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Twenty-one persons were killed and several injured by an explosion - 7th Feb 1881

Darren Gerrard - Stephen Offer - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Explosion 1881
Kathryn Osborne - My G, G, Great Grandfather was Cain Mayer, one of those killed in the accident
Chris Elkin - My G, G, Great Grandfather was Cain Mayer, one of those killed in the accident

Darren Gerrard
9 June 2016
Stephen Offer - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Explosion 1881

Hi my name is Darren Gerrard and I live in Norton Green and I am currently researching for a publication about Norton in the Moors which will include personal memories, photographs and researched of the chapters looks at mining in the area with an article on the Chatterley Whitfield explosion of 1881.  Through my research I came across your fantastic website and the article on Stephen Offer, I would really like to include this passage in the book as it brings a personal outlook to the explosion, l therefore wondered if this would be possible??

I would of course give full acknowledgement and links where required and leave the article as it is on your website,,,

If you need to contact the original author then could you possibly do it on my behalf or forward me their contact details?

I hope you can help me on this matter and look forward to hearing from you...
Best regards......

11 June 2016

Hello Fionn,
Yes, I am still around and 83 years young.
I am delighted that there is interest in my writing.

I wrote it as part of family history and in 2012 I published a 70 page book through the online publisher Blurb with the title Stephen Offer – The Somerset and Staffordshire Years.

At the age of 50 Stephen Offer emigrated to South Africa with all his family except the eldest son (my wife’s grandfather).

The book has enabled descendants, spread worldwide, to get to know the remarkable man Stephen Offer.
The Explosion at The Whitfield Colliery in 1881 forms one chapter of the book.

Having said that, the version that you have on the web site is fine for Daren’s purpose.

I am happy for Darren to use my writing in a publication and I will contact him to see if he need supporting information, like source references.

I will forward this email to him and keep you in the picture.

Kind regards

In MemoryKathryn Osborne
22 Aug 2015
My Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Cain Mayer, was killed in the Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Explosion 1881

Dear Sir.
I’ve been doing some research recently into my ancestry. I have found that my Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Cain Mayer and that he was killed in the colliery explosion at Chatterley Whitfield in 1881.  I would like to find out more information about this if possible and I wondered if you could help at all?

Many Thanks.
Mrs. K. Osborne.

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(See Cain in the article)

Cain Mayer died at Whitfield Colliery 07/02/1881. He was the Manager of the colliery, which was owned by Chatterley Co., Tunstall, Stafford

In MemoryChris Elkin
13 June 2010
My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Cain Mayer, one of those killed in the accident

Dear Sir,

By chance I read your account of the Chatterley Whitfield accident of 1881:

This really fascinated me as my Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Cain Mayer, (named in the article) and one of those sadly killed in the accident.

My family and I recently discovered a mining tool amongst old tools in my Uncle's garage and my Uncle remembered it had been owned by 'some one' who had died in a mining accident.  The tool had a number on it and with some research from my Auntie we tracked it and discovered it to be Cain Mayer's.  We saw from his death certificate that he had died at only 40 (with 11 children) in 1881.  Your account and a little research have confirmed that he indeed died in this accident.

Thankfully he was survived by quite an entourage, one of which was James Cook Mayer who's son Elijah Mayer was my Great Grandfather, the father of my Grandmother Lilian Mayer, who married William Carnall in Tunstall.

On three sides of my family - Elkin, Mayer and Carnall - all came from the Stoke-on-Trent area and all had long family histories (as far back as I can trace to the early 1800's) were somehow either directly miners, potters or worked in supporting industries).  Nearly all of them lived and died within a small area for near  on 200 years that I know of - a lot are buried in Tunstall Grave Yard.

My parents Geoffrey Elkin (and Ann Carnall) moved to Northern Ireland for a new life in the early 70's, so I grew up in Ballymena, Co. Antrim but made many trips back to Tunstall as a child.

Such is the new world and opportunities that exist, I currently live and run a business in Vietnam and am emailing you from the east coast here.  I've attached a few pictures to give you a glimpse.  Reading your article puts the very fortunate nature of my life very much in context and I appreciate you having taken the time to create your site.

Kind regards,
Chris Elkin

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