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Sue Leigh - Mossfield Pit Disaster - John Moffett - The Old Toffee Shop
Michelle Merlino - I m a descendant of George Salt
Gaye Wilson - I would like a copy of the Memorial photograph Mossfield disaster 1889

Sue Leigh
22 November 2011
Mossfield pit - John Moffett - The Old Toffee Shop

Mossfield colliery John Moffett .. with an 'E' as our family know it, was born in 1858 and was married to Fanny. John died in the explosion on the 16th October 1889.
John was a fireman at the pit and as far as I am aware, had been saying for days it was unsafe. 

At that time John would have been 31 his wife Fanny was heavily pregnant and the shock brought on the arrival of  Albert Moffett  during those early hours of that fated day ... John would have been my great grand dad.

His son who was Alfred known as Isaac he was only two at the time. Isaac was my granddad. The family were well known in the area as they had the, as I was told it was called, the Old Toffee Shop , a sweet shop and grocers in Edgefield Road which is now an area with re-built houses.

I can recall going there as a child so old fashioned, most Longtoner's would have known it at the top of Sandford Hill, on the left as you went up towards the Mossfield pit. 

My Aunt ran the shop, Hilda Moffett a spinster and quite a character, she was there until the late 70's. Fanny, as far as I am aware, had the toffee shop and re-married a long time after into the Wass family.

So it was a twist of that ill fated day one lost and one reborn.

If anyone can recall the shop or these people it would be interesting. I still have one elderly relative aged 90 who knew that area so well.

Sue Leigh
Pembrokeshire West Wales.


Michelle Merlino
16 February 2011
I’m a descendant of George Salt


I came across your article on the 1889 Mossfield colliery disaster and just wanted to say thank you for the information you have supplied , I’m a descendant of George Salt who you mentioned in your article who died in the disaster, I have found the information interesting and helpful in my family history research.

Thank you again
Michelle Merlino,

George is also mentioned on page 3


From: Gaye Wilson
Sent: 04 November 2006
I would like a copy of the Memorial photograph Mossfield disaster 1889

Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the Memorial photograph.

I have ancestors who were killed in the Mossfield Mine disaster of 1889. I believe their bodies were never recovered from the mine. The inscription on the Memorial on the website is not legible, I would love to be able to read the names of our ancestors on it.
If someone could help I would appreciate it.
Kind Regards.

Thank you so much for your reply to my email regarding the Monument to the Mossfield Miners.

I've had an amazing piece of luck. A gentleman from another group I belong to lives close to the Longton Cemetery he has kindly offered to go and take a picture of the monument and send it to me. So my search has ended before it really began.

I would like to give my grateful thanks to John Lumsdon for researching the Mossfield disaster. Thanks to you Fionn for a great Website to the Miners.   I have enjoyed reading it although my eyes were not quite dry when I had finished it. Such a tragic event for the people of Adderley Green. John Lumsdon mentions that he had to shorten the account of the disaster for the internet - was there very much more to tell. Also if there was an inquest where would I be able to request a copy.?

It's seems the Bull family lost nearly all of their male members that dreadful day.

Ann Bull lost her husband Joseph Bull Snr age 60, her sons Joseph Jnr age 25. Job  age 26 and William age 19. One son John age 20 was left to carry on the Bull name.

Job Bull left a young wife Mary Ann a daughter Betsy age 2 another daughter Kate was born 2 months after her father died.

John Bull (Joseph & Ann Bull's son) did eventually go to work in the Mine as a Coal Miners Check Weightman (above ground).

Kind Regards


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