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Here is some information regarding my campaign. I've started to get evidence of mining back on the map. It would be great if you could feature this information on your site.

Kind Regards

Rachel Horne

Coal Mining has been a facet of both life and land to the people of Yorkshire.
This campaign is a memorial project dedicated to all the generations of families born into coal mining communities. This campaign asks, "Why should all evidence of Coal Mining be erased off the map?"

We intend to campaign for all former Mining Caps/Shaft markers to become features of Ordnance Survey Maps.

Individual coal mining communities are currently looking towards artists to create fitting memorial tributes; this artist led project intends to campaign for all evidence of former collieries sites to be recognized by Ordnance Survey Maps. We need your help in creating a petition that recognizes the importance of putting evidence of mining back on the map. This campaign hopes to attract former coal mining communities from across the U.K to unite and demonstrate that coal mining has been a facet of both life and land . The campaign will reveal 'on the map' how mining has shaped the terrain we inhabit.

For example, former slagheaps are being transformed into community woodlands. Due to the shape and form of the newly transformed slagheaps they have become recognized view points within their community. Therefore, to have these features recognized by Ordnance Survey will create a permanent memorial of the mining landscape.

What we know so far...
Town planners decide what goes on OS. Maps, or what changes are made. Ordnance Survey Maps are created through aerial photography, so for instance if a mining cap appears on an aerial photograph it would appear as a box shape. As different maps contain different levels of detail, the maps we are addressing in this campaign are Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps with a scale of
1:25 000.

What the people at O.S said...
Ordnance Survey said ‘the campaign is something they’d take into consideration’. Therefore, by creating a gigantic petition involving local and nationwide mining communities, we hope, town planners will take this concern officially to OS, to make some official changes!

Our Argument...
Archaeological and historical information is displayed on Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps. Evidence relating to Roman forts are marked on O.S Maps, Forts of this nature landscape, exemplifying, to a map reader that the road(s) in the local area must be Roman and that the I local village(s) have also been there since Roman times. It is important to have this information on a map to give the map reader an insight in to the locations history and formation.

Similarly, mining has contributed to landscape formation. Slagheaps, the artificial man made terrain caused by local industry; reveals important Information in both a geographical and a social manner. Mining shaped communities, railways and even the physical landscape. It seems mindless for coal mining to have no place on the map, especially as all maps contain features within the landscape that are there due to coal mining.

On the 17th of July 2007 the Novas Gallery Camden will be hosting "Unity is the Key to Our Future" a film screening event by Doncaster born Rachel Horne.

Presenting three polemical short films all exploring Horne's identity as a miner's daughter in Yorkshire, the socio-political artwork on display chart the visual history of coal mining.. The event will include guest speakers, musical entertainment and light refreshments.

Unity is the Key to Our FutureThank you so much for supporting the film event on the 17th of July. The event received some press coverage in both the Camden New Journal and the Morning Star please follow the links:

Death of Mining

A Miners' Daughter

I am hoping to show the film at the House of Commons over the summer, which will hopefully draw some attention to the Ordnance survey campaign.

The other good news is that I received a First Class honours degree in Fine Art, my family are very proud and have asked me to say thank you to all the people who have supported and encouraged my artwork.

Thank you,

From: Rachel Horne
Sent: 10 July 2008
Subject: The campaign to mark coalmines on Ordnance Survey Maps is being re-launched this Summer

One and All
The campaign to mark coalmines on Ordnance Survey Maps is being re-launched this Summer! Starting with the Durham Miners' gala this weekend, we will be hosting a stall launching the new Pin the Pits campaign.

Come and visit us to see artwork as well as a couple of mining films to watch.

Our theme is 'bread and butter issues' so please come and join us ! :-)

Hope to see you there!

Best Wishes