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Markham Colliery - Markham Artworks Dedicated To Jobs Legacy

Names of those who died 1938 Names of those who died 1973

Markham Artworks Dedicated To Jobs Legacy

TWO exciting new artworks will celebrate Markham Colliery's mining heritage at our flagship regeneration site.

We're spending ±77 million with the long term aim of creating 5,000 jobs at the site, •which, is now known as Markham Vale.

Our redevelopment work -which includes the creation of junction 29A for access from the Ml - is reaping rewards with an increasing number of companies making it their home.

And we're planning two permanent reminders of the area's strong mining heritage for generations to come, honouring the 97 miners who lost their lives in two mining disasters in 1938 and 1973.

The first artwork, called 'Walking Together' will provide a walking tour of Markham's mining heritage in the form of 100 figures on a route through the site, symbolising the walk to and from the pit head by miners.

Each two-metre-high figure will carry a number of mine tags commemorating the thousands of people who earned their living down the mines.

The tags will trigger different pieces of information - including video, audio and written works — via apps and web links through mobile phones and hand held devices.

A second major art project will be the creation of an iconic hillside horse which will be visible from the motorway.

The outline of the horse will be made of heather and, in line with the eco-friendly future of the regeneration site, its outline will be illuminated at night using power generated by on-site wind turbines.

It is expected that the black horse will pay for its on-going maintenance through the energy it creates from its wind turbines.
And excess energy will be sold back to the National Grid, with profits donated to local causes each year.