End.
G. Birkinshaw Age 10 years.
J. Birkinshaw Age 7 years Brothers.
J., Wright Age 12 years.
A. Wright Age 8 years Brothers.
J. Clarkson Age 16 years.
F. Hoveland Age 13 years.
W. Attick Age 12 years.
S. Horne Age 10 years.
E. Hutchinson Age 9 years.
G. Garnett Age 9 years.
J. Simpson Age 9 years.
G. Lamb Age 8 years.
W. Womersley Age 8 years.
J. Turton Age 10 years.
J. Gotherd Age 8 years.

The inscription on the west side:-
“There is but a step between us and Death”.

The inscription on the south side:-
“Therefore be ye also ready”.

The mortal remains of the females are
deposited in the graves at the feet of the
Males as under-named.

1st Grave beginning at the South End
Catherine Garnett Age 11 years
Hannah Webster Age 13 years
Elizabeth Carr Age 13 years
Ann Moss Age 9 years.

2nd Grave
Elizabeth Hollings Age 15 years
Elizabeth Parker Age 15 years.
Hannah Taylor Age 17 years

3rd Grave
Mary Sellars Age 10 years.
Elizabeth Clarkson Age 11 years.
She lies at the feet of her brother James Clarkson
Sarah Newton Age 8 years.
Sarah Jukes Age 10 years

One hundred and fifty years after the disaster, funds from the Silkstone Parish Council made available for the upkeep of the Old memorial to the children and a new memorial was dedicated at the site of the disaster.

The report on the accident highlighted the conditions in which children worked in mines, and the public outcry that followed caused parliament to prohibit boys under 10, and all girls, from working underground.

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