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Krakow Salt Mine

Now an Underground Museum - Thanks To Pete And Veronica Ballan For These Photos

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Krakow Salt Mine

We went to the Salt Mines, but declined the chance of a trip to the Siberia salt mines. It was Ginormous, thunderin' gurt caverns and galleries. and a slow talkin' guide that  had a soviet type sense of humour, which is, funny to them, as it is what THEY think WE think is funny ! He was an old gadgie, but quite a character.

It snowed the first day we were in Krakow, and the city looked beautiful under a coupla inches of fresh white stuff. I believe that the locals, or spelt locally, LOKALS, were quite surprised at the fall. All in all, the weather was beautiful and clear cold days were the order of things. NO rain at all. It was snowing nicely when we went to the Mines. Down below we didn't know what was happening uppy top! It was cool, coming up in the miners lift, from something like 200 meters down. Vee wasn't impressed when we got up to the top, but more relived. She doesn't like dark confined spaces.

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