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Woodside - Opened 1889 Closed 1966

Minewater Pumping Station

I have produced maps over the last few days, showing the extent of opencast mining in our local area, West Hallam, Derbyshire. The map nearly drove me mad in the doing - maybe I should copyright it. Although the driving force in its production was my ongoing battle with more opencast mining, it may be of more general interest.


The contemporary opencast (see additional map) plans basically aim to fill in the gaps, and also to rework previous sites to greater depths. Where next, you have to ask? I doubt that any area of the country has seen this level of activity over such a protracted period (60 plus years and still going). As the map came together, I was shocked at the scale of this activity - and I thought I already mostly knew what had been done already. Just how do you justify any more?


You have to ask what the local communities ever got in return for this, and war effort apart, why opencast was not restricted to derelict sites (where appropriate) - for the good of everyone, and future generations. There is a particularly poignant letter in the Ilkeston Advertiser this week from a Robert Lunn which reinforces all of this.

I've also attached the accompanying letter to DCC, you could use bits to put with the map if you so wish,
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