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Markham Colliery - Emails 11

Names of those who died 1938 Names of those who died 1973

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Simon Wortley
7 Dec 2017
Markham Walking Together Project
Hello Fionn.

I have been sent a link to you by Peter Storey who I contacted with regard to the Walking Together Project.

My Mother tells me that her Father, George Whitehouse - lived at Duckmanton, at the side of the Markham pit, he worked in Mines Rescue and died in 1939 following an 'illness' resulting from gas inhalation - he being part of the rescue operation in the 1938 Markham Pit disaster, I don't know which station he was based at.

Peter says they will see what details they can find as part of the research in the project, but I wonder if you have any information on my Grandfather?

P.S. I will see my mother over the weekend and see if she can shed any more light on things.



Jane Leatherland
6 Oct 2015
My dad, Geoffrey Weston, was HMI 1971 to 1975 and was at the Markham Disaster in 1973

My dad, Geoffrey Weston, was HMI 1971 to 1975 for the North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area. I remember very well his investigation of the Markham Disaster in 1973. I am sure that my dad and your father-in-law, Philip Healey, would have met at the disaster. Dad was there from the moment the call came in. The bodies could not be removed until dad had started the investigation. Dad was also HMI regional inspector for the rescue stations.

Most of the inspectors I knew as uncles. My husband and I worked at East Midlands Scientific in Mansfield Woodhouse from 1973 to 1986. Thank you for the links. How sad that the whole industry in now gone.

Your father is also mention:- 1966 - 1971 - 1972 and again - 1973 and again - 1974 and again - 1975

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Maureen Crofts
12 March 2010
Corrections - List of Casualties

Hello Fionn
I am doing family history and have been given The Accident at Markham colliery page. I lived in Bolsover from 1944 - 1962 and remember the names of the streets/roads etc. My husband lived in Shuttlewood for that time. My father was a miner and worked at Ramcroft as a ripper for most of his life and finished at
Glapwell Colliery. He finished work in 1964 at the age of 65.

I remember when dad had an accident in 1951 we went to Skeggy. Dad I think was in the Miners' Home and we stayed in a guest house.

Something found incorrect in the

list of casualties, Markham Disaster - 10th May, 1938:-
  • Bann David - should read Shuttlewood not Shuttleworth
  • Geary Joseph - should read Stavely not Stavelly
  • Gregson Robert - should read Shuttlewood not Shuttleworth
  • Hill Clarence - should read Calow Green not Carlow Green
  • Richards Mark - should read Moor Lane not Moot Lane
  • Poyse Horace - should read Huntingdon Avenue not Hartington Avenue

Do you have any information on Ramcroft Colliery?
Try the following:-

I have attached an article I wrote some time ago. Thought you may be interested:-


My five-year old ears listened. I lay in bed and waited. Waited and waited. I heard a bedroom door open. Big feet pattered across the landing. The bathroom door opened . . .
(Click Here For The Rest)

When I was at school in Derbyshire, I went down Shirebrook colliery at the age of about 13 for a Geography 'field course'. We went down in the cage (aghhhhhhhhh!) leaving our stomachs at the top and stayed down for about a couple of hours.  We went on the paddy mail and crawled through small tunnels on all fours as miners did. We saw miners hacking at the coal face. It was probably 1957 - now that gives my age away! It wouldn't be allowed these days what with health and safety etc. But what an experience! I will never forget it - blowing all that dirt out of our noses after that short time. My dad worked for 51 years in those conditions as many miners did.

I sent the attachment 'All For Black Diamonds’' because I thought it might be of interest to you, but I am quite happy for you to use it on your website. If there is anything I can help with - regarding schoolchildren - (not quite sure what) please get in touch. I was a teacher and am willing to answer any of their questions by e-mail.

Best wishes