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Malcolm Roebuck - I was a Safety Officer at Sherwood Colliery
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Malcolm Roebuck
09 March 2011
I was a Safety Officer at Sherwood Colliery

Hi Fionn,

My name is Malcolm Roebuck, I was a Safety Officer at Sherwood Colliery and have a collection of photographs taken when the colliery won the National Underground Safety Standards Competition in 1988. I also have a few others that perhaps you can make use of.

  • Sherwood
  • Calverton
  • Rufford

All the best


Sherwood Colliery

Outbye of 135s District in the Deep Hard/Piper seam (10ft. Seam thickness) Single Entry Face System.

Belt Conveyor - belt jointing station. This was situated 80 meters into the heading,
the hydraulic rams were operated via the pit pressure in the water main.

Flattop 400 meters in the heading looking inbye. The roadway supports are Hollybank flat top arch's.

Delta - As above, but much further inbye,
this shows a change in the roadway supports to ring plates to "Delta's

Two Ass's sat on an eight wheeled vehicle alongside No.2 winder house,
Part of a safety campaign on illegal riding.


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