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Mooregreen Colliery - Pits in the East Midlands

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Jason Thorpe - Any Photos of my dad, Harry Thorpe, at work? He worked at Moorgreen from 1971 to 1983-84
Doreen Bilbey
- Accident at Moorgreen Pit Killed Mr Thomas Bilbie

Moorgreen Colliery was established in 1865 and closed in 1985, the last in the area to do so.
Originally it had two thirteen foot diameter shafts 286 yards deep, one to work bright coal (Deep Soft) and one to work hard coal (Deep Hard).

Coal production commenced in 1871 then in 1880 a fire destroyed the headstock and winding rope of the upshaft which temporarily halted production.

In 1907 an electric plant was installed at Moorgreen to supply power to all of the Eastwood Collieries.

In 1963 production reached 1,000,000 tons but a gradual reduction in manpower and production continued, until in 1981 the 1,225 men at Moorgreen were only producing 700,000 tonnes of coal from the Blackshale Seam, even at this reduced capacity Moorgreen's output was still roughly equivalent to the total 1890's production from all the Barber and Walker pits put together.

By 1985 the seams were exhausted and the pit closed. It is now an industrial estate and country park.

Shane Phillip's Collection

History of Moorgreen - Bob Bradley

Doreen Bilbey
19 Feb 2010
Accident at Moorgreen Pit Killed Mr Thomas Bilbie

Daily Mirror
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Date Friday November 7 1930

"The Moor Green Colliery near Nottingham, where Mr Thomas Bilbie (inset) was killed and about thirty-six men injured yesterday in a pit train accident below ground. Six of the injured are in a critical condition. About 150 men were involved in the accident, which occurred when a train of wagons on which they were travelling ran away"

Dear web site owner
I have read your web site with interest this morning after finding it by accident, as is so often the case with the Internet, and attach for you a scan of the original Daily Mirror which came to me when an Uncle died recently. 

This was my Granddad and his death left my Grandmother with 5 children to bring up. According to family stories the only reason my Granddad died was because he was well over 6ft tall and died from a broken neck.


Doreen Bilbey

Jason Thorpe
3 Oct 2013
Any Photos of my dad, Harry Thorpe, at work? He worked at Moorgreen from 1971 to 1983-84

Hi my dad (Harry Thorpe) worked at Moorgreen from 1971 to 1983-84, he was one of the train drivers and signal box operative, he enjoyed working there and told me many things over the years.

We spent a short time living at 11 Engine Lane, and when I used to look out of my rear bedroom window I saw my dad go past in his little Robin Train. I remember when living there on Engine Lane the brook down at the end of the garden used to flood, if you know anyone who has any pics of my dad at work please could I see them, I have some when my dad and (Robert Papworth) his mate were maintaining the lines in there orange suits.

Sorry the pic enclosed is the only one so far, I’ve taken it from a negative when my dad was younger as he’s 71 now.

Thanks Jason

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