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Gemma Stewart - Clifford Jaques died on 12th April 1949 after roof fall, Allerton Colliery
Andy Martin - Trying to Trace My Grandfather Joseph Martin, Creswell Colliery
Heather Jones - Looking For Info George Golightly Wilkie, Doncaster Area About 1905
Pauline Job was Johnson - Looking for info about Grandad, Thomas Johnson, Killed Markham 1949
T. Harding - Ogilvie Colliery 1940, Evan Robbins Was Killed Along Side Two Others
Janell Sharp - Looking For Information, The 1914 Explosion At Henry Ellison And Co. Works

From: Gemma Stewart
29 July 2009
Clifford Jaques died on 12th April 1949 after roof fall, Allerton Colliery

I think that a relative of mine was killed in a mining accident but only have the details from the death certificate. Do you know where I can find out any information about it?
His name was Clifford Jaques - aged 35. He died on 12th April 1949, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.
His occupation says: Coal miner - (hewer) of 5 Highfields Green, Allerton, Bywater, Garforth U.d.
Cause of death - Uraemia following fracture dislocation of dorsal vertebrae caused by his being crushed by a fall of stone from the roof in Allerton Colliery whilst setting a bar. Misadventure.
An inquest was held on 14th April 1949.
Any suggestions where I can get hold of any information about him or what happened at all?

From: Andy Martin
27 June 2009
Trying to Trace My Grandfather Joseph Martin, Creswell Colliery

Good Morning,
Not sure if you can help or possibly point me in the right direction.

I am trying to trace my grandfather Joseph Martin.

He was born in Bolsover in 1907 and died Feb 1983 in Worksop.

He was a mining electrician in Creswell colliery and lived in Creswell for most of his life and was apparently called back after finishing a shift to assist with the rescue from the mine disaster in 1950.

I can find very, very little on him apart from a J. Martin who attended a funeral of an Arthur Syson in Sept 1957.
This is probably unrelated as this J Martin was part of a rescue team(?)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

Andy Martin

From: Heather Jones
22 June 2009
Looking For Info George Golightly Wilkie, Doncaster Area About 1905, Bentley Mine and Possibly Hatfield 1907 and Armthorpe 1909

My name is Heather Jones, I live in Mid-Wales and am planning a trip to Doncaster in late November.

About 1905 my great great grandfather was a colliery secretary at the Bentley Mine.

Also possibly:-

  • Hatfield 1907
  • Armthorpe 1909

His name was George Golightly Wilkie and he lived in various addresses in the Doncaster area.

  • Poulton Toft
  • Brunswick Terrace
  • Thorne Road.

Can you give me any information regarding my relative? I hope I have given you enough information.

Thank you
Heather Jones

5 August 2009

I am coming to Doncaster in November. Can you tell me if I can visit The Bentley Colliery at any time .

Thanks Heather Jones

The Bentley Colliery was closed in 1993. The derelict site became part of English Partnerships’ National Coalfield Programme in 1998. The site was taken over by the regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward with funds from the National Coalfield Programme at a total cost of £5.9 million.

The site’s ownership was transferred over from Yorkshire Forward to the Land Restoration Trust in 2004.

The site had a series of cycle and bridle trails which link into the Trans-Pennine Trail. A large open area which is well used for community activities, such as football and picnics. A 12 hectare wetland area within the site has been subtly designed following consulation with local children to resemble a huge foot. The wetland is a magnet for wildlife, in particular birds.

Bentley, South Yorkshire, North Doncaster
Community Woodland (Photo from The Land Restoration Trust)

At the memorial sculpture within the woodlands viewpoint, panoramic views of Doncaster and the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed. The sculpture is a tribute to the sites mining past and to the men and boys who lost their lives in Bentley pit disasters. The Forestry Commission is overseeing the maintenance of the site and involving local community groups such as North Doncaster Development Trust and schools in a wide range of activities.

The site is well utilised and it is widely accepted that the opportunity for open space has had an extremely positive impact on the local area.

This information has come from The Land Restoration Trust. Click here for more information and some photos.


From: Pauline Job was Johnson
20 June 2009
Help find details about Grandad, Thomas Johnson, Killed Markham 1949


I wondered if you could help me find details about my grandad. He was killed in an accident at Markham Pit Nov 1949 his name was Thomas Johnson from Clowne.

I have found details of my other Grandad killed at Creswell Pit in 1950

Thank you

I await you reply

Pauline Job was Johnson

From: T. Harding
17 June 2009
Ogilvie Colliery 1940, Evan Robbins Was Killed Along Side Two Others

I have been trying to obtain some information regarding an accident at Ogilvie colliery in March 1940 when my grandfather Evan Robbins was killed along side two others.

However to date there appears to be no record of it.

I would be pleased if you could advise me how to proceed.

Yours thankfully


The Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company Limited started sinking the Ogilvie Colliery Deri, South Wales about 20 miles north of Cardiff in 1919. The first coal was raised in 1923. This was the last mine sunk by the company. Miners at Ogilvie soon became tired of the harsh realities of working for Powell Duffryn and in 1924, along with Mardy Lodge, were instrumental in forming the South Wales Miners' Federation. The Colliery closed in 1975.

More information can be found at Welsh Coalmines and "A Story of Mining Life and a Colliery Company" by George Greeves

Ogilvie Colliery

From: Janell Sharp
3 June 2009
Looking For Info, The 1914 Explosion At Henry Ellison And Co. Works

Hi, I am looking for some information on the 1914 explosion at the Henry Ellison and Company Works ( Victoria Manufacturing Works?) on Hollinbank Road in Heckmondwike.
Do you have any information on this?




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