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I believe that the 1987 British Coal contributions holiday was to reduce the miner's pension's pot in a deliberate attempt to reduce our pensions

Tom Christopher phase two of My European application

Tom Christopher phase two of My European application, that was turned down on grounds that I could not prove the 75 coal mines earmarked for closure in 1984.

I have been inundated to re-apply my submission to Europe, and come out and fight it again.

With help from Mick Westwood I have set the wheels in motion. I can do only so much, and I need national support, we have had mass response from Yorkshire, and we now extend this to Nottingham.

If I may explain.

I took this to Sheffield in 2003. Met with Dave Morgan, Karen Coupland and John Haigh

My question was, I believe that the 1987 British Coal contributions holiday was to reduce the miner’s pension’s pot in a deliberate attempt to reduce our pensions, am I right?

David Morgan Chief Executive "every company have the right to a contributions holiday if the scheme is running high on valuation" I then asked, but should they have known that their intentions was to shut down major production works, and make people redundant, would they now have that privilege?

David Morgan  " If you could prove that was so, then I would say not, because they would be reducing your future pension knowing full well you would not be in work soon:" I continued but they did know and you did, that mines were earmarked for closure in 1984 well before 1987 Arthur Scargill said so.

John Haigh BCSSS secretary “can you prove that?" I said maybe not sure. He continued "then it would be wise to embarrass the Government by asking if they used this savings to pay you your own redundancies" I said you are joking. He said  “I am afraid not" I hit the roof.

We met with the Minister Nigel Griffiths MP in London, and I put this to him, that I would take his Government into Europe and sue the ass off them for this outrage. He said “you can do as you please, but I will take your house off you, or should I say our vast legal system would take you apart".

On that note, our own MP Dr Tony Wright stepped in and demanded he apologise for his misuse of a prerogative of power... he apologised.. Mick Westwood was there.

The next day I implemented the first stage to the European Courts, after some time they asked that I send information of the list of mine closures prior to 1987 British Coals Pensions Contributions Holiday, in brief I could not, they postponed my case pending fresh evidence. 

As far as I know it is still in situ, and now I have the 75 coal mines listed, and the date is 1984, Ian we are talking about £1000,400,000,000 million £1.4 billion.

Now all I want is support, and publication of what we are about and that you are now involved with us.

This cannot be allowed to pass us by as did the pensions rip off.

That is all I ask.

Kind Regards