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Oaks - Colliery Explosion, 12th December, 1866 - Emails Page 4

Two explosions killed 384 men and boys - The Disaster

Michael Nind - Oaks Colliery Explosion 1866,4 More Names

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In Memory   Michael Nind
  27 Nov 2015
  Oaks Colliery Explosion

Dear Fionn

Having read your article about the Oaks Colliery Explosion I can add 3 names to your list:

George Ellis (19)
Tom Donkin (25)
George Wilkinson (18)

And William Henry Banks Who was killed at Wombwell Main Colliery, Sept 29th 1865, aged 22

I have attached photographs of their headstones, which are all located in Christ Church Graveyard, Doncaster Road, Stairfoot, Barnsley. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list and other graves may be present in this graveyard. The graveyard also contains a memorial to those killed on the explosion, for which I have also added a photograph.

I am also sure you will be aware of the monument to rescue workers responding to the original explosion, who died in a subsequent explosion which occurred 13 December 1866. I have also added a photograph of this memorial.

Mike Nind

William Henry
William Henry Banks, their son, who was killed at Wombwell Main Colliery, Sept 29th 1865, aged 22

George, son of John and Jane Ellis who was killed at the Oaks Colliery, Dec 12th 1866, aged 19

George Wilkinson, son of the above (Charles Wilkinson)
who was killed at the Oaks Colliery Explosion Dec 12th 1866, aged 18

Tom Donkin, of Hoyle Mill, who lost his life by the Oaks Colliery Explosion Dec 12th 1866 aged 25

Erected by Public Subscription to Commemorate the Death of 354 Men and Boys who Lost Their Lives in the Explosion at the Oaks Colliery on Dec, 12th and 13th 1866, of which 35 are Intered Here