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Many Collieries used spoil from their pit to make bricks. The waste was ground down to a texture finer than talcum powder. It was then mixed with water to form a 'puddle' clay. Before being put into moulds and shaped, under pressure, into bricks. These were then put into kilns to bake for about 14 days.

Ackton Hall Colliery
N.C.B Ahc (Ackton Hall Colliery) Brick

Bonds Main Colliery
Bonds Main Colliery Brick - Bonds Main colliery, a Staveley company colliery, was sunk from 1895-1898 and started production in 1898. The colliery was probably named after George Bond a company Director.

N.C.B Desford Colliery 1900-1984

Kirkby No. 2
N.C.B Kirkby (Summit Colliery) Brick

Sherwood No. 4
N.C.B Sherwood 1902-1992

Sherwood #3
Sherwood Colliery 1902-1992

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